Dofus Sacrier Strength Guide

Dofus Sacrier Strength Guide by Vincent-Terra

Hello guys and welcome to my guide! Before we start I want to tell you that all the suggestions are based on my experience with the class and they are definitely not necessary! Everything in this guide is made so it can help you build your Sacrier.

~ Introduction~

Sacriers are a tank class that plays the role of meatshield as well as the role of map manipulator. Our enormous Vitality and our Punishment buffs allow us to stay in the middle of the battlefield without worrying about death and our map manipulation spells make us really useful in dungeons. In this guide I’m gonna show you how to build a good Strength Sacrier. First you must learn some things about them:

1. They have only CC spells making them hard to use. This can be fixed by using a bow.
2. Since their spells only have 1 range other classes will predict you with easy.

You would ask me what’s the point of making a Strength Sacrier then. Well because of the buffing nature of Sacriers you will be able to get a huge amount of stats and do the highest damage in game (when buffed) especially since your weapons won’t need maging. This build is focused on damage dealing .

~ Stats ~

Rate —1:2 —– 1:1 ——- 2:1 ——- 3:1 ——- 4:1——— 5:1

Vit —1~∞ —————————————————————-

Wis ———————————— 1~∞ —————————-

Str ————————————1~100 —- 101~150 —- 151~∞

Int ————————————1~100 —- 101~150 —- 151~∞

Cha ————————————1~100 —- 101~150 —- 151~∞

Agi ————————————1~100 —- 101~150 —- 151~∞

Sacriers are a tank class and because of that, they’ll need a lot of vitality. They will have to take hits for the team and they must be able to withstand that damage. The vitality has the best softcaps for us since we can rise it with a 1:2 rate forever, meaning that with one characteristic point we gain 2 vitality. The other characteristics have really bad softcaps as you can see and because of that we won’t rise them.You can rise your strength via equipment and scrolling


The map manipulation spells of Sacrier’s are arguably the best map manipulation spells. Cooperation basically allows you to change places with an enemy and it can have a really nice range helping you get close to the enemy using their summons.


This spell basically is the same with Cooperation but it works only with allies. It can help getting close to your enemy by using a summon and change places with it.


This spell is basically a low cost ( 2 ap at lvls 1-5, 1 ap at 6) CC range cooperation+transposition. You basically change places with anyone next to you (enemies and allies) and it has no cooldown meaning that you can use it for nice strategies like locking your enemy or positioning your allies depending on the situation.


This spell does damage equal to the 30% of your max life. It hits the max at 50% of your life.This means it can do a really high damage if you have a nice amount of vitality.


It’s a great spell since it can help your allies survive and even allow you to use some tactics to make all team mates invulnerable( with a Sadida casting Sylvan Power to you for example or with a Feca casting Immunity). It can also help you getting close to your enemy casting sacrifice on a summon and then hitting it with something (preferably Leek Pie because it does low damage) to change places with it.


This spell is basically a +damage buff that does minor water damage on a small Area of Effect. Every time you use it you get a + damage bonus for a few turns meaning you can stack the buffs for a nice +damage bonus. This spell works great with multiple damage weapons like Royal Gobball Sword.

Flying Sword:

Don’t lvl it if you don’t feel like pvping. If you want to pvp lvl it and use it with sacrifice to get close to your enemy.

Blood Thirsty Madness ( lvl 100 spell)

It’s mostly a PvP spell. It steals life from your allies. It’s nice if you use it with Cawwot or other summons.

Non-class spells


It’s basically a small static block with hp. Most sacrier’s use it to have something to change places with or to heal with Blood Thirsty Madness. It’s not necessary but it can help on some situations.


This spell is the opposite of Attraction but it works for multiple enemies. It’s a nice spell to have on your spell list since it will make your map manipulation abilities even better. Obtained by using the Scroll for spell ‘Release’

Leek Pie

A 2 ap-with-extremely-low-damage-fire-spell. We don’t need it but it can help with changing places by using sacrifice on a summon and then hitting it with this. It can also help to kill several low hp monsters (such as arachnees, mosquitoes etc) if you have enough +damage. Obtained by using a scroll for spell ‘Leek Pie’

~ Spell Guide ~

Remember these are suggestions so you can level any other spell that you want.

1. Sacrier’s Foot at lvl 5 ( we need something to hit ,right? the -agi debuff is helpful too. )

2. Attraction at lvl 5 ( trust me this spell will help you so much since sacriers lack range and this spells helps us to bring the monster close to us )

3. Forced Punishment at lvl 5 ( So that we get buffed everytime we get hit.Punishments are the spells that make Sacriers so unique and powerful)

4. Nimble Punishment at lvl 5 ( So we can lock better  This spells buffs agility which leads to better dodge/locking )

5. Sword Skill /Cooperation at lvl 5 ( Sword skill is really helpfull when using high damage weapons however Cooperation is a great map manipulation spell too that will help you a lot of times.)

6. Punishment at lvl 5 ( Don’t confuse it with the Punishment buffs. This is a damage spell that will hit the 30% of your max life. It hits the max when your health is at 50%)

7.Fury/Cooperation/Sword skill at 5 ( depends on what you have leveled before. Furry will give you a nice +damage bonus which is awesome with a multiple hit weapon like royal gobball sword since the + damage applies to all the hits.)

After level 100 you should lvl sword skill,swap(A great map manipulation spell), Forced and Nimble Punishment to 6. You could level Sacrier’s Foot/Attraction too but it doesn’t really worth the spell points.

Spells to have at lvl 6 by lvl 150:
Nimble Punishment
Forced Punishment
Sword Skill

Spells to have at 5 by lvl 150
Sacrier’s Foot

~Leveling Guide~

Try to do Dopples every day since they will give a lot of experience until lvls 130-140.

Now I’m going to show you a few good places to level until lvl 150.

lvls 1-10 mobs in Incarnam move at crabs as soon as you can beat them.

lvls 10-30 mobs in Astrub Rocky Inlet
lvls 30-40 Lousy Pig Sephards and you could try blops.

lvls 40-60 Craborals and single Colarators at Otomai Island’s beach .Gobball Dungeon works too if you can solo it.

lvls. 60-100 Gobball Dungeon is the best thing to do. With punishment it should be easy to solo it. Kanigers are a good source of exp if you can find a group.White Rat and Black Rat dungeons are really great too if you can get a nice group.

lvls 100-120 Gobball Dugneon still works. Try to do Bherb’s Gully when possible. The exp that you will earn is awesome..really. White Rat and Black Rat dungeons work too.

lvls 120-150 Frigost mobs (mastogobs,kanigloos) ,Bherb’s Gully, Moowolf Dungeon.


Here is a list of equips until lvl 100. After that you will know what you want.

lvls 1-10 Boon Set

lvls 10-20 Gobball Set without the belt. You can use adventurer belt instead.(Or any other belt you want it doesn’t really matter)

lvls 20-46 Full Gobball Set

lvls 46-60 Kwak Set Pieces.

lvls 60-80 I find [Pippin Blop Set +royal gobball hat,cape +gelano.

lvls 80-100 Chief Bwork Set is really nice too since it will give you a nice amount of str/agi/vit. Replace cape with Dazzling Cloak (check the weapon list)

lvls 110-143 Ancestral Set ( replace either belt or cloak with a Powerful Dazzling Cloak or Belt.

lνls 143+ Moowolf Set The best set till 18x

lvls 186 At this level I switched to Az’tech. You can use a Crocodyle Dandy Hat, Memori Amulet, Agility Gelano, Powerful Dazzling Cloak and full funguset. I was still mainly strength but I could also use cha and agi attacks becoming a sort of an str/agi/cha hybrid.

lvls 190+ I really advice you to go hybrid at this point and since this is a strength guide I’ll stop here

Wisdom Gear: You may also want to get wisdom gear. A good Prespic Set with any wisdom fillers will do the work. For those who like 8 ap get any ap amulet +gelano.
If you want to do some damage just get a Green Scaraleaf Set with wisdom fillers, upgrate to Pippin Blop Set when you reach the required level and later to Royal Pippin Blop. You won’t hit as much as the above sets but you will level faster. A good weapon option for wisdom gear is Tont’Ata Staff ].It’s not for damage but it has a nice wisdom bonus. Remember, wisdom gear is for easy-to-kill monsters, against which you don’t risk to lose. Later on you’ll want to get wisdom from your battle set. .

~ Weapons ~
Sacrier’s have a 10% damage penalty to every weapon. I chose Swords as my main weapons since they are the most reliable high damage weapons and most of the time they will do more damage than the others.

1. Raziel at lvl 52. It’s a nice weapon to have since it has the higher base damage for that level. I suggest that you level Sword Skill if you are using it since it will increase it’s damage a lot.

2. Kwakwa Blade at lvl 56 is nice too if you get 8 ap mostly because it makes your target lose ap and it will hit higher than Raziel since you can hit 2 times.

3. Royal Gobball Sword at lvl 70. It’s damage will be scary if you can get a couple of +damage. I suggest to lvl fury with this since the +damage bonus will apply to every hit of royall gobball sword.

4. Fake Ceangal Claw at lvl 95 since it’s damage is better than any other 4 ap weapon. Use it until you can get a 10 ap Set and change to Pink Claw ( or you can keep using it if you prefer having a 4 ap weapon)

(another option is Chief Bwork Blade with full Chief Bwork Set until you can get a better 10 ap custom set)

5. Killarity Sword (at lvl 169)

6. Peccary Blade A nice mono element high damage weapon. Easy conditions to equip as a Sacrier.

7. Giger’s Nighmare Blade Highest damage weapon for Strength Sacriers. You’ll need to scroll intelligence and modify 1 or 2 equips to equip it.

To PvP it’s a good idea to get a bow since a lot of classes will try to run away for you though there are not a lot of good bows for low lvls apart from Fishing Bow
. For higher lvls , Rahm Bow are the best.
Another bow that I personally liked is Dreggon Bow


An Earth Bwak for the str
A Pink Dragoone for the wisdom

*every pet has a favorite area where it gains a boost to it’s stats.


The best type for Sacriers is the Emerald/Ginger since it gives 1 mp and 300 vitality.

~PVP tips and hints~

*These might be outdated since after the dodge/lock change it’s alot harder to lock someone completely*

For those that like pvp I can give some advises and suggestions. These are for lvl 100+ pvp since str sacriers aren’t really good at pvp before that.

Against Cras:

Get as many mp as possible. because you probably won’t be able to get more than 5 mp as a strength sacrier, it would be a good idea to use a bow. It works great agaisnt agility,intelligence and chance cras howerver the strength ones will be hard to beat if they have equal or more mp than you. Remember try to start close, when they are too far away summon a flying sword and cast sacrifise on it. change places with leek pie when needed.

Against Srams:

Most of the time Strength Srams will cast lethal attack to you and then go invisible. While invisible they’ll cast lethal trap + fear to make you lose a hell lot of hp while they stay away. Your best bet would be to stay on the sides of the map so they won’t be able to push you. Always cast nimble punishment agaisnt them and if you manage to go lineal with them ,attract and plant a cawwot behind you. That trick won’t last long because they’ll probably kill it using invisibility of others to you to hit it . In the next turn try to lock them at the sides of the map or against an object. if they manage to go invisible again you are screwed. If you can’t trap them you could use a bow,it works nice. Agility Srams are kinda tougher, they poison you while invisible so you won’t get any buffs and they have a hell lot of range. Use a bow and try to stay on distant because with no buffs they will pwn you with their daggers +you can’t lock them. Use punishment when possible.

Against Osamodas:

It really depends.. always use a sword with them since you’ll need to kill their summons. You could try using a neutral damage sword because crackler’s str resistances suck. Try to lock them against an object and the game is over.If they surround you with gobballs you’ll die so be careful.Try to use a non-sword skill to make them waste their wyrmling’s unbewitch.

Against Fecas:
For some weird reason these guys are actually effective against us. Avoid the str ones they’ll pwn you xD.Try to get good strength resistence against them.

Against Iops:

Just use a bow and stay away from their weapons. It works against strength AND int iops.

Against Ecas:

Bow! They just love to mp/ap theft you and run away. The luck plays a big role in these fights. You can also use a Sword if you don’t like using a bow against these.

Against Sadidas:

Basically try to lock them with a carrot behind you. Kill the low hp dolls and especially the Ultra Powerful. Be sure to use Sacrier’s Foot since they can unbewitch you (plus making you lose your agi/str buffs). I use a sword for high CC damage for when they get locked but if you find that hard you can also use a bow and just stay away from CC range.

Against Xelors:

You don’t have a lot of chances against these. Try to use 4 ap swords and use punishment if possible. Most of the time you’ll stay with 3-4 aps :/

Against Eniripsas:

Bow and stay away from their CC. You’ll outdamage them. Don’t try the cawwot tactic because most of them use hammers. be sure to heal when possible because this is gonna be a long fight. You could also use a sword against these but I find bows more useful.

Against Pandawas:

I have only fought against 2 so I can’t give any advices.

Against Enutrofs.

Use flying sword combos (or just attraction) to lock them. The only way for them to escape is with release ( and with living shovel which you can kill in 1 hit), and with a cawwot you can easily lock them. Start close to them so they won’t escape in the first round. Even if they do you still have your flying sword.


-Use the flying sword+sacrifise combo to easily change places with leek pie.

-Summon a cawwot next to you and in the next round cast cooperation to the enemy, transposition to the cawwot and then swap to lock your enemy.

-Click your life so you can see it’s percent. It is nice to know when to use Punishment.

-Use Nimble Punishment often to lock most enemies.

-Use Sacrier’s Foot against agility CC classes to make them weaker.

~Tip for Kamas~

Try to level a profession early on. Farmer and baker is a nice combo to have and will offer you the big quantities of bread you will need.
If there is an equip that you need and you can’t buy try to find a group of friends to help you drop the mats to make it. After you get them go to a carver ( for bows,staves and wands),tailor ( for hats and cloaks),shoemaker ( for belts and shoes), jeweller ( for rings and amulets) or to a smith ( for all the other weapons) and pay a small fee so that he makes your equips using your mats. Later make profit by selling soul stones. The good ones are Black Rat, DragonPig, Lord Crow, Peki Peki,Ougaa

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