Dofus Rogue Builds Guide

Dofus Rogue Builds Guide by fikoko

– intelligence
One of the stronger builds, pure damage going on with this one.


• Intelligence boosts healing therefor extraction is going to be useful
• Great spells like pulsar available for you.


• Extraction range is awful (second cell from up, down, left and right. even when leveled first cell is not available to cast on)
• Pulsar removes all your mp and the more mp it uses the bigger the damage ratio. However you might want to move at some point when close combat
monsters are starting to get pissed.
• Finding an intelligence based sword is going to be a walk in the pa- MAZE get ready to never find the exit.

No matter what you do, you will need to max these spells as soon as possible.

– the higher the level the more range you get for it. (if you level kickback before this one you’ll end up kicking bombs out of detonating range)

– you might want to level this after detonator. 25+ damage and pushes the bomb 5 cells ahead. Although at the moment you can’t decide how far you wish to kick this spell..
Which means maxing it will also have its penalties. (for example you might walk 3 cells away from a close range monster. You summon your bomb and attempt to kick it, but it has the same penalty as pushing a monster when he’s already against a wall. A ‘pushback penalty’ as I’d like to call it. Might destroy your bomb and do minimum damage (if any damage).

– 10 to 12 steal when maxed to level 5. It is a spell you should definately start leveling.
Seeing as how you can combine it with kickback when a locked. It skips one cell north, south, east and west of you and is also linear. Increases range each level.

– the funny thing is leveling this spell only increases its range, which is to some extent pretty essential for the making of a fire wall. THIS SPELL DOES NOT INCREASE BOMB HEALTH WHEN LEVELED the bomb health is influenced by your vitality. Although if you go for the bomb-kickback strategy do not bother leveling this, invest your points elsewhere.

you can use this spell to pull back a bomb and heal its health. Although most monsters tend to attack your bomb instead of walking past it. So pulling it back might not prove very useful. Also healing it may not be that essential since you blow them up anyways.

– I’ve seen loads of rogue’s loving this spell and I can see why. Place a bomb, kick it as far as possible and with maxed dirty trick you can switch places with the bomb you have just kicked it meaning you just increased its damage. however in combination of placing/kicking/switching/detonating you’d need 9 AP. placing/kicking and switching however takes 7 ap and could be done with a Gobbal set. It is THE spell to have.

– 40 to 45 damage when maxed to level 5. however has a penalty of minus all mp you have. The more mp you invested in the spell the more the damage. Very powerful and 3 – 6 range.
The pinnacle of your build.

– ankama somewhat fixed the range issue of linked bombs by adding this spell. Its a range of 6 cells in a plus form ( + ) it lasts for 2 turns however and can only be cast once in 4 turns when maxed to level 5. Linking it however does not mean the entire space between the two bombs linked together will also share the impact of the explosion. Do not bother with this spell unless you have found a use for it.

– alot of people were complaining about bombs being low on health and easily destroyed. This spell was most likely invented by the wise and ever so vigilant ankama to help you fix this issue, anything attacking the spells target from an adjacent cell is pushed back. Making it a reliable support spell.

– Not a ranged spell it is cast upon thyself and has a circle of 8 cells when maxed to level 5. Ankama is yet again helping you with your rogue problems. Increasing the damage by 18% at level 5. However lowering your vitality by 50%. Since its a circle of 8 cells you better avoid being in the impact range of your bombs. It might be fatal. It lasts for 1 turn (including the 50% off of your vitality) IF you level this be sure to get it to level 5 so you have a bigger range around you. We wouldn’t want you to have to increase your bomb’s damage, lower your vitality and then not be able to get out of your bombs range now would we?

– This spell is in my opinion definitely worth it at level 5 it is roughly +90 damage. AND could really help you in butchering your close ranged enemies. Place it, put a countdown on it. Run for it and await a close range monster to attack it. A turn passed, send another bomb next to it. Sit down and enjoy the show. Marvelous fireworks show and for some reason red colored rain.

– Increases the damage of your bomb when attacked. Could prove useful to some extent.

– you enter the kaboom state which means you have an explosion immunity. Leveling this spell only affects range and decreases the cooldown.

Strategy tips
• Use the bomb as shield, pulsar your enemies. (I noticed alot of people go for this strategy style)
• Use your bomb as a portal (with the use of dirty trick) and pulsar your enemes/detonate the bomb.
• Use the bomb as an actual bomb, kick it and detonate it. (for low leveled rogue’s the best strategy)
• Even when a three bombs are placed and have just created a wall of damage, -mp or -ap most monsters attack bombs head on.
Imagine a wall, there is one passage way through the middle, place two bombs with a space in the middle against the wall near the passage way.
place the third one away from the mob and voilla. (its what a feca would do, glyph near a passageway while attacking monsters)

– Agility
Pure tactical build.

• Better at dodgeroll
• your bomb removes mp
• you have 2 combat spells.

• Lesser damage inflicted in relation to intelligence build
• Your 2 combat spells are ranged but have an awkward combination of possible cells to cast it on.

(all of the supportive spells seen on the intelligence build can be leveled up even for this build)

– Your bomb spell, can create a wall of mp extraction (if placed like so; x = bomb o = space) x o x o x (o’s have been turned into spiral shaped mp extracting cloud).

your first combat spell, inflicts moderate damage. And has an arc shaped area of effect. (meaning your area of effect is also boomerang shaped)

– Your final combat spell. Diagonal shaped. Alot of complaints about it being diagonally cast but it is nor better nor worse than linear spells.

Strategy tips

• Use your bomb as a shield/mp extractor while using ranged attacks on your enemy (osamodas tactics)
• Use your bomb as an mp extracting wall while ranging your enemies from behind it.

– Chance build.
Xelor-ish build..


• Your enemies find you to be extremely annoying in combat. (because of the AP extraction)
• Your bombs remove AP.

• The pinnacle of your build is a spell you gain when you reach level 90 (I kid you not)
• Chance builds are difficult to develop (because there aren’t any good chance sets for starters)
• Almost no sword (I believe) has chance based attacks..

(you’ll need your supportive spells as shown in the intelligence build)

Start by leveling your first combat spell, has a ring shaped zone of damage and does moderate damage. You’ll be able to kill faster and therefor level faster.

– your bomb spell, extracts AP from the target (1 only) and when you align three of them you’ll create an AP extracting wall.

– Your best combat spell. It debuffs your enemy (increased permanent damage) this means the target can’t heal back up the 25% of total hp lost by your teammates or you. This debuff is only available for 1 turn per cast..

strategy tips

• Using bomb as shield is not going to help you much since your first combat spell is going to be close ranged. So I would suggest leveling the water bomb spell so you can place it further away from yourself, detonate it, substract AP and then use your combat spells to substract more AP.

• Kick your bomb and substract AP and HP until it gets closer then start using your close ranged combat skill.

Picture below shows the correct way of creating a wall of fire/wind/water.
As long as it has a space in between each other it can not go wrong.

Important: people can NOT shoot you over or through this wall it is a 100% defensive wall right there.

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