Dofus Xelor Agility Guide

Dofus Xelor Agility Guide by CloudyMind

Xelors are Magi who can influence time. They also command obedience from all related mechanisms like chimes, clocks and pendulums. Xelors enjoy playing with time… either to slow down their enemies or to teleport themselves wherever they want. Agility is the ability to change the body’s position efficiently, and requires the integration of isolated movement skills using a combination of balance, coordination, speed and reflexes. In this thread i will guide you through the first steps as an agility xelor in pvp all the way to your first moments as a level 100 xelor. The two types of pvp that exist in the game are challenge pvp and aligment pvp.

Compared to Intelligence:
When you begin your xelor there are two viable paths that you can follow: that of agility or inteligence. Intelligence has a wider variety of spells than agility and allows you to deal aoe damage with temporal dust and hammers but it lacks on single target damage. Agility on the other hand allows you to dodge and lock your opponents while it provides you with strong and cheap in cost single target spells.

What are characteristics?
Agility xelors and characteristic softcaps.
What are characteristic scrolls?

Characteristic Builds: 1

Agility Vitality
Add 20-40 points on agility and the rest on vitality. You will have good survivability and damage but it will gradually become less effective as you level up. Xelor is a class that can work well on wisdom, so you will need to reset your characteristics later on from doploons. This build is for beginners.

These are the major spells that your agility xelor will need in order to begin. Upgrade them to level 5.

This is your main attack spell. It costs 3ap and it deals a high amount of damage. It can only be cast in a strait line and range is non-modifiable. This can be to your advantage while range is rarely combined with agility on low level equipment anyway and spells that reduce your range won’t effect you.

This is one of your cooldown spells. You can use it once between 15 turns so make sure it doesn’t go to waste.

It costs 2ap and allows you to move to a square next to you.

Devotion level 5 buffs you for 2ap and attempts to steal 3ap from you. It works like any other ap theft spell so it’s like trying to steal ap from yourself an you have 50% chances to avoid it. When a player has less ap than what he had at the beginning of his/her turn then the chances that he loses ap from ap theft spells are reduced. The same applies on devotion, so the less ap you have when you use it the more likely it will be not to lose any ap from it.

Characteristic Builds: 2
Agility Wisdom
This is the most viable build. It’s higly recommended that you scroll wisdom and agility first and if possible your vitality too. You can either choose to spend your characteristic point on 1: Vitality but you must scroll your vitality for that. You will have at least 1200hp at level 60 with the appropriate gear and mount, 200 or more wisdom and 600 or more agility. While you can’t rely on ap theft too much you will be able to avoid mp/ap theft from other players while having as strong damage and vitality as any other regular xelor ( probably more )! 2: Wisdom and you could skip vitality scrolling ( but still you need to scroll your agility and wisdom ). Like number 1 you will have the same amounts of agility, but 200 vitality less. Your wisdom will be 300 or more ( always assuming that your gear is up to date and as strong as it can get ) and that will allow you to perform more brutal ap thefts on your target ( to the point where you will reduce your target to nearly zero ap and at the same time lock him with your massive agility ). Do not attempt any of this build unless you can scroll. You will need 8ap base also.


Your spell rotation is: Time theft, frostbite, slowdown, shriveling. The result is 6ap theft if you get all of it and about 200 damage. Always use devotion and always use it at the end of your turn.*
Level up those spells to 5 and also Loss of Motivation level 3. Flight and Devotion is level 5 MUST! ( Level up Time Theft and Loss of Motivation after you have leveled up the other spells )

Here are some links to spells (wiki):
Time theft, Slow Down, Frostbite. Xelor Sandglass level 6 is good. Any level in between is not worth it.

Mummification is good to counter reflects from other xelors at 100+

Moon Hammer could help you in a fight in rare situations because it deals more damage than frostbite when you can’t hit linear.


Mysterious spell:

Homing Hand
Summons a needle on a cell adhesive to your character. The needle has 40mp and can deal 40 water damage at level 5. Keep it at level 1 or level 5, it’s up to the player.

Homing Hand used to be a popular spell in pvp before the 1.27 update. Xelors would spam needle across the map and slowly kill their opponent. With patch 1.27 coming live, characters earned 5hp per level and needle spam was forever gone.

Homing Hand is still a useful spell though. Even though the needle’s damage alone won’t help you much, it can be used to lock opponents in place. Summon a needle on the map and remove at least one ap from it. The needle will still move next to the enemy but it will be unable to attack and will remain there at the end of your turn.

The sacrier will be forced to use ap to kill the needle, giving you an advantage to avoid
an attack or escape the sacrier completely.

Knowing how to use your spells effectively rather just using a spell blindly might be the key to your victory.

Homing Hand against Cra:
Needle can be used against cras, but if you are fighting one solely with needle the cra will eventually come close enough and outdamage you, so use needle only when you are out of range or when you don’t want to risk taking an attack.

Homing Hand against Sram:
( Detailed description ) Some of the srams that you may encounter in pvp tend to use the traps an awful lot. The sram will use invisibility on his first turn and will begin to cast tricky trap and mass trap around your character. If you decide not to move for a couple of turns you will be overwhelmed by the sram’s traps but you can get out of that situation by using your teleportation cooldown ability and get your character out of the trap area and in range to attack the sram with Shriveling when the sram’s invisibility wears off. If you decide to move around and search for the invisible sram then you will risk steping on the traps and most likely you will not find the sram. On the other hand, if you choose to stay still for a long period then the sram will summon a double to triger the massive traps around you and will turn invisible again when all the traps have been triggered. Normally, if you plan your moves carefully you can win the fight. There are cases though that the map’s positions and obstacles or a mistake you did will bring you in a situation where tricky traps are set on the cells between you and the sram, making both you and the sram unable to reach each other. If teleportation fails to get you out of that situation the first time it is used, then expect that in the 15 following turns the sram is going to set traps near him and will lure you or push you into them when you use your next teleportation.

Given the situation, Homing Hand can be used as a trap detector or trap destroyer for you. The needle will indicate the cell on which the sram has set his first traps. Tricky trap has a range of 7 and your Shriveling has a range of 8 at level 5. Summon a couple of needles in order to triger the first layer of traps, get as close to the sram as possible while avoiding stepping on a tsteald cell as much as possible, corner the sram and attack with Shriveling. If the sram has range boost from his items or from the spell location make sure that every step that you take towards the sram will deal less damage to you than you will deal to the sram when you get in range.

Snakes! Why did it have to be snakes!?

Homing Hand is not a good damaging method but you may use it when your opponent is out of range and there are no other spells that you can use. Always use all of your spells in the most efficient way.

Another way to deal with traps, if you have alot of wisdom and if you have leveled counter and binding protection is to step on the traps and let the sram feel your reflects.


Tip: Before you begin pvp make sure that you practise your spells and attacks on a scarecrow to learn how much your best and worst damage rolls can hit for. Knowing how much damage you can deal each turn can be lifesaving in a near defeat. example: Your opponent has 277hp and you are nearly dead. Do you attack your opponent and end the fight or do you try to hide/run? Knowing that you can finish off an opponent can be the key to victory is some cases.

Resistances in pvp:
Resistances are the key to victory in pvp fights. You can use a shield for resistances combined with Coco Blop Set for when you are fighting against other agility characters. You may also use resistance bwak pets.

Quick Leveling guide:
Leveling on mushds is rather easy and fast. Lousy pigs are a good source of xp too.

* Devotion, like every other ap theft spell in the game has a negative effect on the player -3ap which you may dodge with a 50% chance since your wisdom, which represents the amount of ability that you posses to remove ap, is also your ap loss resistance. Someone had pointed out the math mechanism for ap theft though and it’s not as plain as it seems. When a character begins him turn with 10ap then the chance that you remove ap from him is modified by your wisdom and his ap loss resistance only. When your slow down decreases his ap to 8 then because of the ap loss math you will have less chances of stealing more ap from him. If then you reduce his ap to 6 again it will be harder than before to remove more ap and so on.
The same goes for devotion. Basically you spend 2ap to cast the spell, you gain 2ap from the spell and you do 3ap theft to yourself. If you begin with 8ap, then use some spells and go down to 2 or 3ap and then use devotion you incrase the chances that you fail to ap steal yourself with it, so you might end up keeping these 3 ap which you would otherwise have lost if you had used devotion at the beginning of your turn. Also, because of that it is smarter to use time theft first and then anything else, since time theft has some risk in it and might cripple your ap more than you’d like if your opponents dodges the loss.

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