CrimeCraft Gang Hideout and Club Guide

CrimeCraft Gang Hideout and Club Guide by Fredericwb

After you have made your gang, the first thing you are probably interested in getting is a hideout. There are many things you can do once you’ve gotten a hideout – so many that I can’t provide screenshots for all of them.

Once you have gotten your hideout, the first thing you should do is talk to your secretary. She is able to sell your gang upgrades for the hideout. This includes vendors, trainers, and etc…

Note: Most upgrades require a higher gang level, you may level up your gang by speaking to the guy who sold you the petition. It costs a lot, so save up!

The first upgrade I recommend getting is your gang bank – you can ask members to deposit cash into the gang bank to afford the other upgrades and it is a great way to share the items you don’t need – rather than selling them.

When you talk to this guy, he will show you the gang bank. It should look like the picture below (without the shiny items).

You can also make items using the production tab, it makes stuff for professions!

Eventually you can buy trainers for your gang’s professions.

Now, I won’t get to all of the upgrades you can get because I don’t have the time. Most of them benefit your gang and allow them to spend less time walking if they decide to dwell in the hideout. A few of them are below.

Mail Service/Phone Booth


Auction House/Event Manager

Now on to gang clubs. As a gang leader you can rent a club for your gang. Asides from pixelated breasts and making profit from visitors they aren’t too useful. As for aesthetics it is kind of neat to see your gang logo on the wall of the club and have tons of people inside. As I said – if you’ve got the money, go for it.

First you must rent it from the secretary.

After that you will see a bouncer looking guy at your hideouts front door. Talk to him to go to the club.

Note: Only you may enter the club at this time, I will tell you how to let other people in.

Now, our club looks like this – but yours will look similar. Talk to the Club Manager.

She will allow you to modify your club’s furniture, vip room, lighting, and etc…

Another cool thing about the club is that you can buy exp/money boosts for a significantly lower price than the black market sells them for!

Here is a few screenshots of what you can do.

After you have your club the way you want it, you can open it for your gang or allow the public inside for a fee.

This does cost $10000 so be sure you know what you want. After that players may enter the club from the gang hideout porter, or they may enter from your hideout through the club porter.

Then we have the VIP room. There must be a party for people to enter.

If you want to enter the VIP room it costs 5 gold bars, and if you want to stay there for the full time it is 30gb.

Note: You won’t get anything from it unless you pay all 30gb, that is unless you have a thing for pixelated [filtered] – well…

Here you can customize your dancer.

After you have spent your precious 5 gold bars you will be in a room with the stripper.

At some point she will ask you if you want to pay 10 more gold bars, if you do she will remove more clothes.

After a little while she will ask for 15 more of your expensive gold bars… then she will perform more dirty acts that the bible definitely forbids…

Finally – she will offer you a mission which according to xnighthawkx holds a decent reward.

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