Buddy Rush Skully Guide

Buddy Rush Skully Guide by AAvyruz Thirteeny

Which Path To Go For Skully?
New character wave 3 Skully has just arrived ! But what are her skills ? Take a look at this :

Level 1 : Spiral Shots

Spins arround shooting random areas, most effective if it is casted beneath monsters.

My favorite skill, level 15 does arround 35-40 bullets ( not so sure ) each dealing 95-100 (mostly does 120 crit damage). If used properly it can 2hit bossess >:]

Level 2 : Don’t Move !

Nets sorrounding oblins arround a target for 5seconds at level 1 ( not so sure ), disabling it to move and to attack very slow.

I use it to melee or tight-packed monsters specially melee ones then I use my killer attack speed to finnish them off !

Level 3 : Bleeding ( passive )

Gives you a chance to bleed an opponent from normal attacks, does almost the same amount of damage as your normal attack and damages 3 times per second.

My ultimate weapon for my great attack speed ! gives bossess a harshfull death SLOWLY. 100% hits if casted on with spiral shots, more description of how it works on  “path 1”

Level 4 : Hand Bomb

Shoots out bomb/s at a target and also deals damage arround enemies in front from firing damage. deals arround 600 damage at level 1.

Useful on big bossess, I use it every cool time and deals 1200 damage ( double damage ) from the boss.


Hep hep hep ! before you level up a  skill think 10 times first, Remember that skill reset costs 20 chips >:]. Heres a godly guide on how to choose your phat of immortality !

Path 1: Gatling Gun

In gatling gun path your priority is fully setted on spiral shots and bleeding, rush spiral shots and bleeding by leveling it equally or rush spiral shots at level 15 then bleed at level 10.

This my favorite path for skully, she can kill monsters easily by just normal attacking, and bossess by spiral shots (not as fast as bomb path, but has stun and bleed effect), mostly i kill a boss by spiral shots level 15 and hand bomb level 1 in 10seconds. Best part about this is that if you cast spiral shots, the boss bleeds, stuns and gets crit-ed all in the same time, and mostly perma-stuns the boss, giving him no chance to attack

Equip musts: at level 72 you must have at least have 35+ hit speed, crit must be 25%+ and stun must be atleast 10%+ i recomend 15% for perma stun effect. I recomend Genzir set, big black toy horse and toy horse.

Pros    : Beats monsters easily with no problem
Not mana problematic
If bleed doesn’t hit, stun hits. and crit all the time >:]

Cons : Going on pure attack speed crit and stun makes you purely defenseless, Its no problem coz you will always be staying at the back side and i recomend having 2 melee teams, mostly i bring nagne and aikilu on rush missions and worrior vivich on heavy bossess such as Jackblin. note that skully has longer range that vivich.

Path 2: Bomber Man

The ultimate bomber man is nice too, your goal is to get hand bomb to level 11 and net to level 5. after this you can choose to either level up bombs to level 15 for more damage or net for more slow through bosses.

This is like a Vampino lovely bats type only with weaker survivability but better pumping-damage, can kill lower level bossess in 1hit and leaves same level bossess dying. For those asking “whats for the net level 5?”. Net would be used for raid mode hunting coz the bomber build is specially made for raiding, the net would be useful coz i recomend getting defenseless pumpers like aikilu, boorseye and nagne. leave the armor job to deh potions, the potions can take care of it. and at this situation i’m sure you can beat him in 2 rounds >:]

Equip musts: at level 72 you must have atleast 45%+ skill power, Mp 75+, mp regen 10+, skill cooltime 5-. Or you can sacrifice some stats and make it skill cooltime 10-.

Pros    : Easy raiding
Can kill bossess at an instant
Very very very good killer

Cons : The only down-part of this path is…. Hunt rare items like hell, every 10 levels you need to hunt the most rarest and hidden RUs in planet Buddy Rush and when you reach level 65+ you need to hunt the ultima-rare items hidden on raid mode, the “guardian set” hunting them is hard you need atleast 3+ level 65+ characters to hunt those. but tihs may be the best choice if you can pass the only cons of this path >:].

Path 3 : Joking Clownster

The most popular path of skully.. I don’t know why, maybe their account has been hacked or something xD

Equip musts: anything at all aslong as its an item. the weaker the stats the better.

Pros    : The only pros of this path is that everytime you earn skill points you can instantly use                 ..it without waiting !
Can make depressed people happy :]

Cons : Dies almost everytime
Can kill the boss the slowest
Laughably weak
Allot more to say, may even reach 10pages if I write them all

Thats all hope it helps allot.

Have a good day Rushkies !

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