Audition Battle Party Guide

Audition Battle Party Guide by RaveWolf

This is my guide from Nexon auditions forums, forgot to add it. Anyway, enjoy this new updated guide. I also fixed some typo’s, and added a bit more information (A section on Beat up battle party, glitches, some info on hackers (Don’t worry I’m done bashing people).

Order in which each subject is presented:

Normal Battle Party

Union Battle Party

Basic battle party rumors and guidelines

Battle Party glitches and errors

Beat up battle party


To start off

Time and time again I’ve heard, ‘Those npc’s are impossible! Anything above 90k beats REQUIRES hacks’ I’ve been called an idiot for attempting 110 ~ 130k YAG npc’s and I’ve been called a hacker for defeating a couple of them. So I am going to give a nice detailed explanation on how the BP system works.

Any npc can chain as high as they want with moderate limitations on some of the 50k and under npcs, (x5 ~ x15 max on some) but even npcs like hoonelly have the potential to chain x20’s+. Now how do I defeat npc’s that can x20+ on a REGULAR basic most people might ask. (The 110k+ Your already gone npc’s) Well why should you have to x20+ if its possible to prevent the x20 in the first place?

Oh, what? Did I hear him correctly STOP NPC CHAINING BEFORE IT HAPPENS? Chyeah.

Normal Battle party (5 players against one npc) –

The npc’s perfs are based on the circle system (Those little blue circles under you when you get a perf)

if 4/5 people synch once the npc’s chance for perfing is lowered by 40% (for the next move only not for the rest of the game lmao)

if 4/5 people synch twice in a row the npcs chance for perfing is 0%. The npc cannot perf the next move. Therefore instant red face.

third time… 0% once again

If you can keep 4/5 man syncing indefinitely, the npc will never perf, therefore never score.

That is of course highly unlikely, but by timing these syncs right, and getting lucky chains at the right time, you can freeze the bar long enough to red face the npc get the bar into your favor and try to bring the game to your advantage.

There is however ONE exception to this system. 2 4/5 man syncs in a row will not stop the npc from perfing if the npc is in the middle of a chain.

The rate that he will perf will stay exactly the same

Let’s say… Laurel the 111k YAG npc (One of the few that’s actually been legitly beaten) is in the middle of a x14, and of course at that point your scores basically screwed but lets just pretend you have a hope in hell.

If you 4/5 man sync once the chance she will perf will be lowered by 0% her perf rate will be the same

If you 4/5 man sync a second time the chance she will perf will be lowered by 40% her perf rate will drop as if you had 4/5 man lynched once without her chaining

and if you 4/5 man sync a third time her perf rate drops by 98% and her chain will be most likely ended while shes red faced.

Union battle party (3 players against 3 npc’s)

These ones are a bit more tricky but it goes along the same system, only 3 man syncs will effect it though and you have no guarantee to stop an npcs chaining. If you 3 man sync twice in a row the npc’s cannot sync the move afterward guarantying redfaces on all npc’s, however what sucks about UBP npc’s is even though this drops their score one or two of them can still maintain a chain and keep building it upward, however if you maintain 3 man syncs they can’t score anyway because they can’t sync back. Also the rule still applies the same way if they are already syncing, it would require 3 syncs to end their syncs. This is not a problem until you get to the CC4 npc’s which will murder you if you don’t stop them as soon as they start.The ‘0’ system, everytime you sync 5 times (2 person or 3 person sync) the guage in the top right fills up, when filled you can hit 0 to make the npc’s potentially miss.

Warning: CC4 and CC8 npc’s have bonus points on their FM’s to match the 0 system fairly,
they get TRIPLE the points, so if you get 50k per person, they get 150k per npc. Meaning you HAVE to bomb the CFM.

Some other basic BP rumors and guidelines-

3 man syncs in normal BP also lower the perf rate but by a very insignificant amount (3%) 2 man syncs, and single person perfs also have the same effect as well.

Chance does NOT make an npc chain more. This is an old and ridiculous rumor that is utterly stupid.

Missing is something I’m not positive on, it appears to make npc’s start chaining in UBP (the CC4 ones at least.) But as far as I know, in most BP’s and sets of npcs, missing does not make an npc chain more, but it lowers the amount your perfing if your standing still most of the game. More perfs = less perfs from the npc. But once again missing could have an effect on the npc’s chaining ability. There is no actual proof behind that though so take it with grain of sand.

Wade from life house, or any other npc that may take the place of the BP npc you selected will NOT change the rate of perfects the npc has. If you choose Christina cross and she turns into Wade, he will chain the EXACT same as Christina cross, sometimes it may not appear so because the map that comes with Wade is VERY laggy. More lag = less perfs and as previously stated Less perfs = more perfs for the npc.

Battle Party Glitches and Errors.

Union seems to be the battle party mode that has the most glitches and issues so far here are a couple that are known already.

‘Frozen bar’- When someone lags or their moves go off sync it’s very common for the bar to freeze up and not only freeze the bar, but the score as well

‘invisible npc’s’- On a couple of occasions NPC’s simply don’t appear but their perfs / greats / moves appear where they would be. Sometimes the npc’s appear underground as well (A very uncommon glitch though)

‘Auto fail’- This is another uncommon one but it does happen occasionally, it seems to be caused by lag. Sometimes even when your winning it shows the screen as fail and you will not receive your beats for the battle party even if you won

Beat up battle party. (5 players vs one npc in beat up mode)

Theres not much to talk about here, perfing will not effect the npc’s perf rate. But here are some guidelines to know about defeating some of the hardest BUBP npc’s

Defeating ‘Can can’ npc’s – Average of 580k score, 2 people must survive the first wave, if they don’t the perf rate required is about 90 ~ 95% if not impossible to win (depending on the can can npc) defeating an npc with only one blue BU past first wave is impossible enough. (I’ve only defeated one can can npc and it was through some lucky perfing and Adetyre pulling through the first wave.)

Defeating ‘3254 Techno party npcs’ – Average of 750k (Depending on your perfs, you can lose blue BU and still get this score) the main problem with these npc’s is not everyone can mass perf on the waves making the bar good as dead if you dont get a good lead in perfs. Your going to want to start out with at least 80%+ perfs before the first wave, unless you have teammates who can hold their own on the wave. If not your as good as dead in the first 30 seconds.

Defeating ‘Happy Ending’ npc’s – These are fairly easy considering the fact they give 70 ~ 80k or 88 ~ 96k as long as everyone survives until the waves only 2 people need to maintain blue BU, 3 people max, the bar in this song is never really a problem, and if it is I’d advise you go back to catch / promise npcs until you’ve gained the skill level to tackle these.

Defeating ‘At the Same Time’ npc’s- I’m going to warn you upfront this song is offbeat and annoying I havent bothered draining these just because of the fact they’re so hard for the amount of beats they give (74k ~ 80k) if you think your experienced and ready go ahead, but 3 ~ 4 people need blue BU, if not everyone. Also about 2 minutes into the song theres a part thats usually a slate wiper (everyone seems to lose their blue BU) you get the same usual double arrows, but then a space at the exact same time as the second arrow. The space comes “At the same time” as the second arrow. D: LOLPUN? >_>;;

Defeat Mov mov, now that all npc’s work, it’s still relatively the same you don’t really have to do much, as long as the bar survives and a couple people FC, the scores have to be about 500k average for the harder npc’s (a good BU player like Maikelru or Mel can get 600k)

Hacking and hackersAfter the realization that Nexon really doesn’t care about hackers as opposed to legits, if you wish to legit BP theres nothing you can do to really avoid them. If you want to hack BP go ahead, I don’t endorse it but I can’t stop you either. I don’t really see the point to it since it’s not my cup of tea but if your having fun just remember the consequences if GM’s do start to do something.

There is only one real hack thats worth mentioning when it comes to battle parties, and thats the perf hack.

Perf hack- A hack that freezes the bead so that the hacker has an infinite time to put in the arrows then hit space which will result in an instant perfect, this can lead to x30’s+ and obvious defeat of the npc in score standards. But this also glitches the circle system if he goes offbeat, causing the npc to chain more since your perfs won’t stop the npc in anyway (The reason Stephanie can 16m against hackers but her legit limit is only 8.5 ~ 9m)

For those of you that hack, I’m no longer going to hunt you down as I see no point, nor am I going to bash you guys. If your going to do it though, let the legit BP’ers be instead of running into their room claiming to be legit and please stop harrassing normal rooms, it doesn’t make you pro and bragging about a hacked win in a normal room is relatively pathetic.

I hope you found this useful

That’s about it, happy legit BP’ing, and always feel free to ask questions of me in game or here in this topic, also feel free to ask for help on a BP in game, as you all know my in game name is RaveWolf, and my whispers are USUALLY open, and always remember. It’s just a game.

As always please provide any information that may be missing, and report glitches within BP here AND to the official Redbana glitch thread, thank you.

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