8Realms Research Time Mechanism Guide

8Realms Research Time Mechanism Guide by Crupulus


In this post I’ll explain how the research time is determined. It’s not that complex once you know how it works.

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– Each research requires a precise amount of Research Points (= RP) to be completed.
– Each building (library, etc) provides RP. And apparently, Jagex chose a RP/hour ratio.
– Each upgrade of one single building will increment the ratio by its “base value” (the level-1 building).

The base values are :
1. Library = 1
2. University = 15
3. Research Facility = 160

So for the Library you’ve got 1, 2, 3, …, 10. Then University : 15, 30, 45, …, 150. RF : 160, 320, …, 1600 (RP/hour).

Examples :
• Having ONE library Level-3 will provide 1*1*3 = 3 RP/hour.
• Having FIVE universities Level-7 will provide 5*15*7 = 525 RP/hour. Add a Mt Saint-Michel to it, and it’s 570 RP/hour.

Now, all you need is to know the amount of Research Points of the researches.
I have determined some of them at different ages, but my list is incomplete.

Examples :
• Religion = 6
• Flaming Archer = 65
• Hematite Enrichment = 275
• Warehouse = 175
• Income Tax = 3000
• Tea Rooms = 8500

Then you do the math :)

– Note: a slight difference may occur because seconds are rounded to zero once the time is converted to HH:MM:SS format.

That’s pretty much all. I don’t think I need to talk about eventual Wonders, as there’s nothing complex with it.

– – –

Last note, I couldn’t be bothered to edit the wikia (having a “Research Time” column is pretty much inaccurate) – but feel free to do so yourself if you wish. :P
Instead, I stored my current data in a database lol, and for those interested I also made a little mIRC script that gets you researches requirements (time, gold, buildings) by a simple command (!res) – so for the i.r.c users, join #8Realms (server SwiftIRC) :P. I mostly have values for many Renaissance and Industrial researches so far – your contributions are welcome!

Happy birthday to all,
– Crupulus

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