8Realms Gameplay Tips

8Realms Gameplay Tips by Pizzahutown

The following is a list of tips that should assist you throughout gameplay. (Currently in Classical Age)

—No Specific Age—

1) When choosing what to build you should start with the Resource Buildings as they take the shortest amount of time to build and increase Population, Money/Hr, and Resource/Hr.

2) When choosing what to build out of buildings with a large time requirement you should start with making the buildings that will most help you out and then focusing on the extra buildings afterwards.

3) Try to save buildings with enormus time requirements such as 10 hours until you have to work/school/sleep/etc so once you are done the building should be nearly complete.

4) Don’t build massive armies unless you can handle the Money/Resource drain they have on your settlements.

5) If you make a repeating trade agreement with another player but can no longer provide for your end of the deal cancel the deal, any choice you make in this predicament will negatively affect you (other than finding a way to supply your side of the deal) choosing to cancel would affect you the least.

6) When you decide to capture a Resource Tile make sure your military strength is greater than the opposing forces.

7) Barbarians WILL continue to randomly attack your Resource Tiles without you knowing their military strength until after thy fight you, the best way I have found to deal with this is as follows: Succesfully capture a Resource Tile; Send all of your troops except one back to your settlement; the barbarians will kill that one soldier (if you sent your whole army to defend the tile more than likely they all would have been killed, this way only one dies); The Resource Tile now has 0 military units on it; Now that the barbarians have came and left, you send another lonley soldier to defend the Resource Tile (be quick about it though, elsewise other players might see the resource and take it – meaning you mass up your army and take it back).

8) It is best to have a variety of military units in an assult to hopefully make up for eachothers weakness.

9) Whether it is from Trade or Tasks, if your Resource/Money says MAX you will lose the Resource/Money gained from that Trade/Task and not be able to reclaim it.

10) As I have noticed, when you edvance to another age the technology you should attempt to imideately research is Governance, this is so because with an aditional settlement you can aquire more Culture, Money/Hr, and Resources.

11) If you have the money to do so when a settlement’s Resource reaches MAX, simply transfer the resources to another settlement that doesn’t gain Resources as quickly, rather than wasting Resources/Hr.

12) When Transfering Resources each 10 Resources cost $1, so whenever Transfering Resources just add an aditional 9 more without any extra cost.

13) When choosing where to build your next settlement keep in mind the Resources you will be able to harvest there (look at top right of the screen when you click a grassland), the settlement’s proximity to your other settlements for faster transfers, and how close it is to other Resource Tiles (if you choose to use that settlement to capture Resources).

14) The following method would rapidly deplete your resources but could be worth it: Each soldier you train uses up Resources in the training process and then has a food and money upkeep; You could build a massive army, knowing that your Money/Hr would be left at like $10/Hr; Send that whole army out in a suicide mision against a larger oponents military (barbarian, player, etc); All of your soldiers will die, however so will a lot of theirs, since the soldiers are now dead they don’t have a Money/Food upkeep anymore and your Money/Hr and Food/Hr will go back up to what it was, your Resources used to train them will not come back though; Now you can repeat the whole process of make massive army, send against the same opponent whoose military forces are lessend from your previous attack, and continue to do so until either you run out of resources/Money or you completely defeat the enemy.

15) Be conversative, the game should be more enjoyable because you are talking to people.

16) Don’t constantly steal other players Resource Tiles, the player may aquire a grudge against you and constantly steal your Resource Tiles, ending in both of you wasting time and Resources.

17) Try to even out military strength throughout your settlements so no one settlement has a huge Food/Hr loss.

18) Try to complete all of the Tasks available as they generally send you in the right direction as well as give you Resources.

19) Storehouses provide a great source of Population as well as increasing the amount of Resources that Settlement is able to hold.

—Ancient Age—

1) Only train enough spearmen to complete the tasks and survive the barbarian attacks, if you build too many early on they will only eat away at your resources and money.

2) Max out your Library, Village Center, and all of your Resource Buildings before Going to the next age, doing so will make things easier for you in the Classical Age.

3) Don’t build on every tile simply for the point to fill it up, you will need the tile spaces later on.

—Classical Age & Beyond—

1) Continue to build/upgrade Buildings, Research, and Military according to how you want to play.

2) Now that you have multiple settlements you could choose to give each settlement a different job, I am going to do as followed for my empire: Make my capital mainly gain Culture; Have my second settlement focus on providing for Military; and (when I get to it) have my third settlement completely full of Storehouses – would be a Resource storage/gaining settlement.

3) It is advised to have a Trade Post, Library, and Lookout Post in each settlement. Trade – so you can transfer Resources/Military. Library – to increase how quickly you are able to research. Lookout Post – to make sure when someone is going to attack.

-I might add to this list at a later time-

Hope my guide has helped

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