8Realms Best Wonders in All Ages Guide

8Realms Best Wonders in All Ages Guide by Nuclear Bomb

(Shwedagon Pagoda(not released):extra construction spot
The Great Aqueduct:25% more population

St Mark’s Basilica: extra

Royal Observatory: 10% research boost
Sistine chapel(Might be bugged): 5% boost to culture.

Renaissance Age
Stock exchange:

Imperial Age:
Christ the Redeemer

Industrial Age:
Particle laboratory
Dhow Sail

(The development team said that the ending will be different each time so can’t really tell, but i base this off final wonder building)
Maglev Wind Turbine
The Oasis

(Still editing)

Knowledge-Research way:

(You should always research culture boosting tech then buildings then task items)

Ancient Age

Great wall Pick this if you have no doubt that your going to make it to the final wonder otherwise pick Aduqduct (Shwedagon Pagoda when it comes out)

Classical Age:
St Mark’s Basilica, it can eat up your resources but that not a problem if you plan carefully.

Feudal Age:

Royal Observatory

Renaissance Age:
The Stock Exchange

Imperial Age:
The Louvre(Research will take awhile in imperial so with the Stock exchange you should be able to keep researching after each one is done.)

Industrial Age:
Particle Acceleration Laboratory(People might already be in modern so it a good idea to be able to research faster culture boosting/ military units)

Maglev Wind Turbine

(Rough copy)

Control-Military way

You will most likey not win using this but will have a great advantage fighting over players and trying to stop the final wonder (Kind of dimmed down since full PvP isn’t here yet) you most likey will end up in late industrial age or early modern when the final wonder is being built)

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