8Realms Culture Guide

8Realms Culture Guide by Eradict

As you all know, culture is the most important thing to have to advance to the next age. So I thought i’d make a guide for it, just to help anyone in need.

So, what is culture?
Culture determines how close you are to advancing. It is displayed on the big ‘8’ right next to your empire name and gold. Once you have gained 100% culture, the 8 will start to flash and you can click to build your wonder to move on to the next age.

Now you might be thinking “…and how do i get this ‘culture’?”
Your village centre is the main source of culture – and the higher level it is, the more culture it will generate. However you will find that just a village centre won’t be enough as you realise your culture gain rate will be low. So what do you do?

1. Capture luxuries.
Luxuries are special tiles on the world map that you can capture, as you advance through the ages, you will realise that more luxuries will become available to you. When you capture a luxury tile, your culture gain rate is increased. Here is the full list of luxuries-

Classical and Feudal
-Precious gems, silver, silk, marble, pearls, dye

Renaissance, Imperial and Industrial
-Ivory, sugar, diamonds, spices, tea, coffee

Modern and Future
-Platinum, perfume, caviar

Remember that you can capture limited tiles at a time – so upgrade your parade ground to capture more luxuries.

2. Build a plaza.
When you arrive in the Classical age, one of the first tasks is to research and build a plaza. Plazas increase the amount of culture luxuries give, so it’s important to have one. The higher the level of a plaza, the more culture you get from luxuries. When you reach Renaissance, you can upgrade your plaza to a market which gives even more culture :) You can only have one plaza/market per settlement.

3. Research.
Some research topics in the library increase your culture gain rate. They can be easily spotted if they have a culture symbol (8) or a bunch of jewels as their thumbnail.

4. Build more settlements.
Each settlement you own has it’s own village centre. The effects of a village centre stack with other village centres – so that means more culture gain. You can also build a plaza in each settlement, their effects also stack with other plazas. So more settlements are a great way to increase culture gain rate. :D

5. Build a capitol.
Capitols are extremely useful. Not only do they provide a boost to population of 500 per level, but they also increase your culture gain rate greatly. It is unlocked after researching it in the library in the Feudal age. It can only be built in one of your cities.

6. Complete tasks.
Completeing tasks is an easy way to earn culture and other rewards – everytime you finish a task, you will be notified in the activity stream and you can click it to claim your reward. Some tasks don’t give culture, most notably the tasks that tell you to increase your resource production.

7. Wonders.
Some wonders increase your culture gain rate, but I personally don’t choose to build these because there are far better options.

So there ya have it, mah culture guide. If I left anything out please let me know

Otherwise cya people

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