8Realms Trading Tips

8Realms Trading Tips by Osirdedbdbzb

Basic guide only; I won’t be going into NYSE style details here…

As noted by Nogin Girl, none of this can be done without a TRADE POST in your city. So build one.

Okay, so first off you’re going to need a road to send those caravans over. So you click on the other empire, and click ‘trade’ and you get a pop-up, that says ‘Offer trade link’

Under this, it will have the name of the Empire you’re trying to do this with, and under that the name of *Your* city that will be linked (which can be clicked on to change the source city), and the name of *their* city that will be linked, and under that, there’s a cost, in resources (which you both will have to pay), and time (soon)

So, you make the offer, and they never respond…why?

They may not be home…
Or they may not have the resources to do that yet, or even the *ability* (no trade post)[a new update should warn you if that’s the case though]

So, they accept…then what?

Okay, so now, you actually get to trade some stuff…click trade on the empire you have a link with, and a new pop-up opens, with all sorts of loveliness inside.

On the left, you’ll see a box with ‘Trade Partner’ at the top, listing the city you’re trading with, and the empire name right under that. Under that, you see *your* trading city, with a drop down arrow beside it, so you can change the source city (if you have multiple trade links to them)

Next is the agreement type, one time trade (Purchase and sale) or an agreement to trade goods on a continous basis (trade agreement).

Note that a trade agreement is supposed to come with a Non-agression Pact, so if you attack someone you have a trade agreement with, it will cost you culture. Also, breaking a trade agreement costs culture, but it’s an undisclosed amount, and having broken maaaany trade agreements, I can tell you, I haven’t noticed any loss in culture ever.

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