Tales of Fantasy General FAQ

Tales of Fantasy General Frequently Asked Questions by ThunDeR010

Q. How do I swim?
A: Press W, Hold the right click of the mouse and drag the mouse downwards in a PC. And for a Laptop, press W, hold the right click and drag a touch of the pad downwards. To Swim up just hit Spacebar.

Q. How many quests can i do at a time? Or Max amount of quests do-able at a time?
A: 20, Once your total hits 20 running quests you cant take anymore quests. You can take same quests from different people though but those count as individual quests in numbers.

Q. When can I get a mount, I see people riding on horses? where can I get Mounts other than the lvl5 Quest one?
A: You can get a mount at lvl 5 from a quest given by the Kellead Captain. Mounts are also sold at Norlow Plains and Jun Ma City Plaza for Bohren people.

Q. Where can I find Yara?
A: Yara is near Deathspring, she appears when u kill some amount of mobs near it.

Q. How do i get more than 20 default spaces in backpack?
A: The Armour Seller in Kellead Village sells extra backpacks, there are 2 of them. 1 can hold 4 spaces,other holds 8, you can wear 4 extra bags at a time.

Q. Whats the use of Armor Patches, Ive got tons of those?
A: Armor patches can be used in some quests at Northgate Forest. They can also be traded in for a set of Armor at the same place.

Q. Whats the use of Rare Item types (Buddha Jade/Phoenix of Worship/Jade Tablet/Duan Inkstone)? Where can I find them?
A: They are used for Quests at Northgate Forest and are dropped by various monsters after lvl 12 or so I think.

Q. Where do I find the feed for my mounts?
A: The Mount Sellers also sell feeds for the mounts.

Q. Where to change my class, Im lvl 5/20?
A: At lvl 5 your quest will lead u to a Warrior/Mage in ur village, Talk to the Warrior to become a Pugilist and Mage to become Apprentice. At lvl 20, Go to the main city(Jun Ma for Bohren, Lotus for Ashland) and speak to the corresponding Trainer, for eg. Warrior – Warrior, Rogues – Rogue etc.

Q. How do i use Exp/SP Crystals, they appear to be filled?
A: Exp/SP crystals get u 10% extra exp/sp respectively, however the 10% goes into the crystal. To take that amount out you need an Extraction Star from the Item Mall, without which the crystals are useless. However SP crystals once filled can be donated to the Guild for Contribution Points.

Q. Where can I reset my skills?
A: Skill reseting is atm not available, and will be hopefully added pretty soon(upto the game makers ).

Q. Whats Soul Fusion?
A: Soul Fusion uses 2 Soul Crystals. It basically infuses the stats of the equips to your body and deletes the armor. So that you get the stats but can wear new armors too. The Soul Crystals are rare so use wisely.

Q. What are the Mountain Devils? where can I find them?
A. Mountain Devils are Graboids near Deathheart spring.

Q. How to use a treasure map?
A: Treasure maps hav a particular X,Y co-ordinates, when you reach those co-ordinates left click the Treasure maps to use them. You may get random stuff like, Exp chest/Food Chest/ X amts of Silver/SP points.

Q. Where can I repair my equips?
A: Repairman is located at the villages. Remember to repair the equip before they fall down to 0, after that they cannot be equipped/repaired unless you use an item from the Item Mall …

Q. After Learning a recipe how can I use it again?
A: Recipes once learnt can be accessed by hitting O hotkey.

Q. Ive got an HP Amulet from Quest, How do I restore it once it hits 0?
A: Those HP Amulets have a particular amount of HP in them, once they hit 0 they disappear. Same goes for MP amulets. They are Item Mall stuff.

Q. I see a Big Red/Yellow Star on the map, What are those?
A: The Red Star are the bosses and the Yellow ones are the Elites. They drop riches(LOTS of drops) as per the tutorial.

Q. After I teleport around towns my chat seems to be messed up?
A: Thats a chat bug which is being looked into.

Q. I’ve some Equips I cant wear?
A: You need the particular skill to wear them, For Robes you need Robe mastery which only Apperentice and their tree have. Light and Heavy Armor can be used by Warriors, Rogues can equip only light armors.

Q. How to locate monsters/ to be killed in your quest?
A. In quest log click the monsters name, an arrow will appear in the map just follow it.

Q. How to locate NPC in your quest?
A. In quest log click the NPC name, an arrow will appear in the map just follow it.

Q. Where Can I Find Soul crystals?
A. You get 1 at lvl 10, 2 more at lvl 20 and you can even get some by trading in some centrifugal stones at Jun Ma City Plaza.

Q. Where are the Hotspring?
A. They can be found near Deathheart Spring for Bohren side and Tiger Pool for Ashlanders ….

Q. Where can I get loads of SP?
A. Once you hit lvl 20, go to Blossom Forest and locate NPC: Demon Killer Siarl. And do the Exorcism Quest, you can do it 10 times a day . So thats 20k SP daily … The recommended level is 20, because the mobs on the way are lvl 20+ … still you can go there at lvl 10 or earlier too …

Q. Are there any Exp Quests like the ones for SP?
A. Yes, there are quests for Exp like Exorcism is for SP. In Jun Ma City Plaza, there is a npc named “Tendou …” and the quest name is Punisher.

Q. What are revealing mirrors used for?
A. They can be used in Guild Quest known as “Red Alarm” for which you need 200 mirrors. Or they can be used for SP gathering, just target a mob and use the mirror, a new mob spawns (Ethereal Entity) who gives approx. 5 times SP the targeted mob gives.

Instances(Dungeons) In-game:

All instances needs a team of atleast 2 players to enter

*Gobi Cave/Beast Lair:
lvl 15+ Instance
Location: Norlow Plain / Lotus Gobi
Bosses: 1
Lvl 1-5 Materials are dropped(Light Leather/Angelica/Carp/Iron Ore/Pine)
White-Green-Blue equipment is dropped
Quest Items(Bound) for lvl 25 Blue Set is dropped [Deity Stone and Reborn Feathers]

*Well of Fortune:
Lvl 25+ Instance
Location: Well of Fortune, North of Dragon Path
Bosses: 5
Lvl 1-3 Materials are dropped (Thick Leather/Poria/Chub/Tungsten Ore/Fir)
White-Green-Blue Equipment(Mainly weapons) are dropped
Quest Items(Not Bound) for lvl 35 blue set is dropped [Aether Shards and Exquisite Aether Shard]

*Dimensional Gate:
Lvl 30+ Instance
Location: South Gate (3085,1268)/North Chain (3330, 2760)
Reward for Completing the instance is 15 Centrifugal Stones to all party members.
The boss mobs inside also drop these stones.
These stones are needed for stuff like Soul Crystals and Diamond(used in socketing)

Shen nong Forest:
Lvl 35+ Instance
Location: There are 4 locations from which players can enter this instance – Ashland’s White Tomb, Bohren’s Blossom Forest, as well as Cloud City and Dragon Path.
Materials spawn which you can gather with the help of a “Hoe for levl 2 Area” which is sold by the entry npc
Bosses: 2(Totem Master and Master Druid[druid is invulnerable])

Lone Knight Instance:
Lvl 40+ Instance
Location: Near Phoenix Hill Life stone
Bosses: 1 Main boss
Reward: Boss drops Lvl 40 blue equip, The mobs drop socket/refining stones and even treasure chests.

List of Hot Keys:
[All these are default Keys]

F1: targets yourself
F2-F7: Pet skill bar

W: Moves Character Forward
S: Moves Character Backward
A: Moves Character Left
D: Moves Character Right

Q: Rotates Camera to the Left
E: Rotates Camera to the Right

C: Character Info
R: Relationships/Friends
I: Quest Log
K: Skill Tree
O: Life Skills like Crafting/Compunding etc

P: After learning pet summoning skills, this button allows you to control your pets
B: Backpack
M: Map
J: Mailbox
G: Guild
H: Market/auction
L: Item Mall
Y: Title Menu
U: screenshot button

Numlock: Sets your character to run forward automatically. This can also be done if u hold W and open chatbox by hitting enter, the character keeps running forward.

Ctrl+N: Hides all opened panels

1-0, – and = : Shortcut keys, drag your items into it.

Hope this helps… These are some of the Questions I came across in-game.

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