Tales of Fantasy Ashland Low Level Quick SP Guide

Tales of Fantasy 12k SP in an Hour for Ashland Apprentices Level 15 and Under Guide by kinglallak

Ashland seems to be a touch behind at the moment, so this is just to try and help get them an early boost.

This is more or less just a nice quick boost to your SP very early in the game.  the first time I did it I was level 12, and the second I was level 14 at the start of the run.

what you need.
level <= 15
level 5-6 flaming dragon or level 6 frost bolts
Meditate(preferably level 2 but you can get this while running it if you didn’t have it at start)
12 arcane concentrate
6 boxwood or pine incantations(probably boxwood but some people might be crazier than others early on)
1  of the daily 2x SP from uncle pickle
if you have meditate level 1 and plan on leaving it there, you will need mana items, I used around 60 or so extra fish rolls(of 80 I had at start)
if you have meditate level 2, you can get by with 20-30 fish rolls.

the plan.
go the area with the level 15 frost spirits and find a location that is close to the maximum distance you can be away from 2 frost spirits but still able to cast spells on both of them (3 is preferable but a bit harder to find).

turn on arcane and boxwood incantation and find out what spell combination you need to be able to kill a frost spirit in 2 shots(for me, 2 level 5 flaming dragon spells was enough at level 12, but I switched to two level 6 frost bolts for the second run through).

Once you have your 2 spell hit figured out, start with full mana and turn on the 2x SP boost.  The spawn time is nearly exactly the time it took me to kill its friend and loot the friend.  The key here to having a successful run is to pick up the loot as fast as you can.  One important thing to note is that I only had fish rolls and a few plum stuffed carp and the magic boosts at the start, all other items fit in my bank i wanted kept until later.  if you cannot kill them in 2 hits, you will probably get zapped with lightning, just 3 hit them and have a few plum stuffed carp handy.

with all items you only get 1 of, like jade swords or ruinous crossbows, you need to loot and then drop those items as soon as you pick them up to make sure you always have room in your backpack to completely pick up any items the next frost spirit would drop(be sure to keep a minimum of 3 spots empty).  this is to ensure a steady flow of frost spirits as they won’t respawn if you do not pick everything up.

the first time I did this I was level 12 at the start and upgraded my flaming dragon from 5 to 6 while I was doing this. I was 14 when I ended. after an hour I had received 12k SP, over 100 of each level 1 item- cloth scraps, bronze ore, mint, boxwood and grass carp – as well as around 15 or so level 2 bronze ore, leather scraps and boxwood and almost 400 nature fragments(as not quite every spirit drops them, but almost every).  You can sell all these on the market to make 5 gold or so, or use them if you were having trouble finishing the level 1 of each profession then now is a good time to do that.

The second time I was 14 at the start, using frost bolts went a bit faster(.5 seconds per cast for 1 second per frost spirit but that made for small delays waiting for the next frost spirit to come up) and I received 13k SP.

Keys to success.

try to time running out of mana with when your meditate spell will be ready
ALWAYS ALWAYS have enough mana to cast 2-3 spells.
if you have level 1 meditate, you generally about break even when its active
if you have level 2 meditate, it will take you from empty mana back to full mana, so you need less food then to replenish your mana constantly
creeps will drop white wine and fish rolls, use them.

it takes a bit of practice the first few minutes or so getting adjusted to when to click up drinks to not run out of mana, but nevertheless once you get it, you will fly through frost spirits very fast.

in the end, I killed approximately 400 frost spirits each run, at 30 SP a pop and have very good starts to my professions on that account almost being level 3 refining and crafting(compound is notoriously behind early as only 1 of the first 5 items gives experience towards it)

the goal is to not have to move between kills(or more commonly known as kiting) and to collect loot immediately as that seems to start the respawn timer for the next frost spirit.

hotkey setup for me during run.
1 – flaming dragon
2 – frost bolts
3 – meditate
4 – fish roll
5 – white whine
6 – plum stuffed carp(if you don’t or can’t kill in 2 shots, you might get hit by a bolt of lightning)

if you don’t mind getting hit with lightning and are using level 6 frost bolts, finding a spot with 3 and getting 14-15k SP is entirely possible, just have some food handy.

One note of interest, I did this on a touchpad… so perhaps you mouse users can be even faster than I as sometimes I had touchpad issues that slowed me down…. after doing this twice, my level 15 is killing level 21 desert camels with ease.

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