Senatry EXP Sharing Guide

Senatry EXP Sharing Guide by aiwent

EXP sharing of Heroes, which players will find unlocked after they’ve achieved level 51, has a point, and the point is simple and meaningful. EXP sharing refers to the action that a Hero sacrifices himself by giving all his EXP to his troop and thus the troop level can get an upgrade while the Hero himself will be down to level 1. It takes a while to find out how important the sharing is.

1. The point of Sharing
As I said in the preface, sharing upgrades the troop level. Then how specifically it affects the troop?
Troop level is the level of Hero’s troop. An upgrade of the troop level will directly add to the Hero’s combat power which includes:
Offense: Rage Skill (RS) offense, Tactical offense, physical offense.
Defense: RS defense (defense against RS offense), Tactical defense, physical defense.

Now that the sharing can do so much good, some curious players may wonder how much good they do exactly or in a more numeric way? Well, what I can tell is that the increased combat power acquired from every upgrade of the troop level equal those from an upgrade of the related Tech.

“Troop level +1” can arouse the following items just as what “Tech level +1” would do,
Physical offense +10 (Strength level +1)
RS offense +25 (Charge level +1)
Tactical offense +12 (Research level +1)
Physical defense +7 (Armor level +1)
RS defense +18 (Formation +1)
Tactical defense +8 (Analyze level +1)

Also from the same image above, we can see that Troop level consists of two parts: the basic level and the bonus from Hero’s sharing. Merely upgrading Hero, which has an influence on the bonus part, will surely raise the Troop level as well, but it is not enough. Imagine that if you engage with a rival whose Hero level is exactly the same with yours, you guys have a balanced shot to win. But if his Heroes shared EXP and thus his troops got upgraded while yours not, then pretty much the balance begins to incline to his side.
Moreover, in every area, your Hero can be upgrade to a permitted top and that’s all. If you want a more troop level, you need to increase the basic level which solely comes from Hero’s EXP sharing. If you never had a Hero sharing EXP, you’ll always have the basic part missing, which could make a big difference.

2. How to share EXP smartly?
As we’ve known how important the sharing is, people may wonder when they should carry out EXP sharing to make the most of the function.
When player level has reached 51, the EXP sharing function will be unlocked. When your Hero level achieves 51, you can begin to practice this function. But do not assign the Hero to share EXP when you just arrived at Lv 51 or not long after that. Believe me, you won’t get many troop levels increased at the initial stage.

Here are introduced some must-knows:
(i), “Hero sharing needs level”, we call it the Hero sharing level. Hero level should be at least that much to share EXP.
(ii), the routine troop levels increased from hero’s sharing is 5~8, and the exact number is picked randomly.
(iii), the condition on which the increased level can get the routine value is that the player level is greater than the hero sharing level by 5~8 or bigger. That is to say: Player level – Hero sharing level = 5~8 or bigger.

When players set their Heroes to share EXP for the first time, the hero sharing level always equals 51 as displayed in Image 1. According to (iii), the suggested player level upon the first EXP sharing should be at least Lv 56, for the better let it be Lv 59.
After players have practices couples of sharing, the hero sharing level begins to rise as shown in Image 2. Still according to must-know (iii), your player level at this time of period is strongly suggested to be greater than the specific Hero sharing level by 8. Say if the Hero sharing level is 62, let the player level be at least 70.

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