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Senatry Prestige Guide by aiwent

When players join a Family, he is officially entering the world of Roman wars. Prestige, an icon in the wars, begins to exist after that takes place. People get Prestige through fighting other families and with higher Prestige, they can have more stronger Heroes to fight for them. Anyway, Prestige is important. This passage introduces how to get more Prestige in a quicker way.
In SENATRY, all the ways you can get Prestige include:
1 Levy Event
2 Exploit Donations
3 Area War
4 Fight Other Families
5 Investments
Among above, Fights and Investments are the major sources while others are being supportive.

1 Levy Event

Levy Event occurs when you levy silver. According to your response, you’ll get a reward of Allegiance or Prestige. Those considerate of your people will win you Allegiance while those regarding law and discipline above all will get you a sum of Prestige. The amount of the sum is related to your level. Usually it’s not a big sum but the Prestige acquired from Levy Event could be useful when you just start to collect Prestige.

2 Exploits Donations
Players can contribute a donation of Exploits to enhancing Prestige in every two hours. The amount of every Exploits donation is about player level * 25, and about 1/10 of every donation can be transformed to Prestige. We can see that taking up the Exploits you earned hard from fighting just to increase a little Prestige is not a reasonable move. We can totally spend Exploits in more fruitful places, like upgrading our Technologies or Heroes.

3 Area War
When players are located at an Area of level 60, they can participate in Area Wars to win Prestige. You are suggested to go in for every Area War because whether winning or losing, you’ll get a reward of Prestige, the winners just getting more. Area War can be counted as a worthy source of Prestige though not a stable one.

4 Fighting Other Families

Engaging with your enemies is a good way to win Prestige. First you should know that enemies, here players from other Families, have a hostile degree. Higher hostile degree the player you fight with is bearing, more Prestige you are rewarded. Of course the condition is that you should have got a victory. Enemies of different hostile degree have different color of names. Listed from the least hostile to the most hostile, those name colors are: grey, white, green, blue, purple, orange and red. If you have strong confidence and sensible knowledge of real levels of both sides, you can try attacking those with darker names. Otherwise, you are just wasting Bugle for nothing. Similarly, those with lighter names won’t get you much Prestige as well because their hostile degree is too low.

Another rule in gaining Prestige from fighting is that total Prestige = winning Prestige + killing soldiers Prestige, which means the Prestige reward for attacking other Families consists of two parts: the result part and the killing soldiers part. If you win, you get the winning part and the killing soldiers part (if you have killed any). If you lose, you only get the killing soldiers part (if you have killed any, 0 Prestige for killing no soldiers besides the losing). Based on this rule, the following techniques can be drawn.
a) Picking players with high hostile degrees.
b) Victory had best be achieved for the full Prestige reward (losers only get the killing soldiers part).
c) Do not venture yourself to offend those you can’t defeat.
d) More soldiers are killed, more Prestige is gained. So target those with more soldiers if your ability permits.
e) Do more attacks to those with 0 soldiers, which will do good.

5 Investments
5.1 Applications of Investments
Players can have 3 Investments in the Area he is then located at. Investments could be of great value in many aspects:
a) Investments gain players considerable amount of Prestige;
b) Investments increase the prosperity of that Area, thus people in it can get richer revenue from Levy;
c) Investments ascend your family’s share of that area, which helps in your family taking over that area.

5.2 When to invest
You should also be aware that Investments take quite a silver, so make sure you do the Investments at the right time. Here is some information you may refer to in investing:
a) Others being equal, Areas with higher prosperity take more silver to invest in;
b) The basic prosperity of areas is 1500, and every prosperity you want to increase at that time takes 1650 silver;
c) Prestige rewarded for investments is related to player level. Higher level players get more Prestige. For every prestige you increased, you get Prestige of which the amount equals your level * 20. Thus level the Senatus up to possible high in that Area before decide to invest in it.

Do not invest in a second after you joined a Family. Initial players get small silver from levies. If every levy benefits you about 500 silver, then at most 6000 silver is earned in one day while an investment of 1 prosperity costs nearly 1700 silver and won’t give you much Prestige for that.

The best way of collecting Prestige for lower level players should be fighting other Families. When player level gets to 60 or higher, he can consider investing. By that time, he should be able to afford the fast growing way.

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