Senatry Legions and Item Drops Guide

Senatry Legions and Item Equipment Drops Guide

LegionsExploits RewardedMin/Max # of PeopleHighest level at which you recieve X2 ExploitsReward
Macedonian1003/6???Warrior’s Lance (green weapon lvl 19)
Greek4004/8???Archon’s Plate (green armor lvl 21)
Gallic3004/8???Archon’s Plate (green armor lvl 21)
Hispanic5003/8???Armor of Highland (blue armor lvl 25)
Germanic5004/8???Garment of Lava (blue armor lvl 29)
Britannic6004/834?Thracian Ring (purple ring lvl 46)
Egyptian6004/837Roman Loricae (purple armor lvl 42)
Carthage7004/8???Sword of Blessing (orange sword lvl 46)

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