Remnant Knights Fast Grinding Guide

Remnant Knights Fast Grinding 20-35 Guide by IPwnYouOut

Hey guys, wanna lvl fast ?
well you came to the right thread.
First you want to goto Forest of silence and head to the Fox Cave
Once you get inside there are 4 diffrent monsters.

Poison Fox
Level : 25
HP : 3300
Exp : 396

Big Poison Fox
Level : 26
HP : 3800
EXP : 423

Nine Tail Fox
level : 32
hp : 5,076
exp : 910

and there are red fire dogs or w/e but dont worry about those guys

If you do this little instance by yourself you’re looking at around 18000 – 20000 exp per run
With a Partner the exp gets toned down Poison foxes give 21x – 27x
and Big Poison foxes give 23x – 29x
but if you’re with a fast party you can do this instance in 7-10 minutes so you can do it 6-8 times an hour
With party
Aprrox 54,000 – 72,000 Exp/Hr
Without party
Approx 108,000 – 144,000 Exp/hr

This is ALOT!!! faster than grinding on mobs.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Forest of Silence is only for level 38+

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