Remnant Knights Tips and Gameplay Guide

Remnant Knights Tips and Gameplay Guide by Grenade

I hear a lot of different questions every day; this is a guide to answer the most common questions. It will be updated over time this is only just a start. I hope it helps you guys out!

In order to acquire a cape or cloak you must hunt low level monsters aka mob. 10 fabrics are required to create 1 cape/cloak. The best places I recommend are the areas with trashcans, or the area with dogs. You can locate these areas in either Fortville or Hillville. Capes or cloaks do not add stats they are only an add on to your character. The NPC (Non Playable Character) you need to speak to is located in your school right next to the weapon/armor enhancements.

Weapon/Armor enhancement
Are you wondering how to use those coating oils, or grindstones that are taking up space in your inventory? Well here is your solution! Bring the armor/weapon you want enhanced to NPC in your school near where you create a cape/cloak.
Coating oil – Armor
Grindstone- Weapon
The max enhancement you can make is +9! But be cautious because the higher you get the more of a chance you have of failing, which can either null your weapon and it stays the same, or it removes all enhancements and brings it back to 0. I don’t know exactly how many it takes and how much it costs for each enhancement but I’ll keep testing. The higher + you get the better stats your weapon obtains and the more shine it gets to it. Any mob/monster will drop coating oil or grindstones, although I recommend low levels since you can kill a mass amount of them and have a better chance.

Marble Stone
To create a marble stone is a little bit more complicated than the other weapon enhancements I’ve described in this guide. A marble stone enhances an ability such as freezing or stun to your designated weapon. You will need a certain number of two separate items. First, you need to acquire low/medium/high quality crystals depending on the grade of the weapon you want enhanced. The second item you need to create a marble stone is a certain number of whichever type of gemstone you plan on adding to your weapon; Ice, fire, electric, poison
1st grade – 2 low 3 gemstones
2nd grade – 4 low 8 gemstones
3rd grade – 6 low & 2 mid 10 gemstones
4th grade – 8 low & 4 mid 15 gemstones
5th grade – 10 low 6 high 20 gemstones
6th grade – 12 low 8 high 30 gemstones

Maps/ Club Battles & Club wars
Even though you go through each map to complete your quests throughout the game, land is separated between schools. For example, after winning a club war you gain land depending on which school you are a part of. After that taxes are added to that land which is how you earn income.
Dragon School – Fortville, Sunset Pier, Forest of Silence, Masari
Owl School – Hillville, James Isle, Neo Cansas, Mara
Club battles – Club Battles are held every day at 4:00, 7:00, and 10:00 PM for 30 minutes.
Club rank will be decided by how many salakaris the higher level club has destroyed according to the rank, club points and rewards will be given.
Club Wars – Club Wars will be held for 50 minutes on every Wednesday and Saturday at 9:00 PM. The club which holds and guards the authentication until the end will be the winner and will be given the rights to set the trading fee until the next Club War as well as “Lead Club title”.

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