Remnant Knights Money Making Guide

Remnant Knights Money Making Guide by IPwnYouOut

Hey guys I thought I’d make another guide.
Note: Remember this is a guide!, This may or may not be the best way to make money.
I’ll leave that up to you to decide =D.

Before you do this Take a bathroom break, Get some food, get some water because your gonna be at the computer for a while.

Ok, to start off you want to get a Masters Fishing Rod, this will increase your chances of getting better things, this fishing rod costs 11,000 Mar, don’t worry you will make it back.
Next you want to get some bait.

then Head over to a Pond
I Recommend These Spots(Thanks to OnlyKim and MavenXanthamoon for showing me these spots)
and start fishing.

Now your going to get ALOT of Blue and Red fish you can throw those away or keep them, it’s up to you, What we are looking for is

When you get one of these start smiling because your making money.

shoes are alot better that empty bottles btw.
Each shoe has 3~5 Gindstones/Coating Oil
and a Grindstone/Coating Oil sells for 2,000 Mar +

50 Bait’s take around 9 minutes to fish
and you get about 2 per 50 so
50 Bait = 2 shoes
2 shoes = 3 ~ 5 Grindstone / Coating oil
so in just 9 minutes you’ve made 6 – 10 k
since Grindstones and coating oils are in demand right now and basically worth more than Mar itself you can keep fishing and get lots. In 4 – 5 hours you can have about 130+ grinstones and coating oils
you can either sell them for 500k +
Or you can keep them and.

Ok so theres 4 types of rarity on a weapon

White (Uncommon)

Green (Common)

Purple (Rare)

Yellow/Gold (Epic)

A Gold Item’s main stats will most likely always be better than everything else.
but the additional stats might not.
A Purple Item could have better additional stats then a Gold item
So try to find a weapon that has good additional stats or an item that you think you’ll
use for a long time or an item that you think will sell really fast in the auction.

to enchant an Item you can go to Mecher Mike and ask him to enchant your item
for a +1 item you need 2 Grindstones for a +2 you need 3 and so on.

so if i wanted to sell my item for 10k and it was +1, I used 2 stones to get it to +1 so thats 4,000 Mar I spent enchanting so you should raise the value to 14,000 Mar
It’s really easy to get to a +4 item but its really hard to get to +5 or more, if you get to a +6 – +10 this is when you can really make your own prices because people will pay for good items and not much people have +6 – 10 items
So if I get my item that I’m selling for 10k Mars to +6 – +10 I could probably get an extra 400k+you can get more or less than this depending on the additional stats that your item has
not much items in the auction are more than +4.

So there you go you can either sell your Grindstones and Coating Oils for 500K+ or you can try your luck on an item and make your own prices and possibly make Alot of mars.

If there’s something you think i should add or something I missed just tell me and I’ll update the post.

Well guys I hope this was Helpful. Now go and make some Money/Godly Items and rule Remnant Knights.

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  1. bunnymanic says:

    so…where should we sell the grindstones? the shop buys at 47 mr per item i think. Should we auction em too?? this is very interesting……

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