Rakion Swordsman Guide

Rakion Swordsman Guide by Novercalis

To The Barracks!
So you have decided to become a swordsman eh?
Trying to look all pretty, help a damsel in distress and showoff your skills with your sword?
Well, not only can acomplish all of that, you can also probably kick anyone ass as well given the right training and patience.
But becareful, there has been many unsucesful and sad stories with Swordsman.
You are the first one to be thrown into war. Mages has a tendacy to turn you into a frog, and chances are you hacving that wonderful tale of prince charming is unlikely.
You’ll just have a mean cupid piercing your heart or a betraying, two timing backstabbing ninja break your heart literally.

Alright you wanna-be King Arthurs. Pick up your might 2 handed sword.
Welcome to the world of Swordsman where I shall teach you how to become a Knight in the world of Rakion.



Swing once – left click
swing twice – left click twice
3 hit combo swings: left click 3 times.

***Note, final 3rd hit causes “Knockdown” and is a powerful damage hit.
***second swing has a mild Area of effect with an invisible area hit from behind.
** 3rd swing has an area effect since he spins and it captures air opponent.

Power Combo: Hold Right click for 1.5 sec and release.
if held till 2 second, the damage is increased slightly. (not sure if its working though)
The “Power Combo” does a 3 swings. A regular slash, a spin attack with an Area effect and a vertcile like slash that catches air opponents.

Power combo has a delay of 2 seconds where you are vulnerable for others to hit you.

Hidden Combo:
Left click than right Click. – A regular horizontal slash followed by a vertical slash.
If the second slash lands, its a nice damage. Think about it, you just slice the man across and vertically down the middle. Easy to land but has a delay of a second I belive.


Moving Combos:

UP UP Right Click = a dashing motion with a Slash.
not worth it compare to the next one I suggest.

UP UP Left Click – A dashing motion, stabbing the opponent, causing him to fall on his knee.
Upon doing so, you have a 1 second stun effect. Meaning you cant move or recover or block.


Jump + Left click = Many dont know, but your jump attack, from the highest point, has a 3 hit deal.
On Blacksmith, you will prolly land 2 if done correctly, on golems, make sure you take advantage of the 3 hit jump attack.


2 grabs:

being next to the opponent, facing him:
Left click + right click simoteanously
which causes a Stab and slash horizontally again.

When next to opponent, facing his back:
Left click + right click simoteanously
which caues a sword to the back, a knock down and removing the sword as if your King Arthur removing your Excalibur.


When your on the ground:
Left click to stand up, hitting everyone around you with an Area of effect Attack.


Left click + Right Click – Does a sword Move Area of effect Damage with a 3 seconds stun on yourself.
Therefor, try not to miss the grab, or else, repare the mages sending your froggy ass back to the freezing pond.


Swordsman vs Blacksmith:

Why should I tell you how to defeat your master? Figure it own your own. I am the blacksmith, I created your sword! I shall not teach you the arts of Defeating a Blacksmith!

Swordsman vs Mages:

Do not allow a mage get behind you.
You have a very fast moving speed, use it to your advantage.
DONT do the dashing move when you think ur close enough at a mage. Just run up and do the LEFT CLICK + RIGHT CLICK!!!

If you see a mage just cast his ice spikes, run towards him and DASH! that is the only time you should do it, or else he will counter you.

Swordsman vs Archers

other thna blacksmith, these guys will be your toughest foes.
You are easily proned to fall to the hands of an archer.
Your best bet, due to your speed, ZIG ZAG JUMP to move in for the kill.
be pateince, just do the one hit swing.

If you manage to to hit him with 1 swing and you are 100% facing literally in front of him, GRAB HIM ASAP. he is stunned for a mere second.
However, failure to grab, expect 2-3 arrows on your ass, Sir Wallace.

Nonetheless, Arhcers tes Swordsman and vice versa. You will have to chase them around and learn thier pattern so u can capture them with the second swing area of effect if your smart enough.

Swordsman vs Ninja

dont be fooled by a damsel in distress. You’ll never know when she turns around, pops a swing and than puts you into s headlock and bust an excalibur on your ass.
As before, 1 hit swing unless you have him clearly straight in front of you, than process to follow with a 3 hit swing.
Stay on top of his corpse with BLOCK, the second you see hit stand up, immeditaly go for a 3 hit swing, make sure your swing isnt moving forward, but either left or right,. a 50/50 chance, you will catch him when he stands up.

Swordaman vs swordsman

So its time to see who will become a Knight.
Only the smartest, strategist will prevail.
Use Block to your advantage, chances are, he will go with a 3 hit combo.
After his 3rd swing, swing once than GRAB.
Stay on top of corpse, and prepare to hold “DOWN” the second you see him stand, start swigning, he will fall into the area of effect damage.

If you happen to be the fallen Knight:
if you see a Ninja, Swordsman or Blacksmith standing on top of your coprse.
DO NOT left click to make the rise attack.
Just stand up NORMAL, DIRECTLY IN FRONT OF HIM and “GRAB” ASAP… you have the advantgae when you want to stand up, plus the character speed avantage.

Hence the reason, vs another swordsman, you want to get rdy to press “DOWN” when he stands up and swing 3 times, cause he might attempt to grab you.


Remeber, 1 hit swing has a stun effect basically, if quick enough, you can manage to grab the opponent.

Your Prioteries are:




Since I havent fiully played a Swordman: I can only use my common sense as a blacksmith:

Your naturally strong on Long distance and Basic Attack and weak on the GRABBING power compare to BS and Archers.

Basic attack – a no brainer, espically for swordsman who has a 3 hit combo.

Armor – sooner or later, it will be necessary.

Grabing power – If you decide to be a grabber, why not?

Special Attack – sometihing to consider about since your SPECIAL move is very effective when used properly.



CP CELL: Swordsman manges to rank in CP like crazy.
I suggest, Save up enough money for Creatures.
Panzer would be a good choice, 3 of them until 6 slots are available for swordsman.
You can easily blend in with the Panzers and cause a decoy distraction for mages.
Later have Minotaurs or the Dragons if affordable.

That is all for now.

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