Rakion Blacksmith Guide

Rakion Blacksmith Guide by Raij

Table of Contents:

0. Introduction
1. Blacksmith Move List
2. Blacksmith Basic Strategy
3. Blacksmith Class-Specific Strategies
…..3.a. Versus Mage
…..3.b. Versus Archer
…..3.c. Versus Ninja
…..3.d. Versus Swordsman
…..3.e. Versus Blacksmith
4. Blacksmith Stat Allocation

0. Introduction

Rakion is a game of chaotic blood drenched warfare. If the thought of lumbering
into the battlefield as one of the biggest, toughest, hardest hitting, armored
juggernauts and cracking skulls with a hammer larger than your opponent appeals
to you, then perhaps you have what it takes to be a Blacksmith.

The Blacksmith is not for everyone however, he is a very slow attacker and has
considerable delays on his more powerful moves, but with the proper practice
and developed striking precision, an intelligently played Blacksmith can be a
terror to the opposition. Fast attacks are for people who miss. The skilled
Blacksmith does not swing unless he knows he will hit.

The Blacksmith is not all about Offense though, as many people seem to overlook
he is a fantastic approacher. In fact, that is his crowning achievement and
what truely separates him from his less defensive class counterparts; the
Walking Guard.

We will discuss all of these topics within this guide, as well as present some
class vs. class analysis and general tips and strategies. This guide is useful
for playing Blacksmith as well as playing against Blacksmith. Knowing your
enemy is every bit as important as knowing yourself.

1. Blacksmith Move List

The Blacksmith has a fairly limited move list when compared to the swordsman,
but he has more than enough attacks to do some serious damage. The strategy to
playing the Blacksmith is to know the delay on his moves and learn to be able
to judge if you can survive the delay without taking damage. In the beginning,
every swing of your hammer will feel like a risk, for some ninja to dart around
and grip you from behind, or some mage to position up casually for an ice
spike. After the move list, we will look at how to prevent that, how to play
the Blacksmith as a reactive attacker instead of a proactive attacker.

The basic rule of thumb for Delay is as follows:

If your enemy blocks a delay1 attack,
they have time to follow up with a regular strike

If your enemy blocks a delay2 attack,
they have time to follow up with a regular strike or a grip

If your enemy blocks a delay3 attack,
they have time to follow up with a regular strike, a grip, or a special attack

Button Abbreviations:

C1=Left Click
C2=Right Click
C1C2=Both Click at the same time

Swinging Abbreviations:

Horiz=Horizontal; Looks like this

Vert=Vertical; Looks like this
Diag=Diagonal; Looks like this
/ or
360=360 degree attack; AOE

Single swing……….C1…………………1…………………………………Swing hammer horiz
Double swing………C1, C1…………..1.5…….(Knockdown)……….Swing hammer horiz x2
Double swing2…….C1, C2……………2………(Knockdown)………Swing hammer horiz+diag
Forward stab……….W, W, C1……….2.5…….(Knockdown)………Move forward and stab rotating hammer
Forward stab2………W, W, C2……….2.5…….(Knockdown)……..Move forward and stab hammer diag
Jump attack………….Space, C1………2……….(Aerial)(Knockdown)..Jump and Strike down with hammer vert
Special attack………..Hold C2…………2………(2.5m radius)(Guardless 1s)..Store up energy in hammer and strike down 360
Spinning attack………C1C2…………….3.5…….(Invincible)(Knockdown)..Invincible, Mobile 360 hammer attack
Wake up attack………C1………………..1……….(When Knockdowned)..Spin hammer while rising-up in 360
Front grip ……………..C1C2 *CLOSE*…2………(Approach from Front)
Rear grip……………….C1C2 *CLOSE*…2………(Approach from Rear)

NOTE ON GRIPS: Grips are tough because you have to be close, very close to your
opponent to account for lag. They are best reserved for coming up behind
archers and mages who are already firing. Important note about grips and the
Blacksmith, if you try to grip and are not close enough, you leave yourself
open immensely by performing the spinning hammer, which leaves you dizzy for a
few seconds afterward. Grips are a risky proposition in the hands of the
Blacksmith and should be reserved for when you know you can get close enough.
Otherwise leave grips to other classes who need them (like ninja) and let
Blacksmith pound away with your hammer, only using grips when you know you have
an opening.

2. Blacksmith Basic Strategy

I spoke above about being a reactive versus proactive attacker. Playing a
blacksmith is in most cases a reactive game, because you REALLY don’t want to
miss your hits. Let’s take a moment to define reactive and proactive as meant
in this guide before proceeding.

Proactive: Attacking first;Allowing your opponent to respond to your action
Reactive: Attacking last; Responding to the actions of your opponent

Looking above, you can see what is the safer bet. With the Blacksmith, your
attacks are very slow so you must make sure they connect. Your delays are long,
so when they do not connect, you are wide open. An impatient proactive
blacksmith will be defeated every time by a patient reactive blacksmith. The
same goes for other classes, running up to attack a ninja, swordsman, mage, or
archer will get your attack block/dodged, and you pounded or cast on. There
will be times when you attack first and you can do so without risk, if you
follow the golden rule of Blacksmith offense:


That’s right, swinging once is the golden rule. When you are chasing or opening
up a fight, NEVER swing twice unless you KNOW you have your enemy with your
first hit. If you swing once, your delay is marginal and you can get right back
to moving or blocking, but if you swing twice, then you commit yourself and
many players are proficient at killing a blacksmith by dodging the two big
swings and then positioning to respond. Again, remember only to swing twice
when you KNOW you will connect both hits. (in other words, when you are playing
reactively or have chased someone into a corner or against a wall). Keep in
mind you will be playing proactively only when you are chasing. Swinging once
while chasing will hereby be referred to in this guide as the One-swing


The basic strategy of the blacksmith is a mix between offense and defense. Most
of the time you will be running around with your pinky resting on block. You
will have to learn to time your blocks and be good at blocking on a moments
notice. An enemy who just attacked a blocking blacksmith is an enemy in trouble
Swordsman and Ninja will be your common melee opponents. They both swing faster
than you (and the swordsman hurts more than you), so blocking and reactively
attacking is your bread and butter in melee. Never run up to a competant melee
player and start swinging, if you do catch one off guard, try the jumping
hammer smash as your opener. With practice you can knock them down, take off a
good chunk of life, and let them know you’re there and ready to fight. Make
sure to step back after the jumping smash to avoid their wakeup attack.


Pick your targets carefully, which will mostly be ranged attackers harassing
the melee. One of your most powerful moves against a ranged attacker is the
jumping hammer smash. This works remarkably well on any class that has to stop
for a second or two. (mage to cast, archer to shoot bow). Depending on your
opponent, your approach will differ slightly, but that will be covered in
specific class strategies below. Against ranged, the jumping hammer smash is
your bread and butter.

Throwing Axes:

Your throwing axes are one of the strongest ranged attacks in the game,
however it severely lacks distance and accuracy. Most of the time, if you are
close enough to hit with an axe, when you factor in time to switch to axe and
switch back to hammer, you could have approached and done more damage with
melee. Axes are best used in co-op missions or against summons, particularly
the minotaur and the dragon. Infrequently however, you will see an opponent
standing still, but you know you are out of the range of a melee attack.
Throwing axes do considerably high damage so you may find them handy when a
sitting duck is just out of hammer reach.

3. Blacksmith Class-Specific Strategies

The class-Specific strategy section will be divided into three subsections to
detail the specifics of an individual fight.

The three sections will be:

a.) Approach – The time from when you identify your target to when you are in
melee range
b.) Fight – The time from when you arrive in melee range until your defeat your
c.) Finish – The time when you defeat your opponent

3.a. Versus Mage:

Approach: Your approach on the mage is the key to defeating the mage.
There is one very important thing to remember when approaching
a mage. STRAFE. Never run straight toward a mage, circle in
toward him by pressing W+A or W+D. The mage fires most of his
spells in a fairly straight line and strafing toward him
removes the vast majority of risk in approaching the mage.

Fight: The key to fighting the mage is by using single swings with
strategic jump attacks. Only swing twice at the mage if
you KNOW you will connect both times. Strafe around the mage or
chase him (which is what you will be mostly doing) but do not
swing twice, unless he just cast a spell (and even then there’s
may be a better option, such as gripping). Swing once whenever
you get close and keep following. Occasionally he will cast
tornado and blow you away, in this situation refer back to the
Approach above. Whenever he stops to cast, you can jump attack
if he’s alone, or hammer spin if he has friends near. If you
are skilled at gripping, then by all means attempt a grip after
he casts as you have enough time, but if you are too far from
the mage you will do the 360 hammer spin, leaving you wide
open when it’s done. Chances are you’ll see the ice spike from
this point if you miss the grip. Mages penetrate armor with
their spells, so you must be sure NOT TO BE HIT BY MAGE. A
skilled blacksmith can take out a mage without soaking a
single spell.

Finish: I finish most magesprimarily with jump attack or possibly
hammer spin (ONLY spin if you are sure it will hit, a dizzy
Blacksmith can be taken apart by a griping mage). Also be
careful hammer spinning by ledges as it is easy to knock your
prey down and away from you, preventing you from scoring. Watch
for the mages armor to pop off and start looking for the finish
If a mage starts running without trying to cast at you, chances
are he is very close to death and you can start one-swinging
while chasing. Also keep in mind that mages can heal with
special orbs they place around the map. They may be running to
one of these, or a health pickup.

3.b. Versus Archer:

Approach: Your approach on the archer is again the key to defeating this
class. The archer has a less complex approach method, but that
does not mean she is easier to defeat than the mage. First off,
remember that you are the Blacksmith, the biggest baddest tough
guy on the field. Pay special attention to that first verb,
BIGGEST. That’s right, archers love to shoot at Blacksmiths
because they are large and easy to hit. Expect to see many
arrows coming your way when you are opposing a lot of archers.
Fortunately for you, Blacksmiths have the secret weapon here,
the infamous Walking Guard. The Walking Guard will allow you to
approach Archers with very little risk, so long as you can time
your defenses well. They have a one second delay inbetween each
shot, so the general strategy is: Run straight forward for one
second, block arrow, run straight forward, block arrow. This is
accomplished by holding W the whole time, and tapping shift as
necessary with your pinky. Never stop moving during the entire
approach. Put the pressure on them. They have two choices as
you close into melee range, they can run away or they can try
to get one last shot in, either way you want to jump attack at
the end of your approach. If they stay and shoot, you will jump
over their arrow and crack their skull. If they run, you will
chase and use the one-swing strategy. The first jump attack
will, most of the time, knock off an Archer’s helmet. Once this
happens, look at that blond hair as your hammer’s bullseye. Get
proficient at knowing exactly how far away you can be to
connect with the jump attack. You want to jump as soon as you
can during your approach. Special note: So, why not strafe you
may ask? Well against noob archers, strafing is very effective,
but once you get up in levels you will notice the skilled
archer can hit you fine when you strafe, unlike mage, so you
will have to block anyway. Making an approaching inward-spiral
circular path (like the mage) will take you much more time than
a straight forward path, so straight forward is the ideal
choice against the seasoned archer. It puts pressure on them
and gives you the quickest approach possible against this class

Fight: Most of the fight against archer is kiting. Very few archers
will go toe to toe with a Blacksmith. Thus the approach
of this class is still relevant in this section of the fight.
You will be chasing the archer’s back when you are not
following the approach strategy above, so use the same
one-swing strategy as you would use when chasing a mage. Also
note that archers like to jump over the horiz one-swing of the
Blacksmith. If you see your archer opponent repeatedly doing
this, adapt by getting close enough to swing but not swinging,
prompting them to jump, and then wait til they are on their way
down and one-swing wack them. Unaware archers are also your best
grip practice. Run up behind an archer shooting at someone else
and grip them. Then follow the tactics above.

Finish: Most of the archers I kill fall to a jumping hammer smash. It
is a ruthlessly powerful attack against weakly armored foes and
it takes the same amount of time to execute as it takes the
archer to fire one arrow. The majority of the archer battle
will be approach, with a little chasing, then more approach,
then more chasing, until you finish them with your approaching
strategy or a one-swing on the chase.

3.c. Versus Ninja:

Approach: The good and bad news. You wont have to approach ninja very
often because they will more often than not try to sneak up on
you. The bad news is that they love to come in for a rear grip.
Grips are the ninja’s most powerful attacks and a skilled ninja
will go for the grip a lot. If you are fighting a ninja that
did not sneak up behind you, your approach strategy is very
similiar to that of the archer. Move steadily straight forward,
blocking their shurikens as necessary, until you can jump.

Fight: The ninja is a fast melee attacker. They have a bread and
butter four hit combo, which many noob ninjas will open up on
you with. Just block all four attacks and then open into your
combo of choice. It is very difficult to hit ninjas with a
jumping hammer smash, because they are so quick, so rely more
on your one-hit swing strategy for this fight during the chase,
and open up on them if they attack you and are blocked.
Remember your reactive strategy, wait for them to make a move
and then respond to it. If they stand toe to toe, fight them as
you would a fast Swordsman, reactively block and counterattack.
Whatever you do, do not spin attack unless you get crowded. The
long delay gives a ninja optimal time to land a high-damage
grip. If they disappear, back away under guard (S+shift) until
they reappear and attack, then counterattack. When they get low
on life, they will usually escape instead of die, which is not
the worst thing in the world, because their ranged attacks are
not too deadly (unless they catch you and a lot of teammates in
a shuriken cone). This is different from the mage in that you
should never let a fleeing mage get away, because he’s not
trying to escape, he’s trying to shake your attention so he can
cast on you. If you do let a ninja get away and you start
fighting someone else, keep one eye over your shoulder to watch
for the grip. If you see the ninja approaching while you are in
melee, let lose with a 360 hammer spin or power up your special
attack (360 also). Against the ninja, timing is critical!

Finish: As stated above, the ninja finish is fairly difficult in
comparison to the other classes. Just keep an eye on their
armor and position yourself for a good combo. USe one-swings
until you feel confidant that you can connect with a two-hit
or hammer spin. Hammer spins are effective for finishing a
ninja, but don’t use it unless you know you got it! (or prepare
to be backstab gripped)

3.d. Versus Swordsman:

Approach: There is no approach to swordsman because they want to approach
you also. Most of the time the two of you run up to one another
and begin fighting. However once in a while, you will catch a
swordsman who likes to use daggers and wait for you to approach
him. If this is the case, use the archer approach strategy and
break his head while he switches back to sword with a jumping
attack, then proceed to the Fight section below.

Fight: The Swordsman fight can be a long and tough one, if both
competitors are skilled. The main differences between the
swordsman and the Blacksmith are that the Blacksmith has more
armorfe, but the swordsman hits harder. The difference that
settles the fight in the Swordsman’s favor is that he can
attack considerably faster and more often. Due to this fact,
you will have to play reactive against Swordsman. Wait for them
to swing and block, then decimate them with your own combo.
Their bread and butter will be a three hit combo. Make sure to
block all of these hits before you go on offense. If you see
their sword ignite into flames and thrust up into the air, back
away without guarding, because their attack will break your
guard anyway and guarding slows down your backup speed. After
they attack with this combo, which is three consecutive
unblockable hits, then you can move in for some damage with a
thrust attack, combo, or possibly a grip. Jumping hammer
smashes will work against swordsman on occasion, just be
conservative with them and learn when to attempt one. Be very
weary of their wakeup attack, they get up very quickly and have
a pretty threatening range with this attack. I recommend
against using the 360 hammer spin against Swordsman, as they
can get up and wakeup attack you before your spin delay ends.
(the dizzy effect)

Finish: The Swordsman will be one of the tougher classes to finish. You
just have to stick with them and keep them from escaping. They
run quite a bit faster than Blacksmiths, so if they decide to
flee you may just have to accept it. The good thing is that
swordsman are usually pretty brave and tend to fight to the
death, so the chase happens less with them than most other

3.e. Versus Blacksmith:

Approach: I prefer to use a thrust attack in my approach if the
Blacksmith is fighting someone else or standing still, but this
is slightly risky if you do not time it well. If the Blacksmith
is moving, stay away from the thrust and try to get in for a
one-hit or two-hit to knock them down. Since Blacksmiths are
slow, the spinning hammer attack works pretty well as an opener
with accurate timing. (and you are invincible while performing
it) This is ill-advised if the blacksmith has friends that are
nearby but outside the radius of the spin.

Fight: Since there are no class differences to play off of, the better
and more patient Blacksmith will win, simple as that. Fight
Blacksmith like you fight Swordsman, wait for them to attack
and then waylay them after you defend. Personally, I avoid
fighting other Blacksmiths because it will be a long fight and
chances are one or both of you will be distracted before it
ends. Blacksmith versus Blacksmith one on one can be some of
the most enjoyable fights you participate in, but they are
simply not practical for scoring kills or winning the game.
The best thing you can do to a Blacksmith when he has friends
that he is protecting, is to use the spinning attack to knock
him off a ledge and kill his friends instead. A strong tactic
of a good blacksmith is to protect the team’s mage. This is
when spinning hammer sees the best use. There is nothing like
knocking the bodyguard far away and killing the mage he is

Finish: This fight will be a tough finish, just use whatever power
moves you have at your disposal. Watch the huge blacksmith for
his shoulderpads to fly off, then you know you are getting
close. Use jumping smashes, thrusts, or hammer spins to finish.

4. Stat Allocation

There are quite a few popular builds for the Blacksmith, so we’ll take a look
at the more popular builds before moving on to what I suggest.


This Blacksmith strengthens his strengths, pumping basic attack mainly with a
side of armor if desired. By focusing on attributes that you are
already very strong in, you will become an enhanced version of your starting
self. This is a reliable and consistently effective build that a lot of
Blacksmiths will go for.


By starting with a very high basic attack power, the Defensive Blacksmith
pumps armor. This will be one tough fighter to take out, but
you will see less kills than the Powerhouse Blacksmith. This is a great build
for Golem battles, especially if you enjoy picking up the Golden Sword. With
the Golden Sword, you can kill the Golem very quickly with a few well-placed
jump attacks, and this build will keep you alive long enough to get there and
do it.


This Blacksmith build focuses on special attack. If you enjoy the 360 hammer
smash, put many points into this attribute and you will see your favorite
move become much more powerful. This again is very effective during golem
matches, moreso if you prefer to escort the Golden Sword rather than carry it
Being able to drop a one-button AOE on the Gold Golem and all of it’s
attackers, and again on the defensive force when you reach the opposing
team’s golem is very powerful asset to any team. Especially if no one’s
attacking you to interupt because you are not glowing gold.


This is my personal build and one I have found very effective so far. The
Raij (pronounced rage) Blacksmith is very fast in comparison to other
Blacksmiths. Every level at least one point goes into Travel Speed and one
goes into Attack Speed. The other point is yours to play with, but I suggest
alternating between Basic Attack, Armor, and Travel speed every three levels.
Contrary to the Powerhouse, this build focuses on strengthening the Blacksmith’s
weaknesses, which rounds him out to be a very powerful character since he
already has high attack, hp, and armor. Fast travel speed is essential for
catching mages, archers, and ninjas (90% of your kills) and fast attack speed
is essential for consistently defeating swordsman. This is a very fun build,
it puts a lot of pressure on ranged attackers when you run faster than they
do, and it makes for a less difficult Blacksmith to play and advance.
Highly suggested.:)
The Official Blacksmith Guide by Novercalis

Alright you worms, You have decided to become a Full brute Ox havent you?
You think, just because you got the size, the ugly face and the tremdous power due to streiods, all you do is Hack and Slash your opponent to death?
Well my young bucks, your absolutely Wrong.

we are one of the elite strongest and second smartest out of all the classes in Rakion.
Other than Mage.

Anyways, welcome to basic training, boot camp:

Swing once: Left click
swing twice (second swing is a half circle area of effect) Left click 2 times quickly.

Spin Attack: right click and Left click at the SAME TIME
**With a 2 second dizzy aftereffect***
**Dizzy = you cant move and cant guard**

Jump: space bar

Block aka Guard : LEFT SHIFT key

Swing twice (with second swing is a overhead smash going in a tilted direction, VERY HARD TO HIT, VERY POWERFUL MOVE): LEFT CLICK + RIGHT CLICK quickly
*1 second DIZZY*

To do a Neck breaker: Run up to a stilled opponent from behind and left click, right click at the SAME TIME.

To do a headlock with a hammer and a baseball swing: which I will call, “Batter’s Up”
Run towards opponent, both facing each other — right click and left click at the SAME TIME.

Running Baseball Swing: UP UP Right click
Running Hammer to the Groin – UP UP Left click.


Alright kiddies: basic strategy:

Fighting Against:

Dont allow them to get behind you
NEVER SWING 2 times at a MAGE unless you are 100% sure you got him.
Always keep moving in a unpredictable running pattern
remember thier Ice spike Attack has about 5 Blacksmiths staning in line “RANGE”.
Only Attempt to Grab Mage with a NECK BREAKER After he just did a ice attack.
Try to avoid mising the GRAb cause SPIN = Ice pillar or Ice Spike… very deadly
Jumping Helps piss off the Mage

:::::::Update 5/18/05:::::::::

When there is a mage around waiting for you to get up, but he isnt near your body, he is waiting for your first move, seeing what direction you run so he can Ice spike you.
So remeber to JUMP when you get up!


Know thy Surrounding:
Small Rooms – ALWAYS SWING ONCE!!!!
YOU must be chasing the Archer
When Chasing Archer, USE GUARD.
They have a 1 second delay after shooting, that is when you run closer, than Go back to Guard until he is done shooting
repeat process until you get close enough.

Once in Melee Range, SWING ONCE!
If you notice he jumps, Get used to it since he will ALWAYS JUMP, therefor read his pattern.
Get close to melee, Pretend your going to attack, turn around where you know he is going to land and Swing ONCE only

repeat process in close rooms… they are very annoying!
Try your best to GUARD AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE… they can pull off 2 arrows quickly when your in melee range.

When in Open Area:
Chase Archers, Use 50% GUARD tactice above and 50% is JUMPING
Always jump in a ZIG ZAG motion.
Whehn your near, RUN AT HIM, watych him pull his BOW back, JUMP and ATTACK in mid air… you should hit and a AIR Jump attack is VERY strong! 2 hits, golem = 3 hits.

when Archer is in Melee, Just Try not to SPIN attack…

ALWAYS try to Sneak up on Arhcers sniping with a NECK BREAKER.



If you see a swordsman with his sword on fire, You are able to BLOCK the first 2 but the 3rd hit will KNOCK YOU DOWN.
It is in your best intrest to avoid all 3 hits but stay Relatively close to him to counter for a Grab if not, proceed with a 2 swing combo.
Worst case scenerio, is to block and accept the 3rd hit dmg and knockdown.

Never go head to head with one, try moving around sicne theier 4 swing combo can knock you down on the 4th hit and can mess you up too.

so wait for a open spot to attack. Usually they stop at 2 swings, so when u see them swing once, you dswing 2 times.

:::::::UPDATE 5/18/05::::::
IF a swordsman is standing on top of your fallen body, DO NOT RISE ATTACK. he will block it and own you. Best option is to prss Down when standing up and JUMP ASAP, and continue to move DOWN a bit more cause chances are: he is doing the 3 hit swing. WAIT till the swing is finished and hit him for 2!


Ninjas – Ninjas alove to chase ppl, but when you begin to chase them, they hate it.
However when u know a ninjas is around, dont do a SPIN ATTACK.. they will be all over you.
Try to grab when you see a Ninja doing a BACKFLIP.
Tr to grab a Ninja when he disappears and pops up in mid air, he has a stunned time.

When you see a ninja perform a combo, HIT HIM 2 times with swing.



More power, more skills, more patience = winner.


when having the “GOLDEN AURA”, and your attacking the ENEMY GOLEM.. your going to have everyone on you.

best way to defeat Golem is: JUMP + LEFT CLICK.. it will deal 2-3 hits and it takes about 1/4 of HP… 4 times = winner.

However, Mages knows this and they predict when way your running to jiump, they are in exact spot to pop you with ice spike… So always Run from the back of the Mage so they cant hurt you.

always KEEP JUMPING AROUND, so archers cant aim and Ninjas cant grab.

Run up to the golem, Jump + hit
Once you land, IMMEDITALY JUMP BACKWARDS, and RUN AWAY for 4 Seconds, Than jump over all the ppl chasing you, repeat process on Golem.


Axe Throwing, at times it is Recommended if you know u cant grab someone but see him idle at a fair distance.
The damage on a AXE is Almost as a JUMP attack.


When spinning Attack, you have INVULNERABILITY for 3 seconds than a 2 seconds DIZZY.
remeber pro and Con…
you can always JUMP ATTACK golem 3 times, than SPIN without worrying of ninjas grabbing you or knights hitting you.


UPDATE::::::: 5/18/05::::::::::::::


to get 50 points of stats, you must be lvl 17 or 18.

the first 50 points distribution:


The Brute FORCE:
dump all 50 points into Basic Attack

a force to be reckon with in FFA and deathmatch.


The Grappler:
Dump all 50 points into Grabbing power

for the pro’s who knows how to grab, has patience, end results will be sweet.. but hard to pull off… pump at your own risk.


The Tank:
Dump 25 points into Armor FIRST
than Dump the next 25 points into HP
Since you have a very high decent attack power and grab power and special… giving a larger life for golem wars and withstand punishments from being ganked by everyone… this would be the best bet.

“A GREAT DEFENSE is the best Offense.”

Option 4:

Power Lvl
Dump 20 points into Creature power *first*
15 points into HP *second*
15 points into Special Attack *third*

your main goal here is to kill Gold Golem asap, and than kill master golem. mages eats Armor, Ninja eats Life… more life, is 1 extra chance of hitting golem when ganked by grabbing ninjas. No fun but you get High lvl asap.

———————————-CHAOS MODE————————————–

Quick RUles about Chaos Mode:

Everyone has a Chaos Bar located in the Bottom Right section of your screen.
It Has 6 boxxes. How to fill them up:

Every Kill = 1 Box
Every Loss to a game = 1/2 box
If your Summon Kills someone = 1/2 Box

Once you have all 6 boxxes filled, Hit the C Button to transform.
Now Apparently one of our member “COW” says, you only have 20 seconds in Chaos Mode can will continue to stay in Longer if you manage a Kill.
Granted its possibly true for the fact I had longer runs at other times and I tend to see the GODLY MAGE in Chaos say in Chaos for a long time.


Blacksmith in Chaos Mode:

Array Transformed into iron hammer chaos blacksmith. He will have the strongest power and long range attack. Swings a huge scourge to destroy your enemy. The best AP destroyer, and has the strongest AP


Left click = Move forward and swing iron hammer horizontally.
Left Click again = Move forward and swing iron hammer horizontally twice.
Left click a third time = Move forward, swing twice and strike down.
It damages all the surrounding enemies.
(2.5M of the half the diameter)

So during Chaos Mode, you can click left 3 times than the usual 2 times.


Right Click hold and release after 1 second= Spin and swing with iron hammer

****THis is good to use when everyone is within near each other and your swings wont catch everyone. This will surly catch everyone.

****Also note, you CANT BLOCK this move. Easy Knockdown.


Left + Right Click Simoteanously = Gain long invulnerability status and cause constant damage to the surroundings by swinging the iron hammer 360degrees.

***You will be moving at decent speed while spinning the iron hammer over your head hitting everyone. The Radius is the same as the basic attack.
2.5M of the half the diameter.


Suggestion: Try not to use the Right Click due to it takes a second off your Chaos time meter.
Best to use Right+Click click to enter into a crowd of people. Than Start Swinging away with 2 Left Clicks sicne you will have delay if you go for 3.
Unless you have your target DEAD LOCKED, than go with a full 3 left clicks to kill him.

Blacksmith does considerable amount of damage, if people begin to jump on you.
Do the over head spin.
Granted Mages becomes your worst enemy since your soooooo big and wide, easy homing targets. Same with Archers. They to target you ASAP once in chaos.
So go after Mages first than archers than anyone else.

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