Rakion Archer How to Really Hit Guide

Rakion Archer How to Really Hit Guide by ELMOhappy

Hi guys, this is my archer guide. Enjoy.


Archers are generally weak and have low cp. That means, that Softnyx has to balance up the big weaknesses.

But Archers dont really have much. Their jump attack is not exactly the best, they run slowly and etc.

So what is really accounted for, is that Archers REALLY HIT.

Lets start this off…

First things:
To be an archer that really hits, all you need to be is


This is extremely important. As most of the time you will be the target in the whole game itself, you must be aware of your surroundings. Every now and then some ninjas will come and sneak up on you. So if you are not observant and constantly unaware, archers are not for you.

Learning to hit properly

As an archer, you will be using range. However, you are much more different from throwing daggers. Your range is fast and carries lethal damage. So, if you constantly keep your timing, you can really hit. Here are some situations with enemies you have to hit:
1. Enemy Jumping towards you
2. Enemy Jumping Zigzag towards you
3. Enemy running zigzag towards you
4. Enemy running back in a straight line
5. Enemy dropping down
6. Enemy going up (gravity)
7. Enemy block-hit
8. Enemy attempting to Jump hit you.

1. Enemy Jumping towards you
For new archers, it seems impossible to hit. However, the trick is to shoot the arrow to where they are about to land when you can see that they have jump to the maximum height and dropping down. Your arrow will hit them, blowing them back.

2. Enemy Jumping Zigzag towards you
You have two choices for this.
1. Shoot where they are about to land
2. Shoot in the centre when they jump to the side and back
The first option is actually harder. As compared to the previous Scenario where the arrow will hit the enemy, this is harder as the arrow will have to travel more, and so the enemy can block immediately, deflecting your arrow.
The second option is much better, but dependant on the distance. If at a moderate distance (5 tiles of gravity map, centre first level not basement as a distance) it is the most effective. You have to shoot when the enemy is just about to jump. If close (3-2 squares) I suggest the first option as the arrow will be fast. If far, I suggest trying both, first the first option, then the second because by then if you cannot hit with the first option then it would be at a moderate distance already.

3. Enemy running zigzag towards you
Okay, this is a little harder. You only have one option, which is to shoot at the centre of his pattern. Or, shoot randomly. The problem here is that he can block anytime. So remember that once hes near you are not going to get him. Run.

4. Enemy running back in a straight line
This is quite simple. For long distances and moderate, shoot with your white cross a little higher than his head. If it misses, aim higher. This is so that the arrow will hit where he is going to be. For short, just hit him.

5. Enemy dropping down
This is dependant on your situation:
1. Enemy dropping down to the same level as you
2. Enemy from same level dropping down to a different level as you
3. Enemy from different level dropping down to a different level as you.

For the first situation, its just like jump, so you fire where hes going to land. For the second, drop with him and aim for him in the sky. ALWAYS AIM DOWN because you are aiming down. And make sure you will not commit suicide. For the third, you can aim where hes going to pass, preferably at a spot very close to where hes going to drop. then as he appears in your screen shoot him.

6. Enemy going up (gravity)
If you are on top of him, stand at the ledge almost touching the bronze looking substance that he passes through and wait for him to be almost up before you let go of your left mouse button. If you are below, shoot where hes going to go (up).

7. Enemy block-hit
This is very irritating. If at close range (3-4 squares of gravity), even though when your arrow can still do damage, do not shoot! Wait if there is no other enemy around. Because if he moves, you shoot.
*Special Case*
For the black smith, he will try to inch closer. If he reaches two and a half squares distance of gravity, release your arrow, and block immediately. If he attempts to rush you, then run.

8. Enemy attempting to Jump hit you.
This is very interesting. Basically what you normally do is you block, then shoot at him. However, if you want to knock him down and away from you, instead of the usual method which leaves him in front of you, you can raise your bow up fast and shoot when he is in front of you. He will still hit you, but he will be knocked down as well. This is the only way, if not you will miss.

Now, some tactics.

1. Hit and run
2. Gang up
3. Use bugs

1. Hit and Run
The most important. after you successfully hit melee people, once, twice, okay then he gets smarter, you run. you have to think like people who are trying to think like you. (trying) they will definitely think that you are trying to hit them. so run backwards, find an alley, cross, while facing him, shooting every now and then side stepping to run away. play mind games while you run around. Remember, that when you run around the bush you have to go in the bush sometimes because he might be beating around the bush.

2. Gang up
This is essential to an archer. Archers are not meant for solo. They are effective in juggling, and so use that. Get another Archer and a mage, the mage meleeing while the two archers shoot. Also, the mage can grip, leaving the gripped to the archers. Remember that you must keep shooting.

3. Bugs
Some bugs, like the common archer bug is very useful. Also, the gravity ledge one, where you stand on the highest point of the map and face the West if you are on the Western side and the East if you are on the Eastern Side. Make sure you face the ledge that is tilted and leading to the master golem area, and also that you are parallel to the edge facing the gold golem shaft. Place yourself 4/5 a tile of gravity 1st level (thats my measurement) and thrust yourself off, making sure that you face the ledge that is tilted, and Rakion’s glitch will send you flying, and with luck, you can get onto the tilted ledge, where underneath is the steps where the cell point bonus is. Since no one can get there, you can range everyone. Try also the Four Hit Archer front grip, which is covered by me (check out the forums). And most importantly, the two hit arrow which hits two people if you aim carefully. (done by Cow, the true master).

See you next time, bye…

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