Rakion Stat Concept for New Players

Rakion Stat Concept for New Players by Doryun


Every online rpg game have their own different concepts of pumping stats/skill points/attribute points or something like that.

It is pointless if u lvling hardly and pumping all ur stats in the wrong way. Therefore, i decided to write out the most ideal(i believe it is) stat concept of rakion here.
I have been experienced pumping the wrong stats when i have just started rakion and i hope this can prevent newbies of rakion to repeat the unnescessary mistakes.

I know we already have many stat guide on rakion forums, but i believe the stat concept will be different because it actually guide u how to pump ur stats instead of just telling u the meaning of the stats/how the stats work in game

Chapter 1 : [C]oncept of main attack

Note* my concept works for all classes of characters in rakion

1st, i will categorize the stats in rakion into 2 types

(1) attack stats: basic, range, grip, special
(2) supportive stats: armor, energy, cell destruction, max cp, atk spd, move spd

in this chapter, i would talk about how u should choose ur main attack
i, u should just choose 1 stats from the attack stats to be ur main attack, choosing more than 1 is not recommended
ii, the very 1st stat that u should start to add is that particular main attack that u have chosen
iii, i recommend u to max it out(make it 50/50) **first** before starting to pump the other stats

Chapter 2 : [C]oncept of supportive stats

The second thing u should do after maxed out ur main attack is to choose ur supportive stats combinations. By choosing ur supportive stats combination u r actually determinding the type/attribute of ur character.

i, There are generally 3 types/builts of characters, and each type consists of 1 primary and 1 secondary stat:
(1) pvp/rage type: add move spd(primary) + atk spd(secondary)
(2) golem killer/cell whore type: add cell destrucution(primary) + Max cp(secondary)
(3) protector/tanker type: Armor(primary) + Energy(secondary)

ii, i think u can combine both pvp/rage and protector/tanker type together by choosing just the primary stat of each type(move spd and armor), other combinations is absolutely discouraged because it will undoubtly mess out ur stats

iii, after u have decided which ur type, u should start to max out ur the primary stat and then the secondary stat

iv, other paths of maxing out ur main atk stat and 2 supportive stats are okay because u will end out with the same thing when u have total of 150 stats.

v, however, max main atk > primary > secondary is the most recommended path

Chapter 3 : [H]ow to select/choose ur main attack

in this chapter i will explain how the 4 attack stats affect all the 5 different classes and how much i rate it for the particular class and a particular character type/built

i, Warrior/Swordman:
Basic: affects ur swing/swings combo, rating (7/10) for pvp, (4/10) for protector, (0.1/10) for golem killer
Range: affects ur jump atk, knife(range mode), piercing attack, rating (2/10) for pvp/protector, (9/10) for GK(golem killer)
Grip: affects ur grip atk(front grip, rear grip, back grip), rating (7/10) for pvp, (6/10) for protector, (0/10) for GK *dont even think about this*
Special: affects ur special atk(the right-click attack in melee mode), rating (5/10) for pvp, (8/10) for protector, (1/10) for GK

ii, mage/magician:
Basic: affects the swing/swings combo of ur little stick, rating (4/10) for pvp, (2/10) for protector, (0.01/10) for GK
Range: affects almost all the important attack of mage, the ice, bomb, fireball and jump attack too, therefore the rating is (9.5/10) for all types
Grip: affects ur grip, rating (0/10) for all, it dont help u to freeze the enemy longer, when mage grip someone(freeze) the damage for the enemy is usually given by the attack after the grip, thus rating (0.5/10) for all
Special: affects how much energy ur heal ball can recover, rating (0/10) for pvp/GK, (1/10) for tanker/protector, i dont think healer is a good character in rakion as other mmorpg games

iii, blacksmith:
Basic: affects the swings of ur hammer, rating (7/10) for pvp, (4/10) for protector, (0.5/10) for GK
Range: affects jump atk, axe(range mode), piercing attack, rating (2/10) for pvp/protector, (9.5/10) for GK
Grip: affects ur grip atks, rating (7/10) for pvp/protector, (0/10) for GK
Special: affects ur special atk(the powerful hammer fall), rating (8/10) for pvp, (8.5/10) for protector, (5/10) for GK

iv, archer:
Basic: affects ur swings of ur knife, rating (2/10) for pvp/protector, (0.5/10) for GK
Range: affects the damage of arrow, jump atk, piercing atk, what an archer is for? so no doubt rating (9.5/10) for pvp/protector, (9/10) for GK
Grip: affects ur grips, rating (2/10) for pvp/protector, (0/10) for GK
Special: affect ur special atk, rating (2/10) for pbp, (5/10) for protector, (2/10) for GK

v, ninja:
Basic: affects swings, rating (2/10) for pvp, (1/10) for protector, (0.01/10) for GK
Range: affects the throwing of darts which make very few damages, jump atk, dash atk, rating (3/10) for pvp/protector, (7/10) for GK
Grip: affects grip atks, rating (9/10) for pvp/protector, (0/10) for GK
Special: affects special atk, rating (6/10) for pvp, (9/10) for protector, (1/10) for GK

Chapter 4: [H]ow to use ur stats in game

in this chapter i will talk about how the character type/built will affect ur game play, i will *mainly* refer to *golem* game instead of tmd/solo/boss

i, pvp/rage built: be active and hunts players in game, practice ur pvp skill, kills as much players as possible in games, especially hunt for golem killer/cell whore type players
ii, protector/tanker built: u should be more passive, should not get involved in 1on1, what u should do is actually assisting ur teammates that having trobles, u atk the enemies when the enemies atk ur teammates, and dont forget hunt for the golem killers that busy hitting the gold golem as well. lastly, since u have ur armor are more tough, u can takes the damage for ur teammates especially golem killers
iii, golem killer: ppl will call u a lamer in game because u kill the golem super fast and have lot of cp to own ppl by ur creatures, i believe u know what u gonna do with this type :)
iv, if u make it interesting u can relate the 3 types in this way:

pvp > golem killer, pvp hunts golem killer for sure
protector > pvp, protector avoid 1v1 with pvp type and backstab pvp type when they have the chance
golem killer > protector, 1 of the protector’s job is to tank/protect their team’s golem killer

Chapter 5 : [A]dvanced type

when u r in this chapter, u should already maxed out ur main attack and 2 supportive stats, which mean u already have total of 150 stats. at this stage u most probably already know much about rakion and know how to further add ur stats by ur own. what i am going to talk in this topic will be mainly my own point of view.

i, i dont suggest u to add secondary attack because u wont doing 2 kinds of attacks at once..
ii, u should add a 3rd and 2nd supportive stats
iii, if u are a pvp/rage or built, u should go with armor and energy, being a pvp/rage and golem killer/summoner together is not recommended because u most probably wont do 2 things together
iv, if u are tanker/protector built, it is the time for u to add move spd/atk spd or cd/max cp..
v, if u are golem killer/summoner built, u can choose to add max armor/energy so that u r harder to be killed, or add move spd so that u can move swiftly while killing golems, atk spd is not recommended

Chapter 6 : [L]egendary Ultimate type

this type refer to character that having maxed everything stats, in other words u have a total of 500 stats in that particular stats.
no doubt it is legendary, hard to make and very rare in rakion. and of coz it is ultimately strong

in this chapter i am going to talk about how to get this type of char:
(1) buying stats when PU is unlimited or from stats event, however, this need $$ and it is out of stock now..
(2) do it manually:
i, make ur char lvl99, this takes time and u will have 294 total stats by that time
ii, reload ur PU each months until u got the enough stats remaining to archieve it(206 stats), this require 42 PUs, 42 months/3 and a half year, and lastly about 210 USD considering each PU cost 5 USD

Hall of legendary ultimate characters:

i will update the hall along the time, tell me/any moderator here if u have that particular type of character(with proof) and we will add ur character’s name there :)

Chapter 7 : [D]arkness type

This is the **MOST POWERFUL*** type in the game. the only way u can get this is by hacking stats. i dont recommend u to make ur character this type because ur character will be corrupted for that, ur character may be sent to jail forever or get a death penalty

Thats the end of my rakion stat concept

i hope the newbies/new generations of rakion will find this concept useful :P
if u have any comments/corrections u can simply post here or pm me, i will do/fix all the mistakes as soon as posible :)

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