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Rakion Stat Guide by Xilium


Apperently many people on this forum still don’t know how all the stats affect your character and what class would benifit from what stat. I’ve basically been asked to make this guide to help out all of you so you can build your perfect character. I would just like to tell you beforehand that im no expert guide maker (or expert rakion player for that matter) so please excuse my if my guide isn’t up to par with some of the other rakion guides out there.

Basic Setup

The setup that I will be using for this guide is as follows:

Stat Name: Its….well the stat name. Pretty simple right?

Description: This will be where I put what actions that the above posted stat affects.

Attack List: For any of the Attack based stats, this is where I will post which button combinations are affected by the above posted stat.

Class Best Suited: This will be where I post which class/es will best benifit from the above posted stat.

Honorable Mention: This will be where I post which class/es could use the above posted stat as a secondary stat or could use the stat in a effecient custom build.

Taboo: This will be where I post which class/es should not, by any circumstances, use the above posted stat.

Basic Attack

Description: As the name implies, basic attack affects the amount of damage you are capable of doing with your most basic set of attacks. These include your main combo, your rising attack, and your foward dash attack. The official description of this stat states that it also affects your jump attack, but that is not true (it has been tested).

Attack List:
Left Click
Left Click (x2)
Left Click (x3) (Swordsman and Ninja Only)
Left Click (x4) (Ninja Only)
Left Click, Right Click
Left Click (x2), Right Click (Swordsman and Ninja Only)
Left Click (x3), Right Click (Ninja Only)

Rising Attack (Must be knocked down)-
Foward, Left Click
Backwards, Left Click

Classes Best Suited: Swordsman and Blacksmith
Honorable Mention: Melee Mage (If your skilled enough)
Taboo: Ninja and Archer (Attack is too low to begin with)

Range Attack

Description: Once again this stat is pretty self-explanitory. The Range Attack stat will affect the damage done by your secondary weapon (press “Q” to change weapons). Also, for reasoning by mind can’t comprehend, range attack also affects the amount of damage down by your jump attack. That’s just the way it is.

Attack List: (Must have secondary Weapon in Hand. Press “Q” to switch weapons)
Ranged Attack-
Left Click
Right Click (Mages & Ninja Only)(For Mage, Hold Right Click till you have locked on to an opponent then release to launch fireballs)

Jump Attack-
Jump(Spacebar), Left Click (Can be done while moving)

Dash Attack-
Foward, Foward, Left Click
Foward, Foward, Right Click (Does Not apply to Mages)

Classes Best Suited: Archer and Mage
Honorable Mention: All Other Classes
Taboo: None if you plan on going down the Cell Destruct Route, Otherwise, Swordsman is not recomended to raise this stat.

Special Attack

Description: Special attack affects one of two attacks. First is your charged special which is basically an attack/combo that your perform while your weapon is imbued with fire (extra damage). The second, is your invicible attack which allows you to be unharmed while in the process of using this particular attack. The cost for this though, is the long delay that follows. Plz not that Mage specials differ from the other classes in that they dont do any damage. Mages do not have a charged attack, instead they are capable of creating a heal ball by simply right clicking. Adding special attack will increase the of energy healed by each ball (there are a max of 4 that can be made per round). As for your invincible attack, the mage will create a tornado around himself for ~2 seconds. Raising special attack will increase the radius of your tornado, therefore pushing your opponents further away.

Attack List:
Charged Attack-
Hold Right click then release
(Time varies by class, Hold Right click till your character has pulled their weapon all the way back then release. As time goes by this will come naturally to you.)

Charged Attack(For mage)-
The mage Doesn’t have a charged attack. Instead they can create a heal ball by simply Right Clicking. You are limited to 4 of these per round.

Invincible Attack-
Left + Right click

Classes Best Suited: Swordsman, Blacksmith and Ninja
Honorable Mention: Support Build Mage
Taboo: Archer (Their special has too short a range and is very linear. In otherwords, you have to be hugging the opponent and it only hits those directly in front of you.)

Grip Attack

Description: Hey what do you know, another self-explanitory stat. This is also the last of our attack based stats. Put simply, this stat affects the amount of damage you are capable of doing when you grip someone.

Attack List:
Left + Right Click when your are directly infront or directly behind your opponent.

Classes Best Suited: Ninja
Honorable Mention: Swordsman and Blacksmith
Taboo: Archer and Mage

Cell Destruction

Description: This is the first of our none-attack based stats. Cell Destruction increase your attack indirectly, but only if you are fighting cell creatures (Summons/Gold+Master Golems). Basically what it does is increase your attack by a certain percentage when you are fighting a cell creature. I don’t know the exact percentage, but I think it is simply equal to what your cell destruction is. (ie. 10 cell destruction points=10% increase in damage to cell creatures)

Classes Best Suited: No class should have this as primary
Honorable Mention: Ninja, Mage, and Blacksmith
Taboo: Archer and Swordsman


Description: Energy is basically your HP. Energy represents the red bar at the top left corner of your screen. If your run out of Energy you die. Energy is replenishable by Potions and Mage heal balls.

[B]Classes Best Suited: Blacksmith
Honorable Mention: All other Classes
Taboo: It never hurts to have a little extra HP


[B]Description: Armor Represents the Blue bar in the top left corner of your screen and acts as a secondary HP bar. The difference between Armor and Energy is that armor decreases at a slower rate than energy but in turn, once you lose armor you cant get it back till the next round. Also, if you run out of armor, you do not die. From what I can see, Armor absorbs about 90% of the damage you take and the rest is taken from your Energy bar. This will continue till you run out of armor, in which then your Energy bar will take full damage from all attacks. Also note that some chaos attacks will go directly through armor and hit your energy bar directly. So far, these include: Chaos Ninja 18-star Attack, Chaos Ninja Spin Attack, and Chaos Mage Triple Protrusion (Ice Spike x3)(Will add more as I get the info).

Classes Best Suited: Blacksmith
Honorable Mention: All other Classes
Taboo: Like Energy, All classes can benifit from having Armor.

Attack Speed

Description: Attack speed decrease the amount of delay you have between attack, which in turn increases the speed of your attacks. For Mages, this stat will also affect the amount of time it takes to lock onto an opponent when using your fireball spell. Many people get confused with this stat. Attack speed DOES NOT increase the motion of your attacks. This stat is not capable of increasing the speed of your attack animations, it simply decreases the amount of delay time inbetween you attacks.

[B]Classes Best Suited: Ninja
Honorable Mention: All other classes
Taboo: Archer
Movement Speed

Description: Movement speed increase the speed in which you move/run. Not much else I can say about it.

Note: With this Stat, it is completely personal preference if you want to use it or not. Archer and Mage would benifit most from this stat but since they are ranged classes its really not required. If you want it get it, if not just ignore this stat.

Cell Points

Description: Cell Points will increase the Maximum number of cell points you can get in a game. More cell points means more large summons like Taurus and Dragons. Thats about the Jist of it.

Classes Most Suited: Mage
Honorable Mention: All Others
Taboo: None, If you want to be able to summon more creatures, add to this stat.

I hope this guide will be usefull to all of you newbs and “I wont at admit im a newb but I dont know this stuff” newbs out there. If You seen any mistakes or inaccurate information plz tell me and I will fix it. You can thank Chocotaur, cause it was his idea to have me do this.

Well, Good Luck with your Builds!!!

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