Rakion Ninja Against Specific Classes Guide

Rakion Ninja Against Specific Classes Guide by Elion

Keep in mind that not every bit of ninja fighting secrets is revealed in this guide; you’ll have to discover them by yourself. Also, this is all from my point of view on how a ninja should be played; I’m not saying everything here is the perfectly ideal ninja since no such guide exists.

Grab ninja

When used properly, the grab ninja can really dish out some nice damage and pick off archers or other range charecters that dont watch their backs. They can also 1v1 and beat ANY class with few problems if played correctly. It’s defidently the most difficult path to take though!

General tips

1. Players who like to run around in crazy circles in console control mode can be troublesome. Do NOT follow them as close as you can or you’ll be very easy to be hit from behind. Instead, keep a small distance away from them, just enough so they cant be circling around you, and wait for them to attack at which time it should be possible to rush up and grab them.

2. Grabbing isn’t always the answer! Against laggy players (200+ ping) it can prove to be very difficult if not impossible to grab them. Because of this, your going to want to raise your special attack as a secondary stat and use that against laggy players, or better yet, for some kickass juggles.

3. Ninjas tend to die the fastest due to carelessness (Me for example~). You have to make smart decisions; just because you have an oppertunity to grab doesn’t mean you should always take it. For example, if someone fails a grab on you (thus using their left+right click attack), but they have many allies in the area that could easily rush to his assistance if their ally was grabbed; you’ll be dead in seconds. Be sure you have some of your own allies around to deal with anyone that tries to charge up their special and wait for you to finish your grabs.

4. The EASIEST time to do a grab (for those new to grabbing) is when someone using a high delay attack. Examples: Any classes Left+right click attack in which they are unable to move for a few seconds, Mages ice spike, blacksmiths basic attack, etc.

Stun grabbing

Keep in mind stun grabbing can be applied to any of the methods shared here to help assure your grabs will work. For those who dont know, stun grabbing is using your first basic combo attack (single left click) when your as close as you can be to your target, then before they even have a chance to move, grab them. This takes practice and it helps to have some points into attack speed. It’s defidently hard to do on charecters with high move speed especially when you have no attack speed yourself.

Ninja vs. Any Class – Heres a tip that works on any class thats attacking you with melee. After any classes FIRST basic attack, theres a slight delay. If you block their first basic attack, it’s possible to run up to them and front grab them before the second swing even comes down at you. Of course the difficulty of doing so ranges depending on the class your fighting. It goes in this order from easiest to hardest: Blacksmith, swordsman, mage, archer, ninja. Experiment with this by yourself and you’ll see how it works differently between each class.

Ninja vs. Archer – It’s always a simple task to sneak up behind an archer when their busy firing away at your team and backstab them, right? Well, what about when your their target? When your fighting an archer, you can charge right twords them using the dash block technique (Forward + right click) which will block all their arrows (unless they get a lucky shot in between, in which case you can just weave a little as you dash twords them).

Your now a dashes length away from the angry archer. The first thing you can do at this point is wait for them to pull the string back on their bow, and as they do, dash once so your right in front of them. At this point, they should have already released their arrow which was blocked by your dash and are unable to move. The instant your dash finishes, it should be easy to get right in their face and front grab them. When this is done multiple times, it doesn’t take much to kill them.

Another more difficult way is to just follow them, weaving around them in circles with your dash block or just follow right beside them so they cant hit you, then be prepared every time they start pulling that string back to sweep around to their back and backstab them. For any of this to work, you have to be close to the archer at all times and they DEFIDENTLY cannot be laggy. If the archer your fighting tends to fake-out his shots often, just wait till he actually fires his shot then dodge / block it, and if your close enough, you should still have enough time to sweep around their back. What I mean by sweeping around is, as their firing, spin your mouse around so your facing the opposite direction (Which would place you behind the archer) and quickly snab them in the back with your grab as your running past them. It’s defidently hard to master, and with bad luck, you can easily mess up your grab multiple times.

But what about that infamous “archer bug”? There is no bug, thats just the name it’s been given; the same thing can be done with any class. The “bug” is simply as an archer is backing away from you, he’ll start pulling his string back but not all the way, then the common idiot will swing at them as they do. At this time, he will jump back and fire a real shot at you. But from YOUR point of view, it’s a little different. On your clientside, it’ll appear as though you hit them even though you really didn’t, so you will continue to attack the serverside air in front of you. The solution to this is painfully obvious; DONT ATTACK UNTILL THEY ACTUALLY FIRE! Problem solved.

I’ll try to explain clearly what happens with the archer bug with an example.

1) You slash at an archer.

2) On your screen, you see yourself hit the archer and blood fly out, although there is no hit combo displayed. You may also notice them sliding backwards a little.

3) Whats this? Your suddently hit by an arrow out of nowhere.

When you see yourself hit the archer, you saw it happen CLIENTSIDE. However, not everything is the same in clientside as it is in serverside. Heres the difference: Serverside is everyones REAL positions while clientside is just the data that has been sent to you from the actual serverside positions of the charecters. This results in a small delay.

Since this game functions a lot by clientside, when you slash, your slashing at the air in FRONT of the archer serverside since the archer moved back slightly right before your swing. This happens because you hit them CLIENTSIDE which is not where they actually are. Now that you’ve initiated your attack, the archer can just pull back his string at fire a shot at you.

SOLUTIONS TO FIGHTING IT: Realise when you’ve failed to hit them serverside (they begin sliding backwards after a no hit combo). When you see them sliding back, immediately block because an arrow is going to be flying at you if the archer your fighting is properly using the ‘bug’.

Ninja vs. Mage – Ahh, this has to be the easiest of your targets to kill. If you have no primary targets to deal with, the mage is always the best choice.

The easiest mage to take down is the ice spike mage (which is generally only at lower levels). I’m sure we’ve all seen those mages spamming ice spike on every target they see ignorant to whatevers behind them. Ooh, such a great oppertunity! If you didn’t notice, every time a mage uses ice spike, they’re unable to move for the entire casting period and are cought standing still afterwards. This is the perfect oppertunity to sneak up behind them and backstab them. Also, if your the mages target and he’s dumb enough, just stand in place untill he takes that step forward to use ice spike on you, then quickly jump out of the way, run up to him, and front / back grab him (back preferablly if your good enough to do so). He’ll be dead in no time!

As time goes on, mages will get a little smarter and use ice spike less frequently. Some will rush up to you and start beating you with their little stick!! Unlike other classes, when you block the mages melee attacks, you barely get knocked back by it at all. This makes it very simple to block his one or two strikes at you with his melee attack, then quickly run up to him and grab him (This same thing can be done to any classes, but it’s easiest on mages).

Grab mages think their immortal with their whirlwind of supreme protection against anyone who wants to grab them after they screw up, right? WRONG! When you see a mage that you know is just itching to grab you, let him try and fail. When he fails, he will begin using his whirlwind. You can tell he’s doing this when you see his glowing green staff doing it’s little twirly-thing. The moment you see that green light, rush up to him and grab him (back or front). The whirlwind will continue casting blowing you away from him, but you’ll still be grabbing and hurting him, leaving him in a “WTF HOW DID YOU DO THAT?!” state.

Lately, mages have been getting a little more ‘pro’. These IMO are the most deadly classes to 1v1 if you dont know what your doing. They’ve begun using ‘ninja tactics’. By this I mean when any class basic combos (primarially ninjas that try to stun with theri first basic combo) they will block the attack and rush in for a front grab. Now that your frozen, they can do some massive damage on you if no ones there to stop them. All you have to do is be more cautious against them; stay extremely close to them and try to circle around to their backs so their blocks wont work, then it should be safe to stun grab. Just be more cautious against them than other ninjas; know that simply hitting them with your first basic combo can mean your doom.

Ninja vs. Blacksmith – Blacksmiths may be easy because of their slow speed, but BE CAREFUL! Screwing up a grab around one of these guys is deadly.

Of course, the easiest BM to deal with is one that just spams his basic attack into crowds over and over. If your his target, it’s as simple as blocking his first basic attack and easily running up to him for a front grab. However, if other people are his targets, stay carefully close behind him and wait for him to start his first basic attack, then before he has the chance to set off the second one, run up to his back and backstab him. The reason you want to try to do this after his first attack is because Blacksmiths move forward slghtly after their second attack, which is enough to screw your grab over. However, it’s still possible to backgrab after the second basic attack (this applies to Swordsmen as well, who move forward drastically) if you move in from the side after their second basic attack is done, you can grab them from the side, and as long as your slightly behind them, it will execute a back grab.

Not all blacksmiths are stupid enough to spam their basic attack on you; they will try to get behind you before ever attempting to attack you, and if you manage to block that attack, they wont swing their second basic attack giving you less time for a grab. However, it is easily possible to grab any BM as long as you’ve blocked their first basic attack. As stated before, simply run up to them and front grab them every time you’ve successfully blocked them and the damage will pile up.

And what do we do about those nasty special attack blacksmiths? I’m still doing some work on this, but I’ll share what I already know. For one, I’m pretty sure it’s impossible to backgrab them after they use this DIRECTLY behind them, but it may work if you try to grab them from the side (just be sure your slightly on their back side). But how can you get close enough to grab them when their special is an all-powerful area attack? Block-dashing of course!! It would be best to practice this from the front first, then eventually you should be able to get them from the side for a back grab. If a blacksmith is targeting a speical attack at you or one of your allies, quickly back away from them and position yourself a little more than one block-dash away from him (since he moves forward after using the special, you need a little extra space). As the hammer comes down, immediately dash in front of them and frontgrab them before the hammer ever returns to their front, leaving them in a state of “OMGWTF?!”.

Ninja vs. Swordsmen – Ahh, the annoying swordsmen with their massive, 360 degree melee attack range. A careless ninja will be taken down in seconds by one of these guys. However, a smart ninja can easily take one down barely losing any armor.

Even in the higher levels, you’ll still meet a lot of newbie swordsmen who dont know what they’re doing since all they have done in the time they’ve played is leech off their teammates. I’m talking about the swordies that do NOTHING besides spamming their full basic combo at everything that moves over and over. How do we stop this? Simple. Block all three basic combos (or just the first if your confident in your ability to grab before the second attack comes at you) then simply step in front of them and front grab. It wont take very long to kill them since they tend not to learn from their mistakes and let you grab them over and over.

But what do we do if they learn how dumb they are? Swordies that fight more strategically (not always using their full basic combo at any oppertunity) can be a little more difficult. Just be sure to keep a little distance from them so their massive ranged swings cant get behind you and block their attacks, rushing in carefully for a grab whenever you have an oppertunity. Try not to get ahead of yourself; aggressive swordsmen will continuously be attacking you, and if you try to rush in for a grab after every attack your going to screw up. Take your time and just block a few of his attacks, then whatever looks like the best oppertunity, then you can rush in for a grab. All the same things here apply for swordsmen that do nothing but single-click their first basic combo over and over.

I’d say swordsmen are the easiest to grab after their specials as compaired to all the other classes specials. Just be sure to wait untill their final swing of the special attack since it’s a 360 attack, then right after that finishes go in for a backgrab; no big deal.

Ninja vs Ninja – People are always saying these are pointless impossible fights, but they are defidently not. A ninja can take down another ninja just like any other class.

The easiest to take down are those dummy ninjas that know nothing more then using their backflip ranged attack on golems. Simply position yourself behind where they are going to end their flip and grab them right as they land. They’ll be dead within a few seconds.

But what about when your 1v1ing a melee ninja? Well, face them just like any other class. Just be the first to stun your opponent with a basic attack and grab them, easy as that. The only problem is they tend to have a little more speed than other classes. Learn to work around that, and as long as you have the superior skill you should be able to take them down. Just be extremely careful with your grabs; as you should know, missing a grab on another ninja is the worst grab you can possibly miss, since you know a dagger will be stuck threw your back in a few seconds.

In conclusion, grab ninjas are the most powerful classes in my opinion, at least when used to their full potential. Keep in mind not every tiny detail has been put into this guide or it would be way too long. I kept out common sense things you should be able to figure out for yourself. I may add more when I have time to and more knowledge becomes available.

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