Rakion Chaos Guide

Rakion Chaos Guide by Novercalis

Welcome everyone to my special edition guide to the world of CHAOS RAKION.

I will try my best to explain how to use a CLASS IN CHAOS and how to FIGHT a class in CHAOS mode.



A – Playing in Chaos:

1- Blacksmith
2 – Swordsman
3 – Mage
4 – Ninja
5 – Archer

B – Fighting against a Chaos

1- Blacksmith
2 – Swordsman
3 – Mage
4 – Ninja
5 – Archer




A – Situation: Golem Mode

When to Turn Chaos:
1 – When everyone meets to kill off the Gold Golem (room level 1-15)
If the game is 1/3 into the round and the game seems tied, it is best to prevent the other team from killing the gold golem and allowing your teammates to get the gold golem.
Since your a blacksmith, you should be more focus on getting gold sword than oppose to distracting your enemies to run away or fight you.
Do Beware you just recieved attnetion of all the mages homing fireball and arrows and you will drop dead eventually.

You Have an option to kill off the golem asap and recieve the gold sword in chaos mode and waste the chaos mode running towards the enemy golem or recieve the gold sword than continue fighting the enemies around you until you turn back to normal.

2 – defending your golem. If your team is losing, your best chance is to turn chaos once the enemy has the gold sword and is on his/her way to your golem.
The goal here is to KILL gold sword but dont stray off to far from your golem.
sinxe your secondary goal is to allow your teammate to arrive at the scene and help out.
it is ALSO BEST not to chase the gold sword once your teammate arrive.
Just fight the other enemies and everytime the gold user wants to make a mad dash to your golem, your not that far away to scare him/her off again to retreat. Therefor it benefits your third goal.
TIME. The gold sword user has a lmiited time with the gold sword.
TIME also allow CHANCE for your team to either kill all enemies or have another CHANCE at the gold golem.

B – Situation – FFA

1 – when to turn into Chaos:

When there is 3 or more players together, you will want to turn chaos with 2 of the players backs facing you.
Upon doing so you will also want to JUMP ATTACK IN CHAOS MODE.
than, if there is a ARCHER who was part of the group, FOCUS on the archer.
IGNORE NINJAS, never give chase to a ninja.
Unless the ninja is nearby, KILL HIM.

also, Swing twice only, Only go for the 3rd swing if you have sucessfully hit the target 2 times. If not, waste of time and your time in chaos mode is limited.



A – Situation: Gold Golem

WHEN to turn into chaos?
Same as blacksmith

either to distract enemies from killing gold golem or to defend your golem when your losing the rounds.
other option – as a swordsman, target the blacksmiths enemies should be your tops.
those are the golem killers and if you kill them off, you have increased the chance of your team winning and not trying to compete the output damage on gold golem with the enemy blacksmith.

B – Situation: FFA

When to turn into chaos?

when there is 3 people or more.
the best option is when a group of players are fighting each other. Turn into chaos and charge with your right click button. Than focus on Archers, Ninjas, Blacksmiths nearby.
Use 2 swings only, if you have your target locked, proceed with the last 2 swings.
with archers, Jump attack.

when the opponent is knocked down, take several steps back and get ready to chase your opponent. Not much of a worry, Your speed will catch up and the second he/she stands, you will automatically know which way he/she is going to run and with the space you given your self, you wont do the newbie mistake of trying t attack and cause a delay cause your gonna “GHOST HIT” him.
meaning, you physically hit him, but no damage was taken, something about that in choas mode and opponent standing up, it isnt registered.
So with that space provided I said, you will autoatically know where he/she is going to run and you just given your second of movement toward that direction to cut him/her off and proceed woth the 2 or 4 swing combo hit.


3 – MAGE

A – situation: Golem Mode

WHEN to turn into Chaos:
When it is NECESSARY.

it is best before turning into chaos mode, to cast all 4 healing balls. For either yourself and/or teammate.
Now, as mage, NEVER GO FOR THE GOLEM, waste of time and even in choas mode, your ARMOR and LIFE is the same.
Expect many arrows to hit you, you wont last long.

So its best to turn chaos mode when DEFENDING your GOLEM.
Thus depending what map, CLOSE QUARTERS AREAS and spam the ICE ATTACK.

If not, when 2 or more of your teammates are LOW ON LIFE and are being GANKED.
Primary, When your teammate has GOLD SWORD. You will want to turn into chaos mode near the enemy golem, Thus you distract all enemies from your teammate gold user.
If not, they will feel the wrath of your ice spikes of DOOOOOOM.
Also, During that time, if they are ganking your gold sword user, SPAM THE HEAL, Take one for the team and thus Heal your gold user and the rest of your teammates that is around the area as well.


B – Situation: FFA

When to turn into Chaos:

In FFA, as stated in the other 2 class, when there is 3 or more users nearby fighting one another.
Your goal here however is start off with homing fireballs. They are stronger and lethal. Those who wished to go and fight you, go with the ice Spike.

Pop the archers, eaiest targets, beaware of all enemies with low life and target them as well.
Ignore ninjas due to thier speed.
why? Cause from expierence, they will JUMP OVER IT.
they are expecting a fireball from you and will time properly to JUMP over it.

ICE SPIKE OF DOOM: Close combat 101

You will have Swordsman and Blacksmith Jump Attacking you like crazy.
I suggest to JUMP BACKWARDS, thus they miss thier jump attack and will land on your ICE SPIKE once you have moved back.


Once you have knock out an opponent to the ground, Take several step back, your ICE SPIKE is like a CONE OF FIRE

Mage standing at “Center”
@@@…/@@@@@ row 1
@@@./.||.@@@@ row 2
@@../–||–@@@ row 3


the symbol “/” = #1
the symbol “/” = #3
the symbol || = #2

You need to mesmerize your ice spike distance here, so when your opponent is on the ground, you will want to step far back enough that no matter which way he stand and tries to run, he is still within that proxmitiy of your area attack.
Also Do place your fallem victim in the CENTER of your ice spike.
So if he isnt hit with the #2 line (center ice spike_ he will get hurt by #1 (left spike) or #3 ( right ice spike).

In other words, place victim in borderline of row 2 and 3 with #2 (center zone)
so even if the enemy tries to roll backwards, he/she is still in DAMAGE RANGE.



No Expierence, someone with experience please post info and I will EDIT THIS SECTION OUT.

Created By Anti-Matter:

or chaos ninja your two atks are a super shuriken atk and lunging stab combo.

for your super shuriken atk you need to hold the r-mouse button and then release. you will then fling out aloooot of ninja stars (ive one-hit enemy golem)
note: if you start charging the atk but the round ends it will still be charged at begging of the next round.

for the lunging stab combo it gos like this: if theres an enemy at medium distance away then youll dash towards them and stab then go to the normal chaos combo, but if theyre right next to you then youll just slash at them. following either of those is a single slash and then a flip forward with fire trailing behind(this is an aoe atk)

the best thing about ninja chaos is the fact that all of your atks IGNORE ARMOR so just one lunging stab combo is enough to bring down any other class other than bs (but he’ll be near death)

When to use it: if its a golem game then use it when you have the gold sword and are near the enemy golem since one super shuriken atk is enough to kill it and its hard to get knocked out of super shuriken. if its a deathmatch (either type) then use it when one of those huge mellee crowds form since the last part of your lunging stab combo is aoe (ive gotten seven kills in one combo doing this happy.gif ) also chaos ninja is one of the best anti-chaos chaos transformations since all the flipping around makes it hard to hit you and since your atks ignore armor lol

side notes: your running speed gets about 1.5 times faster when you become a chaos ninja. chaos ninja sounds a bit like a man if you listen carefully. you can get all of your super shurikens to hit a chaos blacksmith if youre close enough. if you charge into and enemy directly the last hit of the lunging stab combo its multi-hit and is a guaranteed kill vs normal enemies. you glow red.



Created by dssjoek

In FFA or DEATH Match situation
As an archer, you want to turn into chaos when there’s more than 3 ppl in front or around you.. make sure that they are not too close because your delay is VERY long for the second shot. Also, if you are to shoot 1 arrow at a time, then shoot someone that’s hitting on your teammate. that wil blast the enemy off and give your teammate a chance to survive and to attack. Also shoot 5 arrows if they are right infront of you.. this will do ALOT of damage and will blow them off also.. 1 arrow are not the strongest thing but delay is so fast it’s very good to use when melee is infront of you.
YOu want to change into Chaos in 2 situation.. one is same as above and the other is for killing the golem.. if you are planning to kill the golem, turn into choas stand right infront of golem and hold down right mouse for the 5 arrows, shoot the golem and make sure you get all 5 shots in the golem and it will not take alot of shots for golem to go down. you can also use speed by left mouse also..
BASICALLY, you want to turn into chaos in a situation where you can help out your teammate. You are NOT going for the kills but you can do alot of damage to other people.. 5 arrows come in handy at times but use it wisely because of it’s delay people tend to pound on you before you get the shot off. also 1 shot arrows are good when they are close to you but when far off, and enemy start to run around, you’d rather shoot 5 arrows then 1.. If there are ALOT of enemies around you, you can push left right mouse at same time to do the melee attack. This is what I think is good time for chaos as an archer.. if anyone else has different opinion or want to prove me wrong, please feel free to do so.
Also if there’s enemy that has Chaos, just try to out run ( impossible to do ) them by going through portals and go down levels and etc. as an archer you really don’t have that good of a chance winning against a chaos melee. ( which is everyone else lol ) so try to stay away and shoot chaos from FAR away for them to break from doing combos and kill your teammate.

+++++++++++++FIGHTING AGAINST CHAOS+++++++++++++++++

1 – Blacksmith

When fighting a blacksmith in Chaos mode, its extremely hard, best thing is to STAY AWAY.
but if you insist on fighting him, so be it.
Always charge blacksmith from the BACK and with JUMP ATTACK than JUMP AWAY.
Never go head to head.
Be prepare to BLOCK asap so you dont lose as much as taking the full force of the blacksmith. Also be prepared his last hit WILL KNOCK YOU DOWN.

Mages and Archers needs to STAY AWAY from him and start shooting arrows and homing fireball.
mages NEVER EVER EVER use ice Spike, he will turn around and catch you.
Its over since you CANT OUTRUN HIM.


2 – Swordsman

Melee Class – Block his first 3 swings and attempt to JUMP on his 4th swing if not, you have been knocked down.
running away from them isnt necesarry.
just side step since the swings seems more in a straight line or a slight bend.
they are unable to produice a 90 degree turn during a combo hit.
Attack from the back and from the side.
Its best to attack with JUMP attack. Unless you see a chance to hit him with a CHARGE attack.
Special attacks basically is good to fight against any class in CHAOS.

Mages and Archers – homing fireball and arrows is your thing here.
Mages should run near a jumping step or a hole and if the chaos soldier perisst, use tornado to kill off his time limit. just play defensively.


3 – Mage

How to handle a Mage in Chaos mode – VERY SIMPLE:
If you see a uncoming fireball, time your self right and JUMP over it.
get as close as possible to the mage.
you have 2 options here:

FIGHT the Mage or ANNOY the mage.

FIGHT – Jump Attack and always stay on his back side, Mage will UNABLE to hit you with ice spike.
They are slow at turning and worst case is JUMP straight up and ATTACK.
never stop jumping due to the ice spike.

ANNOY – get as close as possible, never attack, run in circle trying to look at his back. Never be in front of him or expect the ice spike of DOOM.
Always be prepred to Jump if he manages to get you in his crosshair.


4 – Ninja

Figting a Ninja, stay next to them at all cost. By that, I mean on thier side, not the front or back of the character.
she will try to combo slash but will manage to get 1 hit in as long as your on the side of them. Reason why, the second she turns to face you, you will need to jump and land on her backside.
from ther side step to the side and repeat.
If you were to start from the backside, she wil turn around, you will jump, she will turn around and catch you anways.
Or she will stop from a full 180 turn cause your sidestepping to her side when she already started to turn.
However, starting from her side, to her back sidestepping side, she will automatically turn to her back, MISS, begins turning to her side seeing you oce against jumping to her back, she will need to do a full spind, and chances are, she will cotninue turning the long way she already started to turn to begin with.
CONFUSED? read it slowly and visualize it. the confusion in itself will be displayed in game when the player controlling the character is trying to figure out the pattern, get frustrated, loses a second of delay not from frustration and perhaps give up.

Also note their shooting stars wont do nothing since they JUMP and shoot in a cone style.
thus you will be underneath the stars and the cone fire.


5 – Archer

Also simple to handle:
When the archer is in chaos, she has 2 moves, the rapid fire arrows which is like normal arrows, you can always zig zag and JUMP over them as normal.
never stop the zigzag though.

thier 5 way arrow, you will know when they plan to do so, the character animation body will tell you she is about to perform a 5 arrow shot.

Basically, your goal is to STAY as close as possible.
Zthe 5 arrows will NEVER HIT YOU, Also takes her 1 second to charge, enough for you to mvoe away from her crosshairs.
but you also dont want to attack cause it gives her the chance to FACE YOU and single rapid shot you.
ALSO NOTE< if she hits you with that arrow, you will be send flying backward for approx 10 feet. and now its hard to get away from her 5 arrows.

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