Rakion Fastest Cell Experience Guide

Rakion Fastest Cell Experience Guide by Asianese

Welcome to my first guide that isn’t SBSG! Yay! Basically this is a short guide to teach people how to gain cell experience the fastest. Oh, and it is based on if you have Poweruser (sorry for non PU).
*note* The only two things you need to know is that cxp = cell experience, and xp = experience. So let’s begin!

Well, to start things off, cells gain 1/3 your xp so 3xp = 1 cxp. Also, the fastest way to get xp in Rakion is by doing stages, for higher level stages can get you 1000 xp in a few minutes, something you can’t accomplished by any other mode. So it would seem that stages would be the best way to level your cells. Here is a chart of the experience gained from stages:
[Image: StageXp.jpg]

But since they applied a patch (long long time ago, in a building somewhere in South Korea), cells can only gain 100 cxp every time you do a stage. In other words, you will have to do most stages more than one times. For example:
[Image: stageguide.jpg]
This is stage 36. If you get an S on this stage, you would get 864 xp and your cells would get 100 cxp each. But if you do what is shown, get a D, B, A, then S, you would still get 864 xp, but now, your cells would get 280 cxp

The next chart shows the maximum amount of cxp your cells can gain per level. Also, it shows what rank you should get on each stage. [Image: StageCxp.jpg]
To read it, I color coded it so they are all separated, and each color means how you should do the stages.
Red = only need a S
Dark Blue= get an A then follow by a S
Green = get a B then follow by a S
Cyan= get a C, then an A, then a S
Purple= get a D, then a B, then an A, then a S

Now why does it make a difference if you do all of this? Of course, getting an S right away levels you faster, and it takes a lot shorter, but the amount of cxp your cells get is a lot smaller. If you get an S on each stage on the first try, then your cells will only gain 4272 cxp from you doing stages 1-48. If you follow this guide, your cells will gain 9248 cxp from doing stages 1-48. But this is only for cells that can be used at level 1, so only naks and blood naks can gain 9248 cxp.
For all cells it will be:
Blood naks + Naks (Lv1) = 9248 cxp
Black Panzer (Lv2) = 9232 cxp
Black Crossbow, Panzer, and Assault Panzer (Lv4) = 9104 cxp
Black Blazer, Crossbow, and Icewind (Lv8) = 8576 cxp
Blazer, Sky Blazer, Longbow (Lv12) = 7592 cxp
Black Bull (Lv15) = 6450 cxp
Golem and Iron Golem (Lv17) = 5512 cxp
Soul Cannon (Lv25) = like.. 100 cxp?
And this is for only doing stages, without any breaks for solo games, team battle, boss, or golem games. Bulls and dragons don’t get any.
Now if we are talking about stage resets, and you are Lv35+ then all of it will be 9248 cxp, even though I’m pretty sure you aren’t doing stage resets to level your cells, but to level your character.

… Yea, that’s pretty much it… Wow my cells can get crazy amount of cxp =D Here I come level 99 panzer! Hmm, I don’t think I need credits here.
Actually I lied, I need to credit the xBHx webstie for all it’s awesome level up tables and stat tables! I finally can credit them in one of my guides! Yay! Go them!

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