Rakion Teamwork Guide

Rakion Teamwork Guide by Peaceable

I’m new here, but I like to write guides and think I have a pretty good knowledge of this subject. This is my first version, if you have anything to contribute feel free.

Rakion Teamwork Guide

Hi, so I’ve been playing this game for a bit and one thing that people seem to have a lot of trouble with is teamwork! The reality is that teamwork is what wins or loses games, and this guide is designed to teach you everything you need to know about it. I’ve broken this down into 10 parts.

1. Speed
2. Knockdown
3. Basic Juggle Strategy
3a. Juggles: archers
3b. Juggles: ninjas
3c. Juggles: swordsman
3d. Juggles: mage
3e. Juggles: blacksmith
4. Stopping Juggles and attacks
5. Baiting
6. Rise up Attack
7. Targets
8. Runners
9. Class Roles
10. Togetherness

1. Speed
My first section is dedicated to speed. This is one of the most important things in Rakion, when I mention it you might think of movement speed or attack speed, and although they can be important it’s not what I mean here.

The kind of speed that is important is how long it takes you to kill the other teamembers and in some cases, the gold golem. If you take to long to kill someone then the rest of your team will suffer.

Example: It’s a 6v6 game and you decide to double-team someone on the other team, using 2 of your team members. It takes forever because you can’t juggle properly. The other team has 5 other members left to your 4 and are free to gang up on your team. So in the time you killed 1 person, their team has already killed 3 of your team members, leaving your team with a huge disadvantage.

So you see, the goal is to quickly kill the person that you are double-teaming so that you can continue to help the rest of your team. Also the longer you take to kill someone the more likely that someone else from their team will come in to help them.

2. Knockdown
The concept of knockdown is very important, but simple, so I’ll keep it breif. Basically if you ever have any team members nearby, don’t use any attacks that cause knockdown. Here’s a short list of moves that cause knockdown that you shouldn’t do:

All classes: Jump Attack (left-click in air)**
All classes: Dash (w w left-click)**
Swordsman: 3 hit basic (left-click x3, only the last hit will knock down, 2 is okay)
Blacksmith: 2 hit basic (left-click x2,only the last hit will knock down, 1 is okay)
Blacksmith: Special (charge right-click)
Ninja: 4 hit basics (both of them, left-click x4 and left-click x3 right-click)
Ninja: Rise attack (left-click on ground)
Mage: Protrusion or Ice (w w left-click)’

**This is situational, for example, a blacksmiths jump attack is so strong, it’s welcomed in any situation, and can actually be used in the middle of a juggle. The other exception is if someone is running away and you need to get them on the ground. Besides that, don’t use jump attack or dash as a regular form of attack when using teamwork.

Another important concept of the knockdown is if you hit someone to soon after they are stun’d, they will get knocked down even if the attack doesn’t normally cause it. So time your attacks carefully.

3. Basic Juggle Strategy
Once you understand the basics of knockdown, you can begin to master juggles. Juggles are when a character is kept in a continued stun by 2 or more team members that the opponent is unable to escape which results in death. This can be broken down into parts.

Part One: The first part of the juggle is the set-up, in which one character uses a move which stuns, but doesn’t knock down, in preperation for another teamates move. Example: a swordsman vert swing (left-click, right-click)

Part Two: The second part is when one the other team members continues the juggle with another move, usually that does more damage. Example: a ninjas special (charge right-click)

Part Three: The third part is the continuation of the juggle by keeping the person in the air. Example: a warriors special (charge right-click)

Part Four: The last part is repeating parts two and three of the juggle until the person is dead. Example: a ninjas special again, followed by the warriors special again, and so on.

By the example alone you can see how a ninja and warrior can stop someone whose running, and then use their special to kill the person very quickly.

There are many possibilities, some of which aren’t listed here, you can even juggle with a blacksmith and a mage using basic, although it will take a while, remember the concept of speed. I will explain just the fastest and best juggles, which usually involve specials. But keep this in mind, any 2 classes (besides 2 blacksmiths, unless someone can prove me wrong) can use their basic attack to juggle someone to death.

Since each class is different, I will go through each one individually and tell you exactly how to perform the most effective juggles.

Also never use grips as any class unless your trying to get the kill, or kill steal (ks). This is highly not recommended. If you someone the opponents team grips, charge your special and when they finish hand it to them, this is called grip camping. If someone on your team grips (an accident I hope) you should protect them from anyone who would be grip camping.

3a. Juggles: archers
Archers are great all around helpers, their arrows will stop the opponents juggles, and help your team set up their own.

Donts: Use your dagger, although you can do a set-up with basic attack, and help special juggles with special, this isn’t recommended.

Dos: Using the bow, you really can’t do anything but help juggles, your shots will stun but not knockdown, and although this isn’t long enough for someone to charge special, it is long enough for another person to do a set-up move. If someone does do a set-up move, try to time your next arrow so that it hits the person right in the delay of your teamate, so that he can do his set-up move again, causing a juggle. With another archer this is really simple. If you have two archers, stick together and when you hit someone, don’t, I repeat don’t try to calculate where he’s going to go, instead keep your target on him and expect the other archer to hit him as well, then simply shoot in the same spot with well timed shots until he is dead. With special juggles you just have to shoot at the person while they are in the air (yes you can hit them in middle of special, sometimes twice) and this will help the next person set up their special and also kill them faster.

3b. Juggles: ninja
The ninja is the person who needs this guide the most in my opinion, as without teamwork in golem games their role is somewhat limited. The only thing a ninja can do besides use teamwork to full advantage is to stalk someone.

Donts: The first thing a ninja has to remember is do not grip! Once you remember to never grip with a juggling team member nearby, which can be hard for you stun grippers I know, you can begin to use teamwork.

Dos: Ninjas are great at doing set ups by continuing to spam their single click basic (left-click x1), although this might require some attack speed to do properly, another method is to do your spin move (left-click left-click right-click) or simply hit them 3 times with your basic (left-click x3). The only problem with the 2nd two methods is that it moves your teamate further away and is harder for someone else to time a special. The move a ninja should be doing is special, it does pretty good damage and is easy for another teamate to get another special off of yours. The thing is even if someone else does another set up move from your set up move special them, it will kill them faster (remember speed is important). Then your other teamate will special them and you should have plenty of time to continue the juggle. Try to learn all the different situations when you can use your special.

3c. Juggles: swordsman
Swordsman is a great juggling class, the problem is a lot of people don’t know how to do it properly, and keep knocking people down.

Donts: Never finish off your basic 3 hit combo with people who can juggle nearby, although this can be specialed off of you have to have perfect timing, and know that they’re gonna do it, basically it just complicates things. The next thing to remember is never use your dash attack or jump attack, both of these will knock down the opponent doing minimal damage, again the exception is if the person is running away and you need your teamates to catch up.

Dos: The first thing to remember is that the swordsmans vert swing (left-click right-click) is the best set up move in the game. It stuns the opponent for a while and keeps them in the same spot. Whenever you see a swordsman doing this it’s like a big target, and also shows that the swordsman knows what he’s doing. The other really good set up move is the spin attack (w w right-click) as this will stun the opponent for a while allowing a teamate to at least do their set up move or even a special. The move a warrior should use in juggles is special. The thing you need to remember is that a warriors special is only guaranteed 2 hits, so special after the warrior hits twice just to be careful. It might take longer to charge then a ninjas special, but with some practice and some 3 hit specials you can special juggle with another swordsman to death, and with a ninja it’s really easy.

3d. Juggles: mages
Mages definitly aren’t the best juggle classes but they can do it. Instead of juggling a mage should use front grip.

Donts: If you see 2 members of your team preparing to do a special juggle, don’t stop them with your protusion (w w left-click, ice) attack. The best time to use this attack is if your team member is using their special and no one else besides you are around you can use ice at the very end of their special and it will hit.

Dos: The mages set up move is their basic attack, and it works pretty well, you can basic juggle with the attack with any other class, or merely help someone else set up their special. The move the mage should be doing is front grip. If someone else stuns the opponent for a decent period of time, you use front grip, this is the only exception to the do not grip rule. If all you can do is back grip, don’t even bother, just use basic attack. In fact learn all the different ways to do a front grip, and do it as much as you can. You can block-grip or just run in after they have a delay and grip, it’s really effective.

3e. Juggles: blacksmiths
Blacksmiths are the least useful juggle class as most of the moves they have will knock the person down.

Donts: Don’t double swing your basic, use any dash attack (unless chasing), or special (unless its at the end of someone elses special and no one else is there).

Dos: Blacksmiths really dont have any set up moves, as they all don’t stun the opponent for long enough. The best thing you can do is when you see a team member do a set up move do a jump attack (especially if your range), this will cause lots of damage and keeps the person in the air in relatively the same spot so that the juggle can still continue. If your standing right in front of someone while they are being specialed by your teamate, jump straight up and do a jump attack (this is a great trick). The next thing a blacksmith can do is axe, again being range will help this. Learn how far you have to be to use jump attack and all the different times you can use it and you’ll rack up the kills.

4. Stopping Juggles and attacks
Just as important as starting juggles is learning how to stop them. You should learn not only how to stop juggles but any attack on your teamate.

Basically all you need to do is hit the person killing your teamate in any way and it will stop the juggle/attack. A good idea is to try to keep the would be killer stun’d using a set up so that your teamate can do a rise up attack and then you can juggle them from the resulting spin.

One of the things most people do wrong in this is that they wait until the attacker is completely done with their attack to retaliate, this is dead wrong. You want to prevent as much damage as possible for your teamates, so stop the juggle/attack as soon as you can. If someone is specialing it is always safe to attack from the back, besides blacksmith, which is to late to do anything once the attack is initiated anyways.

Even if your teamate is only getting basicd, interrupt the attacker in the middle of their swing, this will free up your teamate from being knocked down, stun the attacker, and allow the teamate being attacked to help you in dealing with the attacker.

5. Baiting
Now I’m getting into some more advanced teamwork concepts, but this is a very important topic. One of the things you need to do when your on a team is trust your teamates, and this means you are willing to bait the attacker into a high delay move, allowing you to finish them off. This is especially useful when the last person will not do anything but run and jump around and it’s taking forever to kill. Although that is one use, you can also use it as a way to start juggles if there are enough teamates.

The basic of baiting is useing a high delay, or other easily hitable move, so that the opponent will attack making it easy for other team members to hit the opponent. The best thing you could hope for is a grip, then you can grip camp them, but any attack they make will do if your fast enough. The person who has the most amount of life should be the one baiting, and archers and sometimes mages are bait simply by being a support class.

Here are some basic bait examples:
Situation A. Someone is on the ground, so instead of running around waiting to see how they will get up, you special right over their body, the natural reaction for them will be to rise attack you, but someone is prepared for the rise attack and will swing as soon as they do it, setting up a juggle.

Situation B. Everyone is low on health, but your team has 2 members, a mage and swordsman, and the other team only has 1 person, a ninja. Instead of just running and risking that the ninja finishes you both off with jump attacks, the mage uses protrusion/ice attack like crazy. Adventually the ninja will grip, and even if the mage dies the swordsman can grip camp finishing the ninja off.

Situation C. The game just started and you do some crazy attack to lure a single person out from the opponents team, when they go to attack you though, the rest of your team gangs up on the single person.

Situation D. You pretend like your trying to get gold sword when really you just want the other person to attack the gold golem as well, leaving them open for attacks. Or you kill gold golem/maser golem because you know that when the other team tries to stop you they will get killed by your teamates.

Trust that your teamates will back you up, bait attacks, and when your team does back you up you will have ended up killing the people on the other team quickly and effectively.

6. Rise up Attack
I decided to dedicate a whole section to rise up attacks because this is so important. This can be the key when your in a gang of people to who will win the juggle contest. This is used when you are on the ground and left-click. There are three kinds of rise up attacks.

Spin Rise Attack: This is performed by the archer, swordsman, and blacksmith and is the most useful. Most of time this attack will spin people who are nearby for a long peroid of time, allowing any kind of attack that you want. Be careful that you don’t get jump attacked when performing it. Normally as a swordsman you will want to use special, as a blacksmith you will want to use a jump attack, and as an archer you will want to get distance and shoot an arrow. Use this to stop your team from getting hit with specials and turn the tide by starting specials and juggles on them.

Knock Down Rise Atttack: This is performed by the ninja. It is very important that you know when and when not to use this. You’ll only want to use this when your team is getting the worst of the attacks, usually from specials. Otherwise it’s better to just roll away and let your team finish their juggle, you might even have enough time to contribute to it with a special.

Stun Rise Attack: This is performed by mages, it’s not to useful, but it will stop people who are charging special or specialing above you. Be careful because it has a small range

7. Targets
So now you know all about knockdowns, juggles, and baiting, but how do you use it, and in what situations. It is important to realize that juggling is easiest when you outnumber your opponent(s). Your targets should be anyone who lets themself be singled out or outnumbered. Other great targets are a single archer or mage who has no support of their team (they stayd back ranging while their team leaves them). Just remember to do it quickly, because if you don’t the rest of your team might get juggled before you can help.

A team of 2 people can quickly kill many members of the other team if they can find targets who don’t have any support.

8. Runners
If someone runs what do you do? The best thing is juggle them before they can get away but this isn’t possible most of the time. So the next best thing is to knock the opponent down so that you can try to predict where they will get up and bait them into an attack. You also have to realize when to give up, if a ninja is dashing around in circles and you can’t hit them your wasting your time, go help your other teamates.

9. Class Roles
This is especially important in golem games. Everyone loves CP, but don’t make it your focus. In golem games unless you can realistically kill the opponents golem, do not get gold, in fact don’t kill golem at all, the time you spend killing the golem is much better spent killing the players on the other team. This will make it easier for your teams golem killer to kill the opponents master golem.

Ninja: PVP
Swordsman: PVP
Archer: PVP
Mage: PVP or Golem
Blacksmith: PVP or Golem

Exceptions are if your a cell whore/golem killer build, but even then you should still have time to help your team from attacks, if to many people are focusing on the golem, your team will get raped while killing it depending on the map.

10. Togetherness
Basically you never want your team to far spread out, yes archers and mages often should be in the back, but besides that you want to be as close as you can to the rest of your team so that you can stop attacks and help juggles. The goal is to have one big mass of your team so that you can quickly crush anyone who comes near. The rule of thumb as an archer or mage, is that even if your away from your team, you can quickly run to them if your being attacked, or they can see you being attacked to help.

If you are being double teamed don’t stupidly get yourself killed, run to your team so that you can get some protection. If you are low on health run to your team and hide, so that you may be of some use before you die.

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