Rakion Swordsman Against Specific Classes Guide

Rakion Swordsman Against Specific Classes Guide by Sifu

Mainly redundant or obvious but then again, it’s common sense.

****First of all, you need to know NEVER to run STRAIGHT towards people******


In Golem Games

i attack archers first, if not archers then mages, and if not any of those two then i go for whatever is left over in sight.

as a swordsman, know how to deal with this because smart ninjas will always whore up the golem (since that’s easy gold/exp for them)

if you’re defending your golem against a ninja (and if the ninja isn’t stupid and runs around enough to disable your single swing) then just ***dash-stab** them until they die or lose the gold sword because of the time limit. this goes for swordsman vs. anyone faster than you. otherwise just slash at them or do your special attack at them whenever you’re free. anyway, this is common sense ^_^.


1v1 Strats

okay then.

S vs. Archer

some archers play really stupid and don’t know the meaning of speed. most of the time you can get close enough for a single swing, dash-stab (if they run around too much and you know they’re almost dead), or possibly (if they’re running around in circles) jump attack. don’t attack more than once (unless you’re VERY close, like grabbing distance) otherwise you’re stupid (sorry i’m very blunt). sometimes you’ll be in sticky situations where you can’t move in time because you have cooldown. the best thing to do is just block then, or jump away (your preference). a more risky thing to do is dash-stab away when they’re about to shoot you when you’re VERY close to them. perhaps dash-stabbing to the side of them would be better than blocking and getting shot in your ass because you’re facing the wrong direction. anyway, if you want to know what i use most against archers, i’d say that i dash-stab those bitches most of the time when they run away. single swing is better though but takes a lot more patience and most of the time you don’t have the time because they’re running to teammates/jump warps or whatever the eff they’re called.

S vs. Blacksmith

common sense. block if they do any swing, attack 3 times after they get cooldown (btw watch out you don’t want to be facing directly at them otherwise you’ll go through their body and end up swinging at air and get raped by 2 hits or worse – grabbed), stab to knock them down when they’re doing their tornado swing (if you have to, otherwise you can just wait for their delay and swing 3 times). block over their body when you knock them down and get ready for 3 hits unless they roll away. it’s funny dash-stabbing them though because you can tell they get pissed off.

S vs. Mage

Personally everyone says it’s easy for swordsmen to kill mages, and it’s true but annoying as hell because the smart ones will ALWAYS run away from you. in this case, single swing if they’re zigzagging/jumping around to dodge you, or if they’re in a straight line and you seriously feel like you want to damage them or if they look like they’re almost dead, dash-stab – but i warn you, they won’t get knocked down. most will try to ice spike you so just run around until they miss and then you can hit them for 3. if you see them about to cast ice spike, dash-stab at them. also, mages try to jump around a lot to dodge you. from my experience, they use jump in order to run away from you and sometimes in the opposite direction. if not, then they’ll try casting ice spike at you, but you’re probably smart enough to know how to dodge (since i already told ya how).

S vs. Swordsman

really just a test of skill and patience. if they’re noob you can just be retarded and block+swing 3x. if they’re not noob they’ll probably run around and try to jump attack, dash-stab, or 3x swing at you. nothing else to say except do the same to them and don’t screw up.

S vs. Ninja

annoying as hell. run around a lot so you won’t get grabbed. attack them only ONCE. if you attack them more than once, you’re either a dumbass or they’re the dumbass for being a ninja and somehow getting hit 3x. it’s common sense to block their attacks (if they decide to attack you 2+ times) and wait for them to cooldown and attack back with 3. most of the time you only single swing if they’re running away from you. Dash-stabbing might be the smartest thing to do though because more often than not, they’ll be pretty distanced from you and you might never get close enough to single swing.


Now, for other situations.

*Don’t forget to also do the obvious – grab when possible. swing once to stun them, then grab (left+right click at the same time). easiest to do on melee characters. a bit tougher with archers (because they should be constantly running away from you) and mages. it’s common sense that it’s easier to do it when sneaking up behind them though.

When you have a bunch of melee bitches teaming up on you, turn around (and of course, adjust your camera angle so you can see behind you) and run so they chase you in a straight line and attack them when it looks like they’re not expecting it. you can probably keep doing this on noobs, watch out for stabs if the person you’re going against isn’t stupid. but then again, it’s common sense for you to be jumping around and moving in unorthodox patterns when you’re being chased.

Run away if you’re against 2 archers, 1 mage and 1 archer, or pretty much attacked by anyone backed by mages/archers. I would recommend running away from any melee characters too (no shit), unless you feel like you can finish off one before the other. In short: *****stay away from getting mobbed*****, or knock the

Be a whore when you have melee teammates to back you up. steal kills by dash-stabbing or jump+attacking (which is stronger) if your teammate is attacking someone (you might be able to steal the kill). when the enemy stands up, wait for the right time to 3x attack him/her. if your partner is being attacked(2x or more, or if your partner looks like he’s blocking all the hits), charge up behind the enemy for a special attack or 3x attack.

I know these are obvious and most guides will have most of what I said, but some people need them reworded and ground in their noggins in order to remember. playing swordsman is easy as hell, any noob can play him. just remember these logical things to do and you’ll be well on your way to being a topdog. good luck, and don’t kick too much ass or no one else will play with you (note the sarcasm).


vs. Blacksmith – you can wait after their spin attack and grab them. if for some reason you want to end their spin attack quickly, you can dash-stab them. if he’s attackign some with his 2 swing combo, you can go behind and grab him right when he finishes.

vs. Mage – i realized that i didn’t explain how to dodge them yet. just keep running and jumping around them (or in your own patterns that won’t get you hit). if they try to ice spike you when you miss on a single swing, IMMEDIATELY jump to the side and continue running closer to him. also, you will want to 3-combo them most of the time if it looks like you can continue slashing. grab them when have the chance (right after they cast ice spike or when they’re charging up).

vs. Archer – you can grab her right after she misses her tornado kick (that fox from Bloody Roar does – sorry, i had to mention that!). grab her when she stops to shoot someone. ARCHERS HAVE TO STOP TO SHOOT. grab their ass (ahahah that sounded dirty)!.

vs. Ninja – grab them when they miss a grab.

YOU CAN USE YOUR SPECIAL ATTACK TOO. IT’S STRONG!!!!!!!!! but i’ve yet to think of a specific time to use so i can’t really explain to you when. all i can add is use it when people aren’t noticing.

Other suggestions:

Grab whenever you can – right when someone starts their delay on their attack, misses a grab, or tries to block you. If someone thinks they can outsmart you by blocking your 3-combo and waiting for you delay afterwards, change to left click+left click+right click. you will slash twice and do an unblockable special hit at the end. WATCH OUT if enemies are behind you though because you’ll have huge delay and they’ll probably grab you. make your own decision in your certain situation whether it’s better to use a normal 3-combo or use special 3-combo.

Help out your partners in golem games. When they’re getting attacked and need help, barge in and join them. If you see a team member about to get killed (because he/she is on low health) by someone’s combo, quickly dash-stab to the rescue. Even teammates with almost 1% health can be useful later.

When people are charging up at your body when you get knocked down, don’t stand up to do an AoE hit. roll out of the way. if you do it right, they should let go of their special attack and miss you. in that case, you can choose to either grab them or hit them for 3.

Did I mention not to miss grabs? If you miss, prepare to get ass raped.

Need to learn how to grab? Refer to this

If there’s anything else you guys want to suggest, go ahead.

Swordsman VS Guide by Ownedyou 

:w00t:Well, I usually dont do guides but im good in the game and i figured this is a good way to get al ittle bit of reputation lol…here goes nothing……

So u wanna be a good swordman, den heres a lil guide made up- teh basicz, just wanna be a loyal member of rakion.org

If your one of those ppl that love to grapple, heres some tipz-
Whenever Ninja dissapears move out of the way but not too far and when she comes back down Grabble her
Whenever Archer tries to grab u, ez target when she misses. Whenever mage does ice spike grabble him:o
Whenever blacksmith tries to grab u and misses, dont own him till hes done wif spinning attack, and when swordman tries to grab u, wait till hes done wif air strike

one good strategie i almost use all the time is jumping out of the way – Blacksmith vs Swordman
When a blacksmith is running away slightly DO NOT run right behind him run to the side a little because if u do then hell turn around in a instant and combo or stab u, also when u are in a fight and ur fighting blacksmith dont be aggresive and charge ull get owned, pretend ur charging and den jump over him and he doesnt suspect that. that gives YOU just enuff time to 3 strike him.

Also when u knock blacksmith down dont run far away, stay near him but just far enough away so he cant rise attak u and u can knock him down again, if ur fighting nub blacksmith, this is one of the most ANNOYING AND EASIEST ways to own him

Archer vs swordman

This is very difficult, i suggest if u wanna test it dont use it against pro archers like [cow] , 97% of the time archers will run, and den jump over u, when u get tricked make sure when ur fighting dem hit ONCE, and turn around instantly if u miss and guard, in .2 seconds while ur guarding the bow will reach u, run a little then guard again once archer sees u close, theyll run, one mistake of an archer, and u have combo on them

Combat mode, around half the time archers will combat and try to stab u or combo, when they hit u DO NOT RUN out of the way, because their hits paralyze and if u keep clicking fast once their done u can combo them, but they think they can hit u 2x again but theirs too much delay for that, u have round .5 seconds to hit them or they hurt u again also they will move backwards on rising attack to get away from u, so in the nick of time jump if they attempt rise attak and u may be able to hurt them again if u do this right

Swordman vs Ninja

Ninja thinks their all dat cuz their fast with no attack, but their not.
get close to ninja and jump, shell try to hit u if not, then while shes running around trying to make u think she own sumthin stab her at right time, also a nub tecnique keep holding block till ninja gets close, theyll think ur noob and try to come nd grab u, at the nick of time u move away when they land and u have three choices

Grab – Special attack (hold right mouse), or combo

Also i hate cheap ninja, when they hit u once then try to grab, to avoid that i dunno yet, make something up or block or something

also when they run and throw stars, what the heck are they thinkin they do dmg, itll take them like 800 stars to take u down,so keep chasing them and jumping and if u jump right when they hit then u have a tiny bit of time to combo them, this may seem to hard to do fighting against them when they have full, but believe me, when they do this their usually on low health

Swordman vs Swordman

So your ready to fight ur own clone huh well heres a lil sumthin:wub:

ofcourse because of stress you click 2x instead of 1nce chasing someone, which gives enemy time to hit u, use this as an advantage, u can also use noob block attak i showed earlier making them think they can hit u and own them, this can help alot, and also when their chasing u u can stab and theyll do rising attak, usually for this it dont take as much time as blacksmiths but u still have time to hit them, i dont have a big guide on this but keep trying and ull get tecniques of your own

Swordman vs mage

o man mage, the runner, if ur fighting vs nub mage who throws bombs at u ur best bet is to chase him or stab him right before he throws the bomb, if someone wont get off ur tail and ur trying to get mage bombing u from corner of room, run before u get owned into bigger room or before they lose u before u get owned

mage icespike has delay gives u time to get em, i can take down 3 mages at once or 2 mages and a ninja at once wif no prob cuz all they do in a team is ice spike ice spike ice spike non stop, 1vs3 or 1vs2 if one starts throwing bombs or two and ones still icespiking run till one chases u and own him, itll take around 15 secs for their team to come with notice, so when they get there keep doing that, as we all know mages run like nubs,:omg: and they jump so u cant stab them or hit them, so stab before they land and u knock down, get beside em theyll move forward to keep running and keep doing same thing, or lagg behind them and they icespike enemy thinking no1s behind them den u can own them

thats all for now folks, cya till next time

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