Rakion Bugging Guide

Rakion Bugging Guide by Barbus

Im BarbusAlaion,

Im going to teach you what you need to know to master your CHARACTER.

**Before i start i want you to understand that mastering these moves will take “time”, but by knowing of them you will be 10x better then you are now. Then when you master them you will then be 100x better then you are now.**

How would you like to never be hit, never be killed?
You maybe saying that is impossable, but im going to tell you that you can.

Many people call them bugs, lag, hacks, glitches, and many more names.
What im going to teach you are called CANCELS.

Every CANCEL im going to teach you, work for each and every character.

CANCEL : when you hit someone and they are not really there.

There are 4 types of CANCELS. and im going to tell you how each of them work and some ideas of how to use them. (there are many ways to use them)

This is when you move right before you get hit, cuaseing the other player to swing again, seeing on his/her screen they hit you. Even though they think they hit you, on your screen you are freely moveing around.

**IMPORTANT** When you hit someone, if you do not see the hit sign to your right YOU DID NOT HIT THEM.

**Now you are wondering well that is just a dodge, what good is that?**

This is more then a dodge, a dodge is when they see you move out of the way, and then continue to charge after you. A CANCEL is much more.

Example: When you CANCEL correctly you then (after they swing the frist time) can move right in front of there next swing. and those swings will miss you.

**IMPORTANT** If they stop their swings after the first swing, that CANCEL is over.

This is when both players hit at the very same time, canceling the attack. and every swing after.

**IMPORTANT** when useing a range weapon. when you strike at a range player at the same time they shoot you, it will CANCEL the attack. BUT Becuase the ITEM is in Flight that ITEM (Arrow) will still hit you.

Like the first CANCEL the same idea will happen.

Example: When you clearly see that he/she was going to hit you, and you then hit that player. It starts the Attack CANCEL, one good move to do is to STOP swinging, and move to the back of the player, and attack again.

But if you were not fast enough. that player could of MOVED (makeing a MOVEMENT CANCEL) or turnned around quickly and struck again. (makeing another ATTACK CANCEL)

**When this happen it becomes a CANCEL DANCE, when all you are doing is CANCELing each other over and over again, till some one messes up and gets hit.**

This is when you tap block at the same time he/she swings at you. By doing this very quick block (NOT HOLDING BLOCK) this will create a CANCEL, same idea as the MOVEMENT CANCEL/ATTACK CANCEL, but you tap block.

For those that want to master this, the best thing is to spam block quickly as you move around. Either attacking or defending.

This is when you swing/shoot at the other player far enough to hit the player (on your screen) but not close enough to do damage.

Now this one you maybe thinking WHAT THE?

When i say HIT that doesnt mean to hit with damage, I mean when it looks like a HIT but it doesnt show a HIT sign.
This is the same idea as when you HIT someone but they are some how moveing.

**TEST** Have one of your friends stand STILL, as you then get close enough to hit them, but not to HAVE THE HIT SIGN SHOW on your screen.
when you then see that you hit them but you didnt see the hit sign, then tell your friend NEXT time i miss on your srceen hit me.
When you do this RIGHT you will have your friend swing at you and miss every swing after that first swing.

**IMPORTANT** This move if mastered will give you the power to do anything you want. This will be the HARDEST to master out of all the CANCELS, this move also (for starting out) work BEST vs those that are Blockers/Defensive.

Thank You for taken the time to read and learn these moves and ideas, by so doing i can see you want to be the best.

If you have any question you may contact me in RAKION only. Please dont waste my time in asking a question that is already anwsered in this Guide.

**IMPORTANT** If you think you have a CANCEL that i have not said already i would like to learn it, (PLEASE make sure it is not useing the same ideas as the 4 CANCELS, therefore confusion is not applied.)

The only reason i wanted to Write all of this, is because i want better players in RAKION, i would love to duel you anytime you want.

Thank You/Good Luck.

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