Rakion Ninja Guide

Rakion In Depth Ninja Guide by Cow

Table of Contents

1. Introduction – Notes from me.
a. Updates
b. Credits
2. Starting Status
3. Moves and Keys
4. Weaknesses and Strengths
a. Pros
b. Cons
5. Status Distribution
a. Grab Attack
b. Speed
c. Basic Attack
d. Attack Speed [January 4th]
e. Special Attack [January 4th]
6. Melee
7. Long Range
8. Score Games
9. Golem Games
10. Solo Games
11. Working with teammates
12. Targets and hunters.
a. Vs Archers
b. Vs Blacksmith
c. Vs Mage
d. Vs Ninja
e. Vs Swordsman
13. Dagger Gliding [January 4th]
14. Exit

Start of the guide
1. Introduction
Hello, and welcome of course, to my guide about the newest class of Rakion, Ninjas. As of now, there is only one guide about ninjas, and that would be mine. Ninja is the second character I tried aside of archer, and you can read my archer guide Here. There are a few things you wannabe ninjas may want to know.

1. Ninja requires low ping or extra patience.
2. Ninja has extremely low armor and hp.
3. Ninja has extremely low damage, aside from its GRAB attack which does the most in the game (except wall ice-spike).

Keep a watch on my signature to see if theres been an update to my guide recently. Updates will be posted in parathesis near the guide name, and then will be updated within the guide. This is to create a good sense of organization for the users who enjoy knowing whats going on.

Thanks Guys,

A. Updates
June 9th, 2005: Guide was made.
June 10th, 2005: Correction on recommending stat pts.
August 8th, 2005: Attack Info Corrected.

B. Credits
Special thanks to the following users:

Geet, for helping me get use to grab and testing grab damage.
shadowzsl for starting status.
Doremi for attack info

2. Starting Status
The starting stats for the ninja is as follows:

Basic Attack Power = 70
Distance Attack Power = 90
Special Attack Power = 100
Grab Attack Power = 100
Attack Power vs. Creatures = 0
Maximum Energy = 160
Maximum Armor = 110
Attack Speed = 98.00
Travel Speed = 7.60
Maximum Cell Points = 1600

Credit to: shadowzsl

Don’t be deceived! Don’t Panic! 0 creature attack? No way! Well the reason why the creature attack is so low is because of ninjas second range attack, the only class in the game aside from mage that has 2 range attacks. When you click and HOLD your right mouse button, you will crouch to the ground, and a golem can swing over you, and when you release you fling nine count them, NINE throwing stars with just enough radius to hit the entire golem with all 9. You can ALMOST take out a golem in 2 of these, and it takes less then 10 for the golden golem. You have to be close though, otherwise the stars will go into the ground, even though it classifies as long range it is quite short. As you can tell, the ninjas grab PWNS massively… (Blacksmith has 120 grab sadly, they get everything, they just suck though.) Grab is the ninjas MAIN move, when you grab you perform a combo of four grabs, and the strongest grab is the last one, so if they have about 1/8 of their bar left they screwed on the last part. Travel speed is the best in the game as well, but a blacksmith just needs to put 13 pts into travel speed to keep up, so be warned. Cell points, you have the lowest in the game, so compromise with that. Summons are hardly that important anyway, but all those extra cell points and nothing to do with them, might as well use. Maximum armor is also very low, which tends to be a problem, one ninja grab can wipe your armor bar -.-.

3. Moves and Keys

Close Range

Left Click x 4 -Stab three times, kick then jump back.
Left Click x 3 Right Click – Old version of Left Click x4
Left Click x 2 Right Click -Stab twice then throw dagger in air and slash.
Up Up Right Click – Dagger Glide
Up + Up + Left Click – Jump straight into enemy and kick the enemy in the air.
Right mouse + Hold – Concentrating the energy and strike with the whole body.
Both Mouse Buttons – Disappears instantly and strikes down from the air.
[Getting Up] Left Mouse Button – Disappears instantly and shows up after big explosion.
Shift – Guard
[From Front] Both Mouse Buttons – Stab enemy’s neck and cut around enemy’s body.
[From Back] Both Mouse Buttons – Stab enemy’s neck from the rear.

Long Range

Left Click – Throw 3 Separate Throw Darts.
Right Click + Hold – Throws 9 Separate throwing stars towards the ground in front of you.


W – Moves you Up
A – Moves you to the Left
S – Moves you down
D – Moves you to the right

^ – Moves you up
< – Moves you left
> – Moves you right
v – Moves you down

q – Rotates Weapon
e – Rotates Weapon

[Thanks to Doremi for some controls]

4. Weaknesses and Strengths

A. Pros

The Ninja has very power grab attack
The Ninja has extended range with its 3 star throw.
Ninja moves very fast.
Ninja jumps the highest.
Ninja Changes its weapon within a second.
Can pwn any class.
Does the most damage to Big creatures, such as a golem.
Stun and sneak.
Ninja can glide

B. Cons

Very weak physical attack outside of grab.
Very low damage with its throwing star attack (unless 9!!)
Eventually gets outspeeded by swordsman.
Can be pwned by any class. (Sometimes!)
Does low damage to small creatures.
Sneak attack commonly doesn’t work (never know tho)
Miss your grab and you are open for 2~3 seconds.
Down in a few hits.

5. Status Distribution

A. Grab Attack [Update, January 4th 2006]

Grab attack is one of the main skills of a ninja, but not necessarly the most important. With maxed grip you can take down most newbie characters with 2~3 backgrips. Front grips are extremely weak in themselves and should be RARELY attempted (Unless no one is around, go for it) Grip can be used as a main attack for a ninja, combined with attack speed it is extremely deadly. If you enjoy going solo then you can pick grip as your first stat, the damage is very high but the delay leaves you vulnerable.

B. Travel Speed [Updated January 4th]

Travel speed gives you a base of .02 and .03 (its a floating decimal value) and will evenually add up to around 8.80 movement speed.

Ah yes that sounds good eh? But theres something ninjas get called the Dagger glide (W W Right click [or up up]). Dagger glide is the alternative to moving, which makes you go faster then you can run, so I really think points into travel speed is not worth it.

C. Basic attack

Useless, Ninjas basic attack sucks, let alone adding points into it, after you max out grab I recommend Cell Points and +Armor and +Health over this skill.

D. Attack Speed [Added January 4th]

Attack speed is another important alternative to a ninja. By gaining attack speed you can dagger glide faster (theres a section in the guide about this, Ctrl + F Invincible Glide), you can stun grip, you can set up juggles, and you can basically just attack faster.

This is one of the 3 main stats (Grip, Special, Attack Speed.) you should get. Entirely preference but if you can’t decide between grip + special go attack speed first (you will always use it) and learn to tell which one you use more, special or grip.

E. Special Attack [Added January 4th]

Special attack is the second most powerful attack for a ninja besides it’s backgrip. This has a few pros and a few cons compared to grip.


It has nice area of effect
Its quick
3 chances for a hit.
Usually hard to hit someone after they get done using a special (if you hit..)


Cant stun special too well
3 chances for a miss
Can be hit in the middle of it

6. Melee

Melee includes GRABBING and SWINGING. (And special which I think its pretty self obvious)

First is the FRONT grab.

You stick your dagger into their neck and spin. In order to do this you get directly in front of an opponent, as close as you can, and press both mouse buttons at once, if YOU ARE NOT CLOSE ENOUGH OR UR NOT FACING THE FRONT OF BACK, YOU WILL FLY INTO THE AIR TO DO A HIGH DELAY JUMP ATTACK. If suceeded, your ninja will proceed to stab and gash and spin the opponent around.

What you like about this move? Decent Damage, knocks the enemy down and keeps them out of comission for 5 seconds.

What you dont like? You might have a few people waiting with charged swords for you to finish ur combo.

When to do it? When theres buncha noobs around or when your alone.

When not to do it? When you got charge happy people waiting for you to finish your stab.

Second is you BACK STAB.

You stick your dagger into their back and push it through their heart. In order to do this you must be directly BEHIND your opponent and press both mouse buttons are once. As above, you can not be to far away of you float into the air and do a jump attack. If suceeded your ninja will proceed to stab and gash and twist your opponents insides.

What you like about this move? Highest Damage in game aside of DIRECT mage ice spike (difficult)

What you dont like? You might have a few charged combos waiting for you…

When to do it? Any chance you get. (some exceptions)

When not to do it? When your low hp or surrounded by a lot of people.

Third is your NORMAL slash.

You slash your dagger towards your opponent. In order to do this you just click your mouse button, and there are many combos you can perform as well.

What do you like about this move? Stunnage, keeps people in the air for a few seconds. Sets up grips.

What you don’t like about this move? Weak Damage

When to do it? When the noob won’t stand still or when someones falling to the ground and you need them in air for teammates.

When not to do it? When you or a teammate can pull off a perfect grab. (COMBO! You can do a single slash to help set up a grab)

7. Long Range

Ninjas good with long range from a short range, ironic isn’t it? Anyway ninja has two types of long range. First is its 3 star throw, which throws 3 stars in a wide radius, and the second is a 9 star throw, where you crouch and throw 9 stars in front of you. When to use these and how to use these:

1. Using your 3 shot throw is used for killing low hp runners, finishing off golem with low hp, breaking delay, and hitting monsters that you can’t grab.

When you shouldn’t use these: When your opponent is full hp or when trying to 1v1 an archer or mage, it will come back to bite you in the ass. Or when your opponent has someone with delay and they are going to grab them (because it breaks delay). (I believe this has been changed since the korean version.)

2. Using your 9 shot throw is used for killing a golem, hitting a big crowd, killing a Taurus, or knocking a jumper down, or putting some damage into blacksmith.

When you shouldn’t use these: When your facing other ninjas or mages. When your fighting a small creature. When you can easily grab someone instead, or when someone has an opponent in a nice spot with good delay. (cuz it breaks delay)

8. Score Games

Fun Games, the only thing I really find them good for is practicing your grab on low levels when your level 10, because of the minimal exp you get, its good for a long time if you need to practice grabbing. These kind of games are also good stress relievers (unless ur missing every grab and in turn getting grabbed yourself).

Now what to do in a score game.

STICK WITH YOUR TEAMMATES, I don’t care if you got an uber 1337 grab that can kill a mage in 2 hits, stay with your teammates. When your near 2 enemies, ones bound to have a charge up waiting for you when your done with grab. BUT with a teammate, he can cancel the opponents charge allowing you to get away with 0 damage.

Sneak and hit tactics: Sneak up on noobs that don’t have their back watched, ice spike mages, fireball mages, archers, double swinging blacksmith, star throwing ninjas.

Sneak up on people that are reviving from death. Chances are when they revive they COULD’VE been watching one of their teammates, so they will have a few seconds of delay, then just pop it and backstab them.

Always ALWAYSSSS have fun, stressing over missing multiples grabs or getting your ass whooped doesn’t help, usually makes you worse from stressing without thinking.

9. Golem Games

Power Leveling games… The Only thing you should be playing for the first 6~10 levels. The goal of all golem games is to of course, either kill all opposing teammates or kill enemies golem. You have a nifty attack for killing golems, which you may have read about in the Long range section (Ctrl+F 9 Shot). During Golem games you must keep these objectives:

Support team, even at a cost of losing some of your hp bar, numbers DO matter in a golem game, since players do not revive.

Kill all opposing enemies, since as above, numbers DO matter, and when you kill enemies you get exp (which adds up) and you relieve an opposing player from the teams burden, possibly a fatal player.

Kill the Golden Golem. Ninjas have extremely strong abilities to kill the golden golem. Using their (Ctrl+F 9 shot) 9 shot star throw, they can take away 1/10 of the golems hp in a 1~10 game, and it takes them almost 2 hits for the big golem. Contributing on the golem could help your team take that away from the enemy players.

Distract enemies. You have the speed required to distract enemies. By distracting these enemies you give your allies a chance to kill golem. Distracting includes:

Running Around so they cant hit you.

Grabbing the mages using fireballs.

Grabbing the archers.

Making numerous people follow you.

Forcing people to focus attention on you, for instance don’t get up and make a guy guard on you until an ally grabs him.

People you want to watch out for in golem games are SWORDSMAN, GOD bless the swordsman, ANNOYING little critters. Their damage stinks, but they knock you down so **** much and you can’t get anywhere near them. Read the Targets and hunters section to find out how to take on the swordsman (Ctrl+F Swordsman Tactics).

10. Solo Games

Nothing much involved with solo games, your main tactics are to steal the kills from others and to stand back and wait for a high delay move to be done. Always watch out for the swordsman, always swinging in little loopdy loops so u cant get around him, god hes annoying (Ctrl+F I freaking hate swordsman)

Anyway, in Solo the person with the most kills wins the round, when the timers up or when they hit the max amount of kills.

Suiciding cost you to lose one of your kills putting you back 1, and dieing grants an enemy one point as well.

Rather then risk dieing you should attempt to get the little hp bottles that are usually on every level.

Although there are no teams, its still a good idea to team up with people.

11. Working with teammates

Ninjas usually hate working with teammates, but if your facing more then 2 enemies, you really have no choice. The reasons why you hate working with teammates is because of their stupidity. Generally you have idiots that cancel someones grab delay causing you to miss your grab, go flying, and get grabbed instead. But you also have those responsible helpful teammates that might do something like an ice spike allowing you to grab the enemy at the same time creating a one hit opportunity. I don’t generally accept working with teammates while a ninja to much so I’m going to skip this section – Might create it later.

12. Targets and Hunters

A. Vs an Archer

When playing against archers ninjas have one goal in mind… Grab for ez kill. The thing about archers are, they are usually smart enough to have their back to a wall or to allies. At low levels u can pretty much kill an archer in 2 backgrabs. Heres how you defeat them –

Watch for an empty spot on their back, take a way they wouldn’t expect around to get to them then take a jump on their back.

Hit them while they are shooting in open field, they can’t see behind them so you have a good 2 seconds on their back before they see you.

Run towards them and when you see them turn around, guard as fast as you can to block their shots until your close enough to grab.

Dagger glide to avoid damage then use a stun grip.

Even tho all these tactics work, if an archer is shooting at you and won’t take eyes off you, just run away, they hurt -.-.

B. Vs a Blacksmith

Blacksmith, possibly the easiest class in game to grab aside of mage. When vsing blacksmith theres a few things to do –

Wait for them to swing twice at you then grab them with their extreme delay lolzolzolz pwns

Hit them then grab them from the stun (works on all classes!)

Jump over their special attack repeatingly until they swing for delay…

Trick them by standing still until last second so they try to grab and go spinning.

Grab them as an archer or someone pwns them.

C. Vs Mage

Mage, the EASIEST class in the game to grab, lol delay powar? Anyway, to conquer mages its not to hard. ALL of the mages attack has mass delay. Their spike takes around 2 seconds to recover from, not to mention the time they spend casting it. Fireball takes time to lock on, and their melee takes a second to recover from with a double staff combo, making it easy to recognize early. Casting a heal ball also screws them up because that gives 3 seconds of delay creating it. Heres how you trick a mage –

Stand still to make them ice you, then jump over it behind them for a grab (lol works everytime).

Stand back and wait for them to ice someone / golem and then go up and grab (also works everytime).

Run up to them while their fireballing someone / golem and grab (almost works everytime).

Catch them while they make a heal ball for themselves or teammate.

Sneak up behind them using passages or doors, and grab them while they do w/e.

Grab them while they use any of their moves (also works).

D. Vs Ninjas

Figures this out for yourself, I don’t want anyone grabbing me 24-7.

All I can say, its hard to 1v1, takes so longgggg.

E. Vs Swordsman

The most annoying class in the game to grab. Nothing is fun about vsing swordsman. Althought they tend to be very weak overall, they are very hard to grab, they have a nice swing combo that spins all around them that knocks down any approaching person. They also have a 3 hit combo slash that breaks guard so you cant lure them and guard until they use high delay. My suggestions.

Make them grab, generally most noob swordsman become a swordsman so they can grab peeps (they think they are kool).

Wait for them to finish their 3 hit combo (special or normal) and run up and grab them while they recover.

Sneak up on the noobs that use knives.

Wait for them to guard someone getting up, then if your teammates smart, he won’t get up as fast so you can run up to them and grab.

13 – Dagger Gliding

Dagger gliding is necessary when you want to be a ninja. This is basically an Invincible Glide that allows you to travel faster without being damaged. Attack Speed helps increase the rate of glide which makes you move faster and live longer. The best way to get started Gliding is by pressing w HOLD the second w Right click then hold another w and press right click and just repeat -.-;

14. Exit

That is all to conclude my CURRENT ninja guide, there WILL be updates in the future when I get more. This is currently a basic guide, not as much effort as my archer guide, but it does cover the stuff you need to know. Enjoy the guide, and good luck being a ninja.


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