Lucent Heart Machine Crafting Quest Guide

Lucent Heart Machine Crafting Quest Guide by Anna

What is Machinery?

Machinery is a craft dedicated to the construction of gadgets with all sorts of varying effects. From freeze rays and air cannons designed to deal water and air damage to their targets, to beams of light that reduce specific types of stats, a Machinist is capable of creating a large variety of items with unique uses. Other crafted items include boots that increase your movement speed dramatically when moving toward an enemy, items that create barrier shields around your character and destructive devices with varying effects. Speak with [NPC] Quincy, the Crafting Workshop Administrator in Thereall City of Peace, to visit the Machine Workshop.

On top of the many gadgets that a Machinist can craft, they are also capable of creating special items that can be attached to ranged weapons to increase stats. These attachments have different effects, ranging from increasing the damage dealt by a weapon to increasing its accuracy or critical hit chance, making them highly sought after by Gunner classes.

In game: press F12 to open the Help window, click on the “Item” tab at the top and “Craft” on the left side.


Crafting Level 01 // Character Level 04

Map: Thereall
NPC: Talk to [Crafting Workshop Administrator] Quincy to enter the Machine Workshop, talk to [Mechanic] Sheila for an introduction into Machine Crafting (she will require a 50 gold fee).


Crafting Level 02 // Character Level 10

Map: Hercules Hill
Monster: Thunder Clan Giants (Strong Level 10)


Crafting Level 03 // Character Level 15

Map: Hercules Hill
Monster: Sleepy Bear Cub (Strong Level 14) (Use Igniters to summon them from caves.)

Map: Ancient Ruins
Monster: Thunder Clan Explorers (Strong Level 15)


Crafting Level 04 // Character Level 20

Map: Ancient Ruins
Monsters: Cruel Hunters (Strong Level 20 – Night), Thunder Clan Trappers (Strong Level 20 – Day)


Crafting Level 05 // Character Level 25

Map: Melody Valley
Monsters: Mysterious Valley Flower (General Level 24), Allegro Melody (General Level 24)


Crafting Level 06 // Character Level 30

Map: Pegasus Field
Monsters: Agile Thief (General Level 28), Gold Thief (General Level 27)

Map: Blooming Forest
Monster: Prowling Forest Mic (General Level 30)


Crafting Level 07 // Character Level 35

Map: Argos Bay
Monsters: Square Sail Helmsman (General Level 35), Old Quarry Sentry (Strong Level 34), Old Quarry Recruit (Strong Level 33)


Crafting Level 08 // Character Level 40

Map: Whispering Grave
Monsters: Mutated Metal (General Level 40 – Day), Mechanized Jailer Model I (Strong Level 37 – Day), Mechanical Jailer Prototype (Strong Level 39 – Day)


Crafting Level 09 // Character Level 45

Map: Sacred Forest
Monsters: Rebellious Recruit (Strong Level 42), Rebellious Sentry (Strong Level 42), Rebellious Muskateer (Very Strong Level 43)


Crafting Level 10 // Character Level 50

Map: Coast of Siren
Monsters: Reef Singers (Strong Level 42), Reef Mermaids (Strong Level 42), Reef Guards (Very Strong Level 44)


*Note – The quest is picked up from [Master Craftsperson] Old Pete located in the Black Market area.

Crafting Level 11 // Character Level 55 – Party recommended!!

Map: Stormy Shore
Monster: Weak Souls (Very Strong Level 54 – Night)

Map: Well of Silence
Monster: Outlaw Bodyguard (General Level 53)


Crafting Level 12 // Character Level 60

Map: Icarus Rift
Monsters: Winged Menders (General Level 60), Winged Artisans (General Level 62)

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