Lucent Heart Frequently Asked Questions

Lucent Heart Frequently Asked Questions by Tiramsu

Hi everyone,

Here you’ll find a list of our most frequently asked questions about Lucent Heart. Feel free to ask any additional questions you have, too! But first, a disclaimer!

DISCLAIMER: There are other versions of Lucent Heart, but the US version will be different from the others. When you share information from the other versions of the game, please keep in mind that this information may not be valid for our version of the game. Thanks!

Q: What is “Lucent Heart”?
A: Lucent Heart is a zodiac-inspired Anime MMORPG that has the unique Cupid and Horoscope System. It won the prestigious “Best Game” and “Best Rookie” awards in Japan, and will soon be available to North America! You can read the game announcement press release here to get a better idea of the key features of the game. Stay updated on the forums!

Q: When is Beta?
Betas have not been announced yet. Stay tuned to our forums for more information!

The first Sneak Peak Beta has been announced for January 20th. Details to come soon!

Q: I play Hero: 108 Online. Will I need to make another account to play Lucent Heart?
A: Nope! Your single beanfun! account is good for ALL beanfun! games! You’ll log in, go to the Game Zone, and then choose the game you want to play!

Q: Can I play as a male character? Can I play as a female character?
A: Yes and yes! As you can see from our Debut trailer, you can choose to play as a male or female character and customize yourself with lots of hair and face options.

Q: Can you actually get married in the game?
A: As a matter of fact… yes you can! Of course, you’ll have to put a little effort in, first…

Q: Was Lucent Heart also called Zodiac Online?
A: Yes and no. In Japan, Lucent Heart was also known as Zodiac Online but it’s not to be confused with the North American Zodiac Online as it’s a completely different game. There are currently a few different versions of Lucent Heart, but our version will be different from the others!

Q: Is there an age restriction on marriage?
A: Nope! It’s not a real marriage, after all. XD

Q: Can you use WASD to move?
A: Yup! And your mouse, too!

Q: What will the level cap be?
A: We’re not telling just yet! ;D
Asked by: Paull

Added 11/5:

Q: Will Lucent Heart be a grinding or quest game?
A: Lucent Heart has a TON of quests to complete. You’ll be leveling as you complete each quest, so it never really feels like you’re “grinding” to level.
Asked by: Smoky

Q: Can you choose to marry a person of the same gender?
A: Currently, no, but we’re in process of working with the developers to see if it’s possible to implement it into the game in the future.
Asked by: SnowFox

Q: How many classes are there?
There are two beginner classes (one physical and one magic), which later branch into two physical-type and two magic-type classes. Finally, at the final stage of selection, players can choose from eight different ultimate classes – four that are more magic-based and four that are more physical-based.
The class tree will be revealed at a later date!

Take a look at our updated FB album with new shots of classes and to the YouTube video!
Asked by: Smoky

Q: Will this version have PVP? Dual guild wars? A specific battle area?
A: There will be PvP. However, details of that are pending.
Asked by: Smoky

Q: Is the zodiac system tied to how you register?
A: You do put in a birthday that determines your character’s sign whenever you create a new character. There will be descriptions as to how each sign plays and how signs can affect certain classes later.
Asked by: Expia

Q: Can you have multiple characters per account?
A: Yes, there can be multiple characters per account (so you can try out different sign styles etc).
Asked by: Expia

Q: Will we need to use webbeanfun! To launch the game like Hero: 108?
A: We’re looking into alternative ways to get into the game, but at the moment, it’ll launch from the web like Hero: 108 Online.
Asked by: Smoky

Q: What equips will be in Lucent Heart?
A: As you can see from the trailers and screenshots, there will be a variety of guns, staves, and swords — to name a few.
Asked by: alexoidother

Q: What are the minimum requirements necessary to play?
A: The minimum requirements are:
OS: Windows XP SP3 and newer
CPU: Pentium 4 CPU (or similar)
Memory: 512 MB or higher
HDD: 2.0 GB or more
Graphics: nVidia GeForce 3 / ATI Radeon 8500
Connection: Cable Modem ADSL 512K or more

The recommended requirements are
OS: Windows XP SP3 and newer
CPU: Pentium 4-2.4G CPU (or similar)
Memory: 1 GB or higher
HDD: 4.0 GB or more
Graphics: nVidia GeForce FX 5900 / ATI 9200
Connection: Cable Modem ADSL 1M or more
Asked by: magicaldani13

Q: Which signs are best suited to which class?
A: We’ll have a full description of each sign and how it affects each class soon!
Asked by: Smoky

Q: Are there guilds in the game?
A: Yes!
Asked by: sonicthewolf

Q: I saw crazy-looking armor in the trailer. Is that a final form?
A: Sort of! That’s your special zodiac armor. You gain it and incredible abilities when you use your zodiac power!
Asked by: sonicthewolf

Added 11/19:

Q: Will there be a lot of Facebook-only events?
A: There’ll be a mix of forum, Facebook, and in-game events, and more often than not, these events will span both in-game and forum, or forum and Facebook. So you’ll have tons of events to choose from!
Asked by: Vollencia

Q: How do we sign up for Closed Beta?
A: We’ll be posting details on how to get into Closed Beta later on. ;)
Asked by: KoReina

Q: Will there be an anti-botting system or chatspam system?
A: We definitely have an anti-botting system! We also have a chat filtering.
Asked by: magicaldani13

Q: Will we be able to play with people all over the world?
A: Yes, just as with Hero: 108 Online, we will have players from all over! You’ll have the chance to make friends worldwide!
Asked by: Cecil123

Q: What is the maximum resolution?
A: Our current max resolution is 1680 x 1050 (with the option to drag the windowed version to be as large as you want), but this could change with the next version we receive!
Asked by: Pooksie

Q: Does this game support Windows 7 (64 bit)?
A: Yup! You’re good to go!
Asked by: Kotarou

Q: Will there be guild houses?
A: This may be a future possibility.
Asked by: AmarokAsh

Q: What happens in the arenas? Are they just PVP environments?
A: We’ll be releasing more information about this later on! :)
Asked by: Pooksie

Q: Will there be different countries to travel to?
A: Yes! There are different areas that make up the world of Acadia – some more dangerous than others!
Asked by: TenTen

Q: Will there be enchanting?
A: Yes. We’ll be releasing more information on how Lucent’s enchanting will work, later on.
Asked by: TenTen

Q: How soon or far away is the first beta?
A: Our first Sneak Peek Beta will be sometime in the winter! First Sneak Peek Beta will be from January 20th-23rd! A detailed schedule to come!

Q: How do we get into Sneak Peek Beta?
A: By being active and/or participating in upcoming events!
Asked by: AmarokAsh

Q: Can we distribute stats?
A: No, but your stats will be increased to maximize your class potential. You’ll also have the ability to specifically tailor your skills through the Astrolabe!
Asked by: VizxVanished

Q: Can I play this game with a Intel® G33/G31 Express Chipset Family of 256?
A: Yes, this should work with the game just fine. :)
Asked by: Alkirion

Q: Will there be guild emblems?
A: Stay tuned for more info on guilds!
Asked by: lKKlKoopa

Added 3/14:

Q: would there be voice over for the npc’s?
A: Unfortunately, no. There are SO many NPCs, it would take a TON of recording to get them all!
Asked by: AnimePrince

Q: Will there be Microphone connectivity?
A: Nope, sorry. :/ Most players use programs like Ventrilo.
Asked by: Keybishima

Q: Another question, will this have a selling system?
A: Yes! Players will be able to sell their wares using stalls. More info on those later.
Asked by: Keybishima

Q: Can you pair up without using the Cupid System’s matchmaking?
A: Yes! By using the “Cupid’s Key” item, you can automatically choose another player and become matched up!
Asked by: Pooksie

Q: Will lucent heart have pets and have a pet quiz at the begining ?
A: Lucent Heart will have different types of pets! Some you’ll be able to ride, some will give you benefits, and some will fight along with you! As for a “pet quiz,” so far there’s nothing like that.
Asked by Biscuits

Q: will we have holiday events in game?
A: There definitely will be! As for which ones, that’s a secret for now… ;3
Asked by Biscuits

Q: Is there a place called “Anteacar Library” in the game?
A: There is, indeed! It’s an area made up of four floating bookshelves that you’ll see when you visit Anteacar, City of Magic!
Asked by AmarokAsh

Q: How many members can a guild have?
A: The max to begin with is 30 members, but for each guild level gained, this number will increase up to 120! There may even be ways to increase this number further!
Asked by Pooksie

Q: What’s the party limit?
A: 6 players total.
Asked by AnimePrince

Q: Once the closed beta is over, can we expect to keep our characters?
A: At the moment, no. Since we don’t know what bugs will occur with the new client (4.05), we’ll need to wipe.
Asked by Reckless

Q: can we choose to be good or evil?
A: There will be quests where you’ll have to choose sides, but as for what those sides are, I can’t say for now. ;D
Asked by hellschef

Q: How fast/slow will EXP gain rate be?
A: At the moment, EXP gain will be determined by your daily fortune and if you’re questing (which gives more EXP) or grinding.
Asked by Reckless

Q: Will the Cash or Gash Shop have the option to earn free cash by completing surveys?
A: At the moment, no.
Asked by Reckless

Q: is there a specific storyline for LH?
A: Yes and no. The US storyline (lore) is different from any other version of Lucent Heart, but the game will have most of the same characters and quests from the other versions of the game. However, the majority of the quests have been rewritten to fit better with our version of the lore and to make them more interesting.
Asked by IcyRosez

Q: How many character creation slots can you have?
A: To start with, only two, but you can use an item that will give you more character creation slots to use!
Asked by AnimePrince

Q: Will this game have IP block?
A: For the time being, no.
Asked by ShikiBMScan

Q: Will there also be in game housing?
A: Stay tuned!
Asked by Thespian14

Q: Tell us more about the dance system!
A: Stay tuned!

Q: if i dun have the beta key, can i log in and play???
A: Until the game is released, you’ll need a beta key to play. But, the good news is you only need one beta key to participate in each of the betas!
Asked by syoran83

Q: Will their be end-game raid content? Meaning at high levels you actually raid with multiple parties to kill bosses?
and if so, will these bosses drop gear/weapons at least?

A: There are world bosses (who are craaaaazy tough!) who’ll drop a mixture of high level crafting recipes, rare materials, gear, and more!
Asked by Deadpool

Q: When and how can I get pets?

Other Questions by Goddess Luna

1.) How can i equip my item mall fashion items?
Answer: U click on item mall u see ur fashion items there in ur item mall inventory then u click on the item u want to equip then u go to teh button button that says equip and there u go u have ur item on ^^

2.) What happens if i put my fashion items in my game inventory outside of item mall ?
Answer: You cant wear it that way so what u do is click the transfer button on the button of your inventory and drag the fashion item into that box and send it back to item mall ^^

3.) What are lucky coins used for?

Answer: Lucky coins are to be used at the foreign gambler guy in town ^^ u give him coins to play this lucky matching game u get 2 cards alike u win and u get cards and if u get enough u could get awesome items from him ^^ nice equips etc. =D!

4.) How do I get match points to do more lover emotes? (emotes= Skills)

Answer: You keep doing the emotes you can do to get more match points to unlock more lover skills ^^

5.) Where is the sewers for the job advancement quest?

Answer: well i have some pictures to show where ^^ so open ur map to see where
so u go to breezing land where my green marker is at and go there ^^
Posted Image

There’s the sewers where my arrow mark is at ^^, also on the 2nd part of the quest all u need is to get the proof from the box that’s all ^^.
Posted Image

6.) Where can i find the Foreign Gambler?

Anwser: open your map and hes right here ^^ Where my arrow mark is at guided by a white cross looking line ^^
Posted Image

Other Answered Questions by Lannie

Hi, I wanted to ask few questions. Some are about game itself, and some about technical matters. Here it goes:

1.Are we going to have any channels/new servers when the OP comes? Edit: most probably (by… many players lol)

2.What’s the current level cap? Edit: It’s lvl 65 (by Teten)

3.Do Sweet Points have any use? Like you can have, e.g x/4000. It looks like they disappear when lovers aren’t around each other, but do they have any use? And is it possible to reach max (like in example – 4000/4000), or even exceed it? What happens then? Edit: As far as I know when your sweet points is maxed you can’t gain more bonus exp. (by Sholf)

4.About marriage. You need to have a Cupid Status lvl 4. Is this this what Sweet Points are for? Just, requirement of Sweet Points increases (um, I guess when you lvl, or after some time?), and it may be a little hard to reach new lvls that way. But maybe?

5.How to use Star Cores? It’s a little unclear to me. Edit: Star Cores are used as a key to instances. Accessed in breezing land, I believe in the prophecy portal in the northern side. (by Choco)

6.Are Zodiac pets implemented yet? Many people ask about it in-game, but I see no answer. If they are, how to get them?

7.Crafting. You can see written that your craft lvl is 1, but how can you tell how much you need to next lvl, and how much points you get for creating one object? Edit: I already found out that to lvl your crafting you simply have to finish quests given by the tailoring/blacksmith/etc.NPC. There is a typo, which says that “your skill will become lvl 1 after completing this quest”, which should be actually “lvl 2”.

8.Anyone finished quest for obtaining lvl 3 production skill? Looks like every craft requires you to look for ingredient in “bear cave on Hercules Hill”. Do the mean “Cave of Carvings”? If yes, what drops these ingredients or where to get them? (I for example need limestone) Edit: You need to find animal remains (near where the bear cub spawns) and use the ‘Igniter’ in your bag (given by the quest) to burn it. Just target the animal remains and right click the Igniter. A bear will then spawn and start attacking you, kill that bear and you will get the quest item (by Sholf)

9.In Important Instructions on Command tab are commands like Sleeping/Bull’s Eye/etc. symbol. Once you use them on your target, how to get rid of them? Just to add, relog doesn’t work lol Edit: Alright, looks like you simply have to re-click the very same command for it to disappear.

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