Habbo Hotel Casino Guide

Habbo Hotel Casino Guide by X-Tom

Whenever you click the “Trading” category on the navigator, you always see tons of casinos. But, have you ever wondered how to play the games in the casinos? If you walk in and hear the games they have, it can be confusing. “21”, “13”, “btd”, “slots” or “Higher + Lower” are some of the games you can hear when you walk into a casino. This guide will tell you what the different acronyms mean and how to play games in the casino!


In this section, we will explain what different acronyms mean in the casinos. Once you know what they mean, you will be able to talk to the dealers in the casinos!

Stay: Keep the current amount you have for the game.

Hit: Roll the next nice in the game.

21: 21 is a game that is played in the casinos. This game will be described later on in the guide.

13: 13 is a game that is played in the casinos. This game will be described later on in the guide.

Btd: Bet the Dealer is another game played in casinos and will be described leter.

Win x2, x4: How much the prize will be if you win the game. Some games you may win two times your bet other games you may win four times your bet. For example, if you bet a HC sofa and you win a game at “x2”, you would win your HC back and another won, a total of 2 sofas!

Open Bets: Dealers often yell this when they are free and waiting for people to bet them and start a game.

Higher + Lower: This is another game in the casino called Higher or Lower.


21/13 – The aim of these two games is to get your amount closest to the number without going over. Once you have bet, the dealer will roll the dices. You can either “hit”, which means roll another dice or “stay”, to keep the current amount. It is now the dealer’s turn. If the dealer gets a higher number then you then you lose. But if the dealer “busts”, which means he goes over 21/13, you win and you will be gaining some well earned prizes!

Bet the Dealer – In this game, the aim is to get an amount higher then the dealer. When you bet, you will choose the dices you want rolled, for example,”back three” means the three dice that are behind the dealer. If the dealer gets a higher amount then you, he beats you. But, if you get a higher amount then the dealer, you win!

Slots – In this game, you want to roll the same numbers in a row. Usually, you will need to roll 3 of the same numbers to win a prize. Since this is more unlikely, the prize for winning is usually higher. Instead of winning double the prize, it could be tripled!

Betting Tips

Here are some tips that will keep you safe in the casino’s!
– Only bet what you can afford! If you won’t want to lose an item, don’t bet it!
– Only use trusted dealers. Popular casinos on the Trading list are generally the safest but not all are!
– If you don’t trust betting people who don’t own the room, bet the owner.
– Have Fun! Some days, you can have a bad day at betting and tomorrow you could have an awesome day. If have fun! Thats what Habbo is about,having fun!

Well, hopefully this guide has given you some information on casinos. Casino’s can be fun to relax and bet in. Keep it safe and everyone should enjoy betting!

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