Habbo Hotel Naked Habbo Trick

Habbo Hotel Naked Habbo Trick by Abel

1) First all you need to do, is add the effect Love birds
(Buy and wear)

2) Secondly , you will need a bed, any random bed will do.

3) Third, lay on the bed, with your love birds effect still in process

4) Forth, Move the bed to any random area in the room and you should look like this.

5) Fifth, DONT MOVE! your not nude yet!
Now, with the second person ready, you will click on him/her

All directions work,

6) Sixth, After you click on the person, in the direction the pic has provided, you will be standing on the 4 corners, click where the yellow area is and this will happen.

7) Seventh, if you mess with it, a bit, you will eventually have a shirtless habbo.
Congradulations, here is your tip on how to be the naked habbo!


• Once you have chosen the direction you wanted to walk in, you can not change your direction or click on anybody.

• You will not be able to dance

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