Habbo Hotel Info Bus Guide

Habbo Hotel Info Bus Guide by Kiks52

I decided to create my own guide on the Info Bus. I mainly thought of this idea because I myself was very curious to find out what this bus was really about. I finally got the chance to ride the bus myself, and I found out some interesting things…

When Does the Info Bus ride?

The Info Bus runs on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays starting at 5pm EST, which is 2pm PST and 4pm CST.

Where can I find the Info Bus?

Under ‘Public Spaces’ you will find ‘Info Bus Park’. Although the room tends to be full while the bus is in session.

What’s the purpose of this bus?

Inside the Info Bus, you’ll learn about online safety from people who know best! You also learn about staying safe in real life and avoiding things like drugs. There is a driver of the bus and you might see Habbo staff! You answer trivia questions and the driver of the bus asks you questions, like ‘Have you ever been scammed?’. You will learn about how to say NO to scammers and stay away from them!

Does the bus really move?

The bus does not move. :(

How long do you stay inside the bus for?

Each session is 20 minutes long. After the 20 minutes, you are asked to leave, if not, you get a moderator message saying ‘Thank you for riding’ and you will return to hotel view.

How many people can ride in the bus?

The Info Bus holds 10 people. For an example, look at the picture of the Info Bus at the beginning of this guide.

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