Habbo Hotel Getting Rich Guide

Habbo Hotel Getting Rich Guide by MaverickVispo

This is it folks, a free habbo guide to getting rich. No, I don’t e-mail it, I don’t charge you shipping fees, and I don’t ask you for any information, its right HERE. Enjoy, and since I put my sweet time putting it together and offering it free, then maybe you could take a sweet second and vote yes on it?

Mav’s habbo guide to certain-wealth:

This guide covers quite a lot for many types of habbo income, I’m going to start out with a little about myself before I start this guide:

For the last few years on habbo (about 6), I have been involved in a business partner relationship with a good friend, we have personally tested most of these, those that we did not test together I tested myself. For those 6 years we have proven all these statements, and I choose to make it available to the public, no charge, my treat.
Now some of you might be wondering why I’m doing this, or if theres a gimmick: NO, there isn’t. It’s a free guide to benefit the public, and maybe get some new rich kids up there.. not the same 12 year olds who are too stuck up for their own good.


1.0 = 50 credits, not 1 credit.

HC Sofa = 50 credits, therefore, an HC sofa is 1.0.

.2 = 10 credits, split it in half to .1 and its 5 credits, do this if you need to add a certain amount on a values site.

Currently; a gold bar is 4.0 unofficially (Only because of a demand on new furni), usually they stay steady at 3.5 when no special items are out. HC Sofas can sell for 13-15 coins, do NOT count credits as coins, credits are furni values, coins are just plain coins.


Step 1: Starting out

Step 2: First HC

Step 3: 5+ HC’s

Step 4: 20+ HC’s

Step 5: 80+ HC’s

Final step: 300+ HC’s

If you have met any of these already, hold ctrl + f to open the search bar, and just type in what step you want to go to. Now, sit back, and enjoy this free information

PS: You can stop this guide at any step, if you are comfortable with 250 credits, keep only 250 credits, if you’re comfortable with 50, keep the 50. Sometimes when you go overboard you get greedy, and indulge too much, thats how I was, and it really wasn’t fun.

Step 1: Starting out:

We all have to start out somewhere, when you begin to play habbo you won’t be presented with much, a bit of starter furni and that’s about it. Now you’re going to have 3 choices from here on out on earning your first bit of habbo gold, now the trouble with this is, since you’re starting out, they might be strenuous to do, or take a while, or even require a bit of luck, but keep on it and you’ll get what you deserve.

Choice 1 – Giveaways:

When you begin habbo, you might notice alot of giveaways if you opened up the trade bar. A giveaway is a good way for a new player to earn a bit of credits, and if you have the time, the luck, and the willpower, then this may be the right way for you. Most giveaways have huge lines, or require huge lines before starting, here’s the giveaways you should stay away from:

Rooms that claim to give free furni once the room is full, it’s just a kid trying to gain some popularity by having the top room, you won’t get anything.

Rooms that want you to join a group before you get furni, this is a 50 50, if you want to do it then you can do it, but the smart idea would be to stay away from them.

Giveaways that require your username/password, this is a no-brainer people, should I even explain more?

The only giveaway that is worth a try (But even these kinds scam quite a bit) are the roll a # giveaways, this is where luck comes in. Usually the number is 16 or 17, never try a roll 18 in 3 tries giveaway if its just for a norm item, it’s a waste of your time and a 1:18 chance that you’ll get 18 in 3 tries. On top of that, never go to a giveaway if the owner is not there, thats an automatic turn off, and almost always a scam.

If you do giveaways for a few days, get lucky, you might have a HC sofa, if you get bored/angry, try another choice.

Choice 2 – Games:

Games are one of the best ways to make furni when you’re starting out, from playing fallin furni, to costume changes, all the way to even wrestling and playing madball! The options are endless for a new player when it comes to games, but you do have to look out for a bit when you play games, as the gaming community really isn’t as trustworthy as years ago.

Look for the following turnoffs when playing a habbo game:
1: The owner is not there.
2: There is more starter furni in the room then regular furni.
3: The owner does not list anything about a prize (Make sure to ask!)
4: The owner is being called a scammer by other players.
5: The room is a no trade room with no teleports linking to a trade room.
6: After people get kicked, the owner allows more people in to play the game for free.
7: The owner has too many scam rooms for your comfort (Remember, if theres no name, then the rooms could all come from one person.)

If you look for those warning signs, you might be able to stop yourself from dealing with a scammer, although all scamming cannot be prevented. Theres not too much to this, I’d list some game rules, but some owners change their rules, have “autokicks”, which mean you’re kicked if you do that action/sit on a certain object, might be helpful to ask if there are any autokicks before the game begins. If a scammer does not pay out to your prize, then the only resort would be to give that person a few scam rooms, which is basically the same thing as E-Bay’s negative feedback, if a person searches up their name, they’ll see scam rooms being made about them, which is another turn off.

Choice 3 – Buying credits:

Out of all the choices I list, this is the easiest way to gain your first HC. Go out to your local target, rite aid, or other store that would carry them, and buy a $10 prepaid card. This will give you 50 credits. Other options include SMS texting, home phone and credit card, but a good start-out would be to have 50 credits.

After you buy those credits, put aside 20 for your habbo club budget, this will not only give you habbo club for one month, but you will also get a habbo club sofa and 30 credits to spend how you please, but before you spend anything look at the next section to see what you should do with it.

Step 2: First HC:

Once you gain your first hc, or 50 credits of furni (Whatever comes first), then it’s time to start out your empire.

Choice 1 – Making your own game:

If you’ve ever played games, you might notice that sometimes a game can be profitable at the right times. This one is pretty easy, make a game and set it up with P2P (Pay to play), P2S (Pay to stay), Rev (A person pays to pick another person to be kicked), and optional Bomb (Pick to kick 2-3, or everyone if your rule states it), and autowin (Though seldom happens). An optional item to buy here is habbo club for a month if you bought/got credits, this makes yourself as a person look more trustable.. and the HC in your room wouldn’t make it look any worse Once you make enough to equal about 250 credits, go to the next step.

Choice 2 – Merchant norms for profit:

Though a bit annoying, you can open a norm stop and merchant your things for a little bit of profit, even if you make one credit, it’s still something. If you have a seasonal someone wants, they might offer 5-10 credits, or even more over the value depending on how desperate they get. Take any profit handed to you, especially in norms, it’s going to help you in the long run. One you make about 250 credits, go to the next step.

Choice 3 – Casino betting:

Though there is a risk of a scammy dealer, usually it doesn’t happen with norms, unless its a newbie dealer. Only bet small, unless you’re a risk taker. Do coin bets only if the dealer says he/she takes them. If you’re in doubt of a dealer having something, ask them to show before you bet, if they don’t, then its a scam

Step 3: 5+ HC’s:

Once you get 5 HC’s, you’re at a milestone, and now its time for you to decide where and how you want to make your empire, with 250 credits the choices are endless, here is just a few that are money-makers.

Choice 1 – Make a casino:

Heres how many people make their money: THEY MAKE A CASINO. With only 5 HC’s, you’re gonna have to start out low. Maybe only 2-3 booths of holodice, and a nice setup. some people profit off a tiny room with just 1 booth and a bit of sitting space! I’ll explain more about casinos when you reach the next step.

Choice 2 – Start a full time R&N; shop:

When you create a R&N; shop, you can reap up profits. The smartest thing to do is to plan accordingly, a smart shop owner will only invest, not degrade. Lets say you have a set of furniture from a time that the furniture is in demand (For example I’ll say a diner set from the blue diner rush, which we’ll value at 30 credits), a person offers you 35 credits of just plain old furniture for it. Most people would consider this a profit, and take it immediately. This is the dumb thing to do. When a limited edition item is out of the catalogue, it will at least double. This means that 35 credits you got will become 70, easily. Sometimes you’ll see furniture tripled or even more because it was not in the catalogue long enough. This is the smartest way to invest, when someone offers you furniture that is currently at a low price, then buy it for that price, do not sell it, and just wait. You’ll watch it just go up.

Choice 3 – The coin trade:

Some people stock up on coins because they believe they will someday go up, some have thoughts such as habbo will stop supply to some stores, others just think that habbo will release something that is a “coin eater”, that everyone will want. Since the beginning of the habbo exchange, gold bars have gone up 1.5, this is a very risky way to invest, since the coin trade may skyrocket or drop at any time, but if you think you’re a risky person who has a bit of time, this could be a way to make some HC’s.

Choice 4 – Radio giveaways:

Occasionally, a values website, or a habbo help website that has a radio may host a giveaway event. Usually they are picky on who may come in, and sometimes you have to know the right person (A dj, the site owner, a manager, etc) to get into the event to participate. But usually these giveaways are nonprofit for the site, and help out the people who play.

Step 4: 20+ HC’s:

When you get to 20 HC’s, you are at your benchmark, with 20 HC’s (1000 credits), a person can live pretty happily through their habbo playing time. If you honestly believe you are still unhappy with it, then go for 80+ HC’s.

Choice 1 – Go for room of the week:

This one can be tough, but can pay off for you in the long run with popularity, that will surely help you out in any business that you try to run in the future, and it can also give you a bit of money, if you were lucky enough to win it.

Choice 2 – Branched out game rooms or self-host businesses:

You may notice game rooms and businesses today that are purposely not run by the owner, usually an owner will hire a loyal person (Probably a gold HC, or a charismatic known HC player) to run a game room, and collect any earnings and hopefully, if you have enough trust in that person, they give it back to you. This seldom happens unless you are doing it with a real-life friend, or an amazing online friend, so your other option would be a self-host business, or gang. This could be something where you hire a bunch of generals, or managers, and they run the show. You only have to show your face every now and then to prove you didn’t totally quit, and you can get the money yourself whenever someone wants to buy rights/rankup’s, etc. This is a tough way to make money, but it can work out.

Choice 3 – Trading higher-priced rares:

After you get your shop up and running, you want to get yourself some better rares, I’m talking things higher then 10 HC’s, but lower then 60. This can be tricky, you have to play the market on this one. If you think someone would be purposely stockpiling (Buying every one he/she can find) a certain rare, then hold onto yours. If that raises the price, you could profit. This could also mess you up horribly though, such as the petal patch deficit when people who bought full petal floors for 5-5.5 HC’s each one petal were destroyed when habbo released petals in the catalogue, dropping them to 1.0. Though they claim they won’t be sold again, the damage has already been done as now many people own petals. Prices have raised, and now they are up higher. Here’s a good idea on how to invest properly:

1: A rare that was previously released is now available in the catalogue (Example, dragon egg). This would destroy the value of the dragon egg for the price before, but now it would be cheap to buy, if you bought a few of these and held onto them, the demand would slowly rise up again, and the price would rise after it was out of the catalogue, and you might earn more.

2: An item that you believe in your own beliefs that it will become a big rare, such as the new collectibles.

Remember to watch markets, even hang out in some bigger shops watching what people offer. Smart merchants write down what they see. If you see the same value going around continuously, then that is smarter then relying on a rare-values website.

Choice 4 – Raising casino reputation:

If your casino from step 3 isn’t working out, then think about joining a casino as a dealer, sometimes paying 1-2 HCs for dealers entrance rights in a casino can be the way to go, especially if you have the HC’s to pay out to HC bets. All casino games are in the dealers favor, odd wise. Smart idea would be to scout a casino before you buy rights, if you are a dealer in a casino that is only reputable for scammy dealers, then why even be there? On top of that, dealing and paying out can make you more known to some of the “high rollers”, which bet super rares. Usually they keep an eye on trusted dealers, and urinate on scammer’s. As long as you keep your reputation high, you’ll be fine in the casino life.

Step 5: 80+ HC’s:

Once you hit 80 HC’s you have landmarked as a “rich player” on habbo, not extremely rich, just quite wealthy compared to other players. This is where possibilities on moneymaking are endless, and you could even just go back to earlier steps and make many of the things I described there, just to keep your revenue flowing.

Choice 1 – Become a business mogul:

You may have noticed some players have endless amounts of rooms on everything. Some players own 40 rooms boasting different things, and some of those rooms are full at all times. In habbo, boosting your popularity is the first step to becoming a casino legend, a store entrepenuer, and a class A player in everyone elses eyes. If you have the spare money and the furni, create rooms just to boost your popularity. Remember, sometimes you have to go against what you hate to become popular on habbo. Some bigger things include adoption agencies, restaurants, trade rooms and self-host game rooms. Anything that a person can host or do on their own is better then forcing a host to be there, and allows you more free time to do what you want.

Choice 2 – Throwing around lower supers:

Super rares are one of the biggest ways to succeed on habbo, and if you buy rares that will soon become supers, or buying low supers in an attempt to wait for them to raise is a good idea. This is also one of the riskiest ways to make money out of them all, as any super, at any time can be deemed to go too high, and may wreck the economy by habbo staff, which would in turn cause a release of that super to the public, dropping the price of that rare down to .5-1.0, so you have to have a nice bit of luck, and even skill to do this.

Choice 3 – Buy in and pay out to super casino bets:

Once the opportunity presents itself, buy rights to one of the most well-known casinos, and if you have a good reputation already, you might be able to snag some super rare bets. They are incredibly hard to come by, but if you’re known as a reputable dealer, you should be able to take them. Even taking a bet that is 20HC+ is great for you if you win. As before though, you need a lot of luck, and a lot of respect. But either way, every game is in the dealers favor more then the betters.

Final step: 300+ HC’s:

This is pretty much the end of your journey, when you get over 300+ HC’s. You could combine everything from before to create even more revenue, or do a couple of these things:

Choice 1 – A stockpile:

Though not the fairest play in the book, an amazingly rich person may be able to stockpile an item that was not incredibly valuable before *Such as a store giveaway, or something guaranteed to never be given out again*, and hold onto them, in a locked room, until you have enough to cause a deficit in that market, driving up the price of that item considerably, until it raises to the point that you wish to sell it. Risks do include habbo releasing the item back to the public due to a bad market, even if they claimed it would never be given out again, and other risks may include competition stockpilers and even a decline on the market due to people just not wanting them. This is indeed something that requires a bit of luck, a good amount of skill, and a lot of intellect to perfect.

Choice 2 – Opening a super casino:

If you’ve gone through the casino business, you should know that super casinos can get a lot of attention. If you are a reputable dealer, this only opens more opportunities. This is the point where you need to test every dealer you hire, if you hire a bad dealer and they scam something of value, they will not be the one accounted for, it will be YOU. Why? It’s the owners fault for hiring such a unreputable dealer. Get to know your dealers first, or even hire dealers that you have worked with in past casinos, if you’ve done so. Make sure your casino appeals to high rollers, just because it has thrones as every seat does not mean it appeals to everyone, you need something with a fair room score, and it must be known as a place that is 100% scam-free. Though this can sometimes be impossible, eventually a person can achieve a 100% scam-free casino by limiting dealers to just close friends, though this can stop scamming, it can also cut down profits you make from DE.

Choice 3 – Final touches to a habbo empire:

If you’re more of a charismatic person, your empire is what you must finish. When you get up your rooms, whether they be all about gangs, businesses, or just plain things that habbos like. It’s always good to see change in the habbo community, and if someone has a good idea, it might pay off to have them help you out.

Ending statement:

In conclusion, most solutions to making anything on habbo is to have a nice amount of cash, or to have a friend help you out. Join up forces with someone to double output and ideas, just make sure you can put a bit of trust into them first. On top of that, you should always play safe. To help people out, I have listed a bunch of things to stay away from on habbo, this will make your habbo experience more pleasant:


No, your password will not show up like this – ******** if you type it.

If you are trading, never give a person the item first, always make to do a trade in total, such as a person who wants to trade you 12 different norms for a rare, it’s physically impossible to do in a trade window, so don’t do it at all. Trade that item to someone else for things that will actually fit into the trade window.

Watch out for “team scams” in a game room, these can include the same person being in a game room over 3-4 times, revving at the same moment, purposely never sitting just so they can rev someone out, and “recieving” a prize that you see in that game room the next day, this is an automatic turnoff, and a guaranteed scam.

Make sure to read all casino rules before you bet a dealer, some casinos can legally have rules such as dealer wins on all ties, even on rares. This is another turnoff, and if there is no rules, make sure to ask yourself.

If you are scammed in a casino, here’s a heads up: HABBO STAFF WILL NOT REFUND YOU. In fact, there is a good chance that they will not even ban the dealer unless 2 or more people report that person. Remember to only play with a dealer you feel is reputable enough for your bet (But don’t try betting habbos high bet-taking dealer a norm, that probably won’t go over too well ;P)

There is never, and will never be a such thing as 100% free coins on habbo. Habbo staff will not put their insignia on some random freewebs website, the only 100% safe habbo website is the main habbo site itself.

“Can a values/fan site give me a keylogger?”
The answer is yes. Values websites can give keyloggers to unsuspecting players who listen to radios, open up certain popup windows, and press yes to download things that are faking as something else. The best values site is a notepad and a person keen enough to sit there and watch what things are going for. Else, you could ask a close friend what the value of something is. Thus said, I want to point out that all values sites are not bad, and if you knew the top ones of that time, then you should only use the ones others use.

Stay away from giveaways that ask you to p2s, p2p, etc. These kinds of giveaways are actually just hidden profit for its owners, and really never works to your favor.

“People claim iHabbix hacks people, is this true?”
100% True, iHabbix is the last thing you’re going to want on your computer. Although it only targets certain people who have so much of an item, people report actually losing items quite slowly, so they wouldn’t notice. Here’s the plus and the minus’s for iHabbix:
+: You can flood.. Thats about it
-: You’re going to get banned for flooding, you’re going to get keylogged/trojaned, if the 11 year old operating iHabbix finds out you have money in your paypal, then they are going to go after that too. Stay away from it at all costs.

Carefully watch out to never get hustled or played, sometimes in a trade room a person will shout “BUYING HC SOFA FOR GOLD BAR”, and another kid is saying “SELLING HC SOFA FOR 25 COINS”. Why don’t they just sell it to each other? They are hoping a random person will notice both, think they are both just idiots, and buy the hc sofa for 25 coins, and try to sell it to the guy buying it for a gold bar, but the guy buying the hc sofa just leaves. Getting played is usually by someone you are really close to on the internet, and this is where the issue of trust comes into mind. People can get played by their habbo GF, their best friend on habbo, a casino dealer, or even a shopkeeper, make sure you keep yourself together and never let anyone take advantage of you, it will just make you look worse.

Don’t listen to random chatter or rumors that people try to spread to you, they might claim HC sofas are going down or a rare is going down just to persuade you to buy it, do not listen to it, wait until it happens for sure, remember, many people might even tell you it, but it may still be a part of a team scam.

Just because you don’t see it anywhere doesn’t make it a rare and cause you to overpay, chances are it may just be in such low demand that nobody wants it. Make sure to check into it yourself to find out.

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