Sims Social Land Expansion FAQ

Sims Social Land Expansion FAQ by britgirls

Where do I get going?

Hover over the FOR SALE signs that appear around your house. Click on one of them to get started. At this stage, the expansions are incomplete.

Why am I not seeing these “FOR SALE” signs?

You need the following amount of house value and XP to access. Hint: Buy more items to increase your house value.

I’ve started to ask for collectibles via one plot of land and now I want to change my mind and expand a different plot of land – will the collectibles carry over?

Yes! As long as you have not clicked on “Apply” yet, you can always change your mind on which plot of land to go for.

I’m currently waiting for my permit to be approved. Can I work on a second one?

Sorry, computer says no …

How many expansions can I apply for?

You can apply for 11 expansions to your land – but not all at once. The higher your level and house value, the more land you can apply for. The 11 expansions are plots that surround your initial starting land (i.e. you cannot expand outside this land)

Why would I want to expand?

Why wouldn’t you? Not only will you have more space to decorate, you might be lucky enough to find special abandoned items that you can restore on your new plots of land!

What do I need to apply for a permit?

Applying for a permit is fun in Littlehaven, but it can be hard work. Start by having the required amount of simoleons, contracts and signatures.

Can I pay for contracts, signatures and simoleons?

You can use SimCash to purchase the items and make the process a little faster, but with a little help from your friends, no SimCash is required.

Approval takes time!

As you can imagine, land is very sought after in Littlehaven. There are millions of applications to approve. However, if you really want a quick turnaround, SimCash can go a long way!

Your permit has been approved!

Once your application has been approved, you’ll soon know about it! Watch out for a massive present to land on your house. Your Sim may even celebrate!

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