Facebook The Sims Social Did you Know?

Facebook The Sims Social Did you Know? by Andrijana89

Did you know that:

1. …when your neighbor Sim is in a relationship, it will look like this:

and a single Sim:

2….when you have both sims that are in a relationship as neighbors, it will look like this:

3. …for a lot of quests/achievements in this game, you can use your neighbors’ house to complete them without spending energy (you have 5 free interactions at a neighbors’ house every day)

4. …telescope looks like this :

and is on 10th page, when you click ‘shop’
5. …if you put your mouse here, like this:

you can see how much experience points (XP) you need for the next level (and also the name of that level eg Social Chrysalis).

6. …If you click “craft” (next to “shop”) like this:

And then scroll a bit down to the “cleaning collection”

..you can trade these items for 3 energy and 150 simoleons! REALLY COOL.7….if you rummage through other neighbour’s trash cans, instead of interacting with them on your daily visit, you can get experience points, plus you get 1 energy sometimes, too!

8..when the birds (or other animals) stand like this (on the pic), on a narrow path,

you cannot walk through them, so to clear your path, either wait for them to disappear after some time or take photo of them to go away

9…(just saw “where are newspaper” thread lol) so newspaper need to be posted on your wall for friends to click send. Heres is how, first you click unlock on the skill you need newspaper:

And then you click ask friends below the newspaper icon (I dont need them, but I hope you get the point on what button to click):

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