Ether Saga Odyssey Adjusting the New ESO to improve the game

Ether Saga Odyssey Adjusting the New ESO to improve the game by XArchanax

For those that are having a hard time getting used to the new ESO, here are a few, sometimes obvious, adjustments you can do.

Problem: If you are like me and usually play on the lowest graphics settings, you probably logged into ESO today and felt very disapointed at the new look. Very thing looks dull and blurry.

Remedy: Turn up the “texture” and “brighten” in Options > Systen. The game instanly looks better.

After: (only turning up texture and brighten)

Chat Channels
Problem: The default settings no longer keep alliance, clan, party or whispers in the top custom box.

Remedy: Go to Options > Preferences > Under the custom tab, make sure alliance, clan, party and whisper are checked. Click apply.

Note: I noticed that if you change ur options again afterwards, then all the defaults in the chat boxes reset. This is so upsetting! x.x ESO fix it.

Problem: New font is …. SO UGLY! And by now, you have probably been wondering why my font not the same as yours.

Remedy: I changed back the font files. I was fortunate to have an OLD ESO that I have not updated on another computer. So I went to its folders and grabbed the old fonts and replaced the new ones with them. (I made a copy of the new fonts just incase I want to swtich back). I hope this is allowed, but I am using the old ESO files anyway so I don’t think there should be anything wrong with it.

So here is what you do:


tep 1: To go your ether saga folder.
This is usually in Program Files > Perfect World Entertainment > Ether Saga Online > element > font.
Here you will see three files: fzl2jw.ttf, fzlbjw.ttf and fzxh1jw.ttf.

Step 2: Copy the files and make a new folder elsewhere.
For example, make a new folder on your desktop called new ESO fonts and copy and paste the 3 above files in there.

Step 3: Download the old ESO font files.
I have uploaded them here.
Unzip them afterwards to see three files that are also named fzl2jw.ttf, fzlbjw.ttf and fzxh1jw.ttf.

Step 4: Replace the new ESO font files.
Go back to the ESO font folder and copy the old ESO font files in there. It will ask you whether you want to replace the files, say yes.

Log back in the game to see the good old ESO font!

Here is how it looks:

What GMs can do to help us:
Super Channel: The super channel font color is very hard on the eyes. Please change it to another colour. In KDXY, players had the same problem with the colour and the dev team there changed it right away. Please do the same for us.

If there are other little tricks you have place post here. Thank you! Hope everyone enjoys the new ESO nonetheless.

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