Ether Saga Odyssey Beginner’s Guide

Ether Saga Odyssey Beginner’s Guide by havs

Just something I typed up that I thought would be useful, since there are lots of questions about leveling, etc. from the newer players… Feel free to comment with any other FAQ answers that you think would be useful!

Please keep all replies respectful and on-topic.

– Don’t beg for gold/EB/etc. It will make the higher level players ignore you, or trash-talk you.
– Don’t act entitled. If you demand that so-and-so help you, or someone doesn’t help you, don’t throw a fit. It just makes you look bad, and if you’re lvl 45+ you will probably get PKed for it.

– AOE attacks; area-of-effect attacks can target multiple enemies at once.
– Poss; possessing is an in-game botting feature. Higher levels need it more than lower levels, since quests don’t give enough exp for 90+ to level quickly.
– Mob-dropping; when someone lures more monster mobs to a person possessing (using an AoE attack while on possessor) so that they are overwhelmed and are killed by the additional mob. This is a bannable offense.
– WC/A.Bells; World Chat. Many people refer to it as ‘Belling’, or the like. Angelic Bells are necessary to use the World Chat function. They are $0.10 each, or ~20g.
– QQ; whining/rage quit/cry more. It’s an insult you don’t want to be associated with.
– PM/Whisp; Private message/whisper
– Pit; Pit of Champions. When you reach lvl 90 you can get a Sword of Courage from Mapkeeper Ming once a day.
– TW; Territory War
– DS; Dragon Slayer gear
– TDS; True Dragon Slayer gear
– Trilace; △ Etherlace
– EC; Etherlace Crystal
– AC; Ancestral Crystal
– Sig; Signet
– SoP; Stone of Piece
– Voids; Void Stones
– Nats/NS; Natural Stones
– JoD; Jade of Dragon

– Find an alliance that works for you. Without an alliance or a clan, you will have trouble progressing in the game and things won’t be as fun. The strongest alliances generally don’t accept players under level 100 now (on Fort Phoenix, at least), but there are other alliances that don’t have a level requirement, or have a minimum requirement of level 60.

– Quests are very important for the lower levels in the game. Try to pay attention to what type of monsters will earn you double the reward if you kill them for a Bulletin Board quest. The System Message will tell you which kind of monster gives you the bonus. System Messages appear in RED.

– [work in progress]
– Wehn’s thing
– Zurin’s thing
– Uree’s thing
– Ziola things
– Saturday imbue thing
– Satchet thing
– Weekend Cicubee quests

– Gaap, Gallio, and Ziminian are all territory that can be held/owned by alliances. Territory wars happen when Occupation % reaches 0. Occupation Reduction quests speed this process up immensely.
– Only available on Realm 8.
– There are two Territory Agents in each region – speak to the Global Agent and get the Occupation Reduction Quest. You’ll have to speak to two other NPCs before you kill 10 monsters of your level to get 2 Event Tokens.
– Ziminian Occupation Reduction is the most tedious, and takes around 20 minutes to half an hour to reach all the necessary NPCs
– You can do Occupation Reduction 5 times in each region for a total of 15 Occu rounds and 30 Event Tokens
– Occu is incredibly helpful for reaching level 90.

– Earning gold is very difficult (until around lvl. 100+), unless you buy E-Bucks to sell. Some people do this, while others don’t spend a single cent of their money on this game. They manage to do this by farming for items to sell.

– Farming is generally done in Instances. River Temple 2 (RT2) is the best place to farm for the lower levels – even the higher levels make lower level alt characters to farm RT2. It is VERY difficult, and you will need a party unless you have seriously pimped out gear.
– Farming can also be done by possessing with a Jadeon (an auxiliary item that lets your character automatically pick up items that drop) in areas where monsters drop good items, like pet skills, etc. This is less effective and takes more time, but can be very profitable if you get a good drop.
– Why farm? RT2 can drop Diplo Weapons and materials necessary for building great gear for lower levels. If you can’t farm Instances, farming other items to sell and earn gold will help you afford better equipment.

– Possessing is Ether Saga’s legal botting item. They range from 6 hours to 7 days, and are pretty much necessary for level 95+. They aren’t necessary for anyone below level 45 really, but can be useful for characters around level 60.
– After binding your Possessor to you, you drop in the skills you want to use while possessing, change the settings to whatever time interval you want to use those skills, drop in HP pots and MP pots and press start. It’s pretty straight forward. Just play around with the settings until you find a set up that works best for you.

– If you do all of your Training Quests you will get all of your gear up to and including level 75.
– For level 90 and 100 gear, it can be farmed while on possessors. It’s not very hard to get a hold of your gear – the hard part is imbueing, resonating, and socketing your gear.
– All Destiny Gear needs to be unlocked using the Destiny Jade of the equivalent level. All Destiny Weapons require 2 Jades. All of the Destiny Gear attributes that are gained after unlocking can be rerolled with another Destiny Jade. Resonating resets the attributes of your gear, so don’t reroll for the attributes you want until after resonating.
– Dragon Slayer gear can be turned into True Dragon Slayer gear by imbuing the DS to +6, then taking Dragon Apothegem I, II, and III to your class’ NPC in front of the Amaz Queen. It costs 35g per imbue attempt.
– True Dragon Slayer gear can have their bonus stats re-rolled like Destiny gear can be. The item required for this is called a Jade of Dragon, and they are quite pricey. Armor takes 1 JoD per roll while weapons take 2.

– You can Imbue your gear at the Blacksmith or the Dusk Dragonkin. The cost of Imbueing varies depending on the level of your gear. It is very difficult to Imbue successfully! Be prepared to fail a lot.
– Lightbender Stones increase the chances of success for Imbueing, and when one is used as an auxiliary item it prevents the Imbue from lowering more than 1 Imbue when it fails.
– Etherlaced Crystals increase the chances of Imbueing success, but don’t prevent the item from failing down to 0.

– Ethrelics: used to imbue Astral Gear up to level 30 and all weapons up to level 30, including level 30 Diplo Weapons.
– Condensed Ethrelics: used to imbue Astral 45, 60, and 75 gear and weapons, as well as level 90 annihilation gear and weapons.
– Godly Ethrelics: used to imbue Diplo gear and weapons.
– Destiny Ethrelics: made when combining Godly Ethrelics and Natural Stones at the forge. These are used to Imbue Destiny Gear
– Astral Ethrelics: used to Imbue Dominance Gear.
– Ethrelics of Dragon Blood: used to Imbue Dragon Slayer and True Dragon Slayer gear.

– Resonating is when you combine Element Scrolls (Widu, Unda, Pyra, etc.) with Imbued gear.
– You can only Resonate level 45+ equipment.
– There is an Imbue level requirement for resonating gear.
– Level 45 gear at +2
– Level 60 gear at +3
– Level 75 gear at +4
– Level 90 gear at +5
– Level 100 gear at +6.
– There is always a chance that Resonating will fail and your armour will break! Ancestral Crystals used as an Auxiliary item decreases the chances of it happening, but you could still lose 2/3 of your set. Generally, at least one piece of a set will break during Resonation unless you use an Elements Charm (which go for over 5,000g now)
-Resonating is very important for Destiny and True Dragon Slayer gear, as resonation will double the bonus stats on each piece of gear in addition to the default resonation bonus stats.

– Socketing can be done at the Blacksmith, and requires Hand Drills.
– Socketing gear should never be done without Lightbender Stones or Void Stones, unless your intent is to break it.
– Socketed gear is useful because it allows you to Embed Jades to increase the strength of your set. You can only socket gear to +4 until it is Resonated, after which you can socket to +8.

– Embedding Jades into your gear increases the stats of it. It is pretty much necessary once you reach level 90+, and is very useful when you’re at level 75.
– Never Embed anything less than Common Jades into your gear, until level 75 when you should definitely be using Refined Jades.
– Embedding will never fail.

– Once you reach level 90 there are new maps/regions and Instances for you to explore, such as the Ole Region.
– The Ole Region costs 1g to teleport to from Amaz. You have to talk to the Amaz Queen to get there. There are many elite mobs there and good drops, and when you die you don’t lose any exp or spirit.
– The Lost Worlds map costs ‘Lost World Virtue’ to enter. Zeon in Dizzet is the NPC who transports you there. It costs 5 virtue to enter and then you lose 5 more virtue every 5 minutes you’re in there, but you’re given 3000 free virtue the first time you go there. It gives out good drop, exp, and spirit, but when you die you lose exp and spirit, unlike in Ole.
– Dream Lost Worlds is a more difficult version of Lost Worlds. You need high defense to possess here, but it is the best place to possess for spirit and drops.
– The Pit of Champions is a level 90+ instance where you kill many mobs of monsters, get decent/good drops, and the occassional boss monster. The Final Boss in Pit has the chance of dropping DS (Dragon Slayer) gear.

– Leandris
– Future’s End

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