Earth Eternal User Interface Guide

Earth Eternal User Interface Guide by Nex

This is just a short run-through of things and isn’t complete.


A: Player level, HP, and Might and Will levels
B: Current target level, type, HP, and skill casting bar
C: Buffs/Debuffs
D: The minimap Current location and shard are found above.
E: Current quests being tracked (dot color corresponds to marker on map/minimap as well).
F: Player character
G: Chatbox
H: Additional skill bars Clicking on this red diamond opens a numbered bar. Clicking on a number will activate an additional skill bar. Each bar also has its own corresponding key-combo. For example, skills placed on the 3 bar can be activated by using shift + a number key.
I: Primary skill bar Auto-melee and Auto-range attacks on spots 1 and 2 can not be overridden with other skills.
J: Luck/Heroism gauge Higher luck/heroism grants you more HP and a chance to receive additional coins/experience when killing mobs.
K: Character sheet General info about your character. HP, level, stats, and current equipped gear.
L: Inventory
M: Abilities (skills) Each class has it’s own tab, as well as general tabs for Travel, Weapons, Transportation, and Restoration.
N: Quest log
O: Contacts Friends, Clan, and Ignore list included.
P: Main Menu Use it to access your options, send a bug report, contact a GM/Sage, unsticking, or just logging out.
Q: Game Help Currently unavailable (see forums for assistance).
R: Purchase Credits Currently unavailable.
S: Credit Shop Currently unavailable.
T: Your “wallet” Scroll over each to view. Green diamond -> Credits. Red crystal -> reagents. Coin -> in-game currency.
U: Experience bar

Some keyboard commands
Ctrl + c hides the chatbox
Alt + z hides everything (great for screenshots)

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    When you see " STRIKE!!! " up near your health bar what does that mean ?

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