Earth Eternal Knight Guide

Earth Eternal Knight Guide by JohnnyFlame

Hello there rookie,your here because you have doubts of what to invest and score as a knight?
Well im here to show exactly how to not mess up.And id like to remind you,there is no away to fail,there are only aways to win.If your having fun…your winning already.

First of all, knight is a tank.

But by no means that means you cant dps,infact you can be a serious dps.

Now let’s know our most basic builds:The Berserker,The Tank,The Crusader

The Berserker:
That’s a fine axe you bring there my good sir,says a men to you,Thats how the berserker lives,your giant gallant tower tall weapons,are there to smash heads.Your known as a dps beast,and you deal the most direct form of dmg,pure STR.

Berserker main stats:STR
Secondary stats:HP(PvP) and DEX(PvE)

Important Skills:
-Taurian Might(Keep it always up,helps maximize damage)
-Concussion(PvP,altough it can serve a purpose in PvE if your tank is kiting,or other situations)
-Frostbolt(Even more PvP driven)
-Stagger(You be stunning them mah boy)
-Berserker(All i have to say is careful,charge at your enemy and don’t stop till he is dead)
-Blender(Thatsssssssss a nice group you have theresssssssssssssss….)
-Can Opener(Think of it like the best move ever,Can Opener+Thor’s Might Blow=Dude:WTF!!!!!??!)
-Thor’s Mighty Blow(A signature move,as its 2 min cooldown is bad for pvp(unless a finisher),altough in PvE bosses this might be a good use for a finisher)

Weapons of choice:2H

Tip:Altough your still a knight,don’t forget that your defense is severely punished,id say equaling you to a druid in terms of defence,that means youl likely go down faster,rest,dont be afraid to sit down and recover that hp.

The Tank:
WHY the crap wont he die!!!That’s wath the tank hears all day,your nearly imortal,to be imortal you only need to pair a good druid and voulla.Your like the great wall of china.Only time can destroy you.

Primary Stats:HP
Secondary Stats:STR

Important Skills:
-Turtle(Always up in arenas,dungeons and wathnot,keep it down in the overworld,it’s only going to slow your grinding even more)
-Blender(Ahh tanks,masters of AoE……yep,gather the mobs and boom boom boom)
And the rest is chit chat,get everythink that gives you Hate(Taunt,Provoke and Rampage),more Hp(Warrior’s Spirit,Vifor of Sargon) and DEF.
It is also important to get skills that stop the enemy from attacking like Disarm and the passive Stagger.

Weapons of choice:1H+Shield

Tip:Your a beast,nothing can shatter your defence,but your attack probably leaves alot to wish,so your grinding will be slower,you will need patience my friend,patience.

The Crusader:
I can’t make out wath he his,a tank or a dps…..dang it.That’s right,this is the most adaptable knight,He can tank,he can dps,he can heal,he can fly(not really),he can hug piggypops(i can too ;D).

Primary Stat:STR and HP
Secondary:SPI(If your more of a Tank) or DEX(If your more of a DPS)

Important skills:
-Hate Skills(Taunt,Provoke and Rampage)
-Damage Skills(Can Opener,Blender and more…)
-Buffs(They play a big role in the adaptability)

Weapons of Choice:Carry both a 1H+Shield and a 2H.

Tip:Dont feel down if you can’t tank aswell as a Tank,you can’t dps as well as a Berserker,and you can’t heal as well as a druid.Cheer up,you can do it all together,you excell where others fail,diversity,if you suddently are being pwned,you go tank,you are grinding you go dps,you want to be nice you go healer.Your Jack of All trades,but master of none.

With this we end the 3 basic knight builds,now there comes more two knights…The Paladin and The Rune Knight

The Paladin:

You my good sir,you keep justice in this land,you protect the weak and slay the undead.Your like,very close to a Tank in terms of defence,and very close to a Druid in terms of healing.

Primary Stat:HP
Secondary Stat:Spi

Important Skills:
-Hate Skills(Provoke,Challenge and Rampage)
-Healing Skills(Tendril and Healing Hand,Gaia Embrace aswell if you can spare the points and the reagents)
-Discipline(This is epic,with this you can basically tendril yourself up without being stopped)
-Mystic Missile and Soul Burst(Use this all the time,even without spirit,magic is op,with spirit you can easily one shot a mob or take away 50% of a players HP)
-Mystical(Keeps your pally spirit up )
-Mystic Specialization(More dmg is always helpful)
-Buffs(Most of them,yes including Warrior’s Spirit,you should know how to use it,depending on situation,do you need survival or dmg?)

Weapons of choice:
-1H+Shield(If you like tanking the most)
-1H+Totem(If you like healing the most)

Tip:Your not imortal buddy,when you first try this build,it will look like your unbeatable,good dps,good def,good heals.This grants you a the best solo capacity,of all classes and builds.Altough in a party you will probably will be a dps or a backup healer.

The Rune Knight:

Sir,why are you standing here on my archer spot?You asnwer,im gonna bombard them

Primary Stats:Psy
Secondary Stats:Hp

Important Skills:
-Flame Spear/Frost Spear
-Frost Bolt & Cry Blast
-Deep Freeze

Weapon of choice:

Tip:A weird knight indeed,it uses the defence of a knight in trade for dmg,to be able to destroy enemies from afar,and survive if they get closer.

The builds are done my friend,this is basically wath you have to choose,altough if you dont like any,you can create your own ;D its mighty fun.
Remember you can add some touches on your build,like im a paladin,and i love fire,let’s add some fire moves ;D

Thats it rookie….*opens very big gate*,pass through that door,and your now a knight.Go forth,and crush dem mages ;D

-Earth Eternal(Id like to tank(pun intended xD) all the team for their job,and all the players for making this a awesome community.

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