Earth Eternal Controls Guide

Earth Eternal Controls Guide by Basselope

( some of these may have changed, if so let me know and i’ll edit this)

For those of you whom are not familiar with the Earth Eternal user interface on the screen. Please look through Nex’s Basic Guide on it, it was very well done, and may one day become a more advanced version of it.

Commands that could be helpful to you…
/follow = allows you auto-follow anyone you’ve got selected (including monsters)
/disconnect = logs you out of the game.
/petition = this option is for reporting an issue between players or an NPC to a Game Master (GM), to ask them to come investigate it. It is based upon your location when you issue the command.
/bug – logs a bug report based on current location in world, and asks for a summary of the bug/issue. Also see the section on this further near the top of the post, about Bug Submission.
To UNSTICK yourself, you have to press ESC, then in the menu click on UNSTICK, and it will teleport you to the last/nearest Sanctuary. It also logs where you where, when you used it, so that the Dev’s can find that spot and fix it. Alternately, you can use /unstick as well.

/emote emote_name = allows you to do an emote, a list of some of the emotes is below. For a bigger list of them, read this thread.
* Applaud
* Beg
* Blow_Kiss
* Bow
* Curtsey
* Dance_Conga
* Dance_Raise_The_Roof
* Dance_Staying_Alive
* Excited
* Exclaim
* Flex
* Laugh
* Point
* Proclaim
* Sad
* Salute
* Shrug
* Victory
* Wave
* Worship

Chat Commands and options:
For those still confused by the chat commands when in game…Hit enter, it gives a little black chat box, no matter what’s already at the beginning of the line…type the blue command as you see here:
/syschat = Admin only chat ( we can’t use it)
/region = lets you hear those people on the same island/area as you.
/chat = lets you hear those people on the same island/area as you.
/tell “first last name” message = a private message between two people (yes the ” ” are required for now)
/say = heard only in local area where you are standing.
/party = the party channel. Right-click on another person to invite him/her to a party.
• /party invite full name – not sure if quotes are needed around the name, but this was used in the past to invite to a party
• /party leave – this lets you leave the party, some said in the past that using QUIT instead of leave worked too
• /party kick full name – again not sure if the quotes are needed, but it was supposed to kick someone from the party. I never heard if it was actually used or tested, not sure it works.
Private chat channel are available now!
• To create a private channel type: /join channelname
• To speak in that channel type: /ch channelname message
• To leave the channel type: /leave channelname
Clicking on the channel name in the chat box to switch the chat box to that channel works too.
Please note that you will have to rejoin the channel every time you login! It will not auto-rejoin you to the private channels

CTRL+C = closes or re-opens the chat box.

Keyboard Shortcuts you can use in-game…
M – brings up the FULL Map
L – the Lobby window
N, P – brings up the Abilities window
C – brings up the Character window
X – changes the weapon your holding or not
Z – Auto-Run
K – triggers the Credit Shop window
J – brings up the Quest Journal
F, O – brings up the Friends window
I, B – brings up the Inventory window
W – moves you forward
A – turns you left
S – moves you backwards
D – turns you right
Q – strafes left or sidesteps to the left
E – strafes right or sidesteps to the right
SPACE – makes you jump
TAB – targets the next closest enemy
Arrow Keys – moves or turns you in the direction the arrow points
Return – opens the chat window
Page UP – zooms in on your character
Page Down – zooms out from your character
F1-F4 targets yourself, and party-mates
F9 – cycles through various real-time frame-rate, system, and game statistics and information
F10 – opens your “Video, Audio, Other” options
ESC – brings up the options menu
Alt+Z – hides the User Interface or clears the screen of all buttons and windows
CTRL+RIGHT CLICK in the inventory on armor and weapons, will automatically wear them as long as no SHOP window is open.

Click and hold the RIGHT MOUSE BUTTON while moving the mouse, to make your camera pan around as if your looking through your avatar.
Click and hold the LEFT MOUSE BUTTON while moving the mouse, to pan around your own avatar.

Heroism and Death:
This comes from the rebirth tooltip in game:
First Resurrection Option… All Heroism gone + main stats cut in half
Second Resurrection Option… ~50% Heroism gone + small monetary fee
Third Resurrection Option… ~10% Heroism gone + large monetary fee

To make a Clan, you have to be as far as Corsica. The first Registrar is found here, and will charge you 5 silver to make the clan. Currently, clan management is still under the iron, so don’t expect many options yet. And IF you are the one running the clan, YOU need to MAKE the clan, as of right now, leadership cannot be handed off yet. And clan invitations can only be given out by the Leader currently.

Auto-Attacks are missing:
If you log in, or die and come back to life, but find that your Auto-Attacks are now missing, here is what you can do. To fix this, drag your equipped weapon back into your inventory from your character window, then drag the weapon from your inventory into your hotbar slot where the auto-attack key was. (Which is normally the first or second slot.) Then drag the weapon back from your inventory to your equipment slot in the character window.

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