Drakensang Online FAQ

Drakensang Online Frequently Asked Questions by Grendel

What about the chat window, and how to join and leave a group?

Currently the Closed Beta chat interface capabilities are limited. You can use it to chat with other players in the same zone as yourself only. So remember this when having a conversation and traveling zone to zone at the same time. It can also be used to form groups with other players, so you can work together both in world zones and in dungeons.

Unlike world zones, dungeons are instanced zones. So when you enter a dungeon by yourself, you won’t see any other players until you leave it. If you are in a group and you all enter the same dungeon, all group members will be in the same zone together.

Chat console commands:

/w [whisper a player]
/r [reply to the last player to whisper to you]
/invite [add player to your group – leader only or to create a group]
/leave [leaves a group]
/kick [remove a member from a group – leader only]
/promote [make another group member the new group leader – leader only]

How to identify unknown items?

Items shaded green, blue and purple are valuable items of varying rarity.  In order to use the item you must first identify it with Crystal of Truth.  This is accomplished by right-clicking on Crystal of Truth, and then clicking on the item you want to identify.  The amount of Crystal of Truth required to identify each item is displayed on it’s tooltip.

If you have enough Crystal of Truth, a window will appear asking if you want to combine these items.  Select yes and the item will now display new stats and be useable at last.  If you don’t have enought Crystal of Truth, you can either buy more from the Shop tab or collect some from loot drops.

What other keyboard controls are there?

I – Opens the Inventory window
C – Opens the Character window
S – Opens the Skills window
Q – Opens the Quests window
T – Opens the Shop window
M – Opens the zone map overlay
CTRL+M – Pulls up the world map overlay. Presently doesn’t show very much info or provide directions.
Shift – Holding shift will root the character in place. This allows you to attack and not worry about accidentally moving; more a benefit to ranged classes, but still useful to melee classes in some situations.

What item bonuses are best?

How you decide to gear your character is up to you.  Some player prefer to focus on survial stats.  Some prioritize damage stats.  Others like to keep their character balanced.

Common bonuses found on loot:

+ Damage (either a fixed amount or a percentage) – adds a damage bonus to your attacks
+ Critical Hit – increases the chance of landing a critical hit which hits for a lot more damage than normal
+ Armor – increases your total armor value, which helps to lower the amount of damage you take from enemies
+ Attack Speed – increases how often your character will attack – be aware that for Spellweavers this also means that you will consume mana at a faster rate than normal, while for Dragonknights this means that you will effectively be able to gain rage faster than normal
+ Health – increases your total health by a specific amount

What happens when I die?
Death is currently only a minor setback. When it does occur, you are presented with two options: respawn back at the zone entrance for 120 andermant, or respawn for free in the last city you visited. Your equipment will also suffer a loss of durability on death, but it’s not a large enough amount to worry over.

There are circular stone platforms placed in each town, these are the respawn locations where you will appear if you chose to revive for free.

How do I Sell Items?
If you mouseover an item in your inventory you are told (along with the stats for that item) how much it is worth in the game’s currency. To sell it, open up the Shop tab and then double-click on the item. It will disappear and you will be given the currency. Hit ‘Accept’ button in the shop to commit.

If you drag an item from your inventory into the world, you will be asked to destroy it instead.

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