Drakensang Online Using Crystal of Truth Guide

Drakensang Online Using Crystal of Truth Guide by Azureus

1) Get an Unidentified Item

2) Use with the Crystal of Truth with the right mouse button and click the item

3) Now a confirmation window will appear, fuse them and the item will be identified

4) Some items need more than 1 Crystal of Truth to identify.

5) The number of crystals scales with the item’s level. Trying to identify level 22 greens is costing me 24-26 crystals. Make sure you have enough on hand for it to work, a safe bet is probably 1.5x the item level.

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2 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    I've got two Extraordinary items for lvl 13 requiring 80 Crystals of Truth each! (160 in total)
    And that is a pain in the arse, when Crystals of Truth are so expensive.

  2. kingabid7 says:

    where do i get Unidentified Item for crystal of truth

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