Drakensang Online Essences Guide

Drakensang Online Essences Guide by Buffbot

Just in case others are wondering how the present passive skill system works, here goes:

Each essence requires a skill to be purchased from your Class Trainer. Once the skill is learned, it shows up under Passive Skills in the Skill menu. Those passive skills allow you to use Essences which modify your active skills.

Essences are equipped by dragging them from your inventory to the skill window; each skill has an extra slot underneath where this is placed. If you no longer want to use an Essence, or want to conserve them, you can drag them from the skill window back to your inventory.

While Essences are equipped, each use of the skill consumes multiple Essences from the equipped stack (at level 26, some skills consume upto 12 Essences per use).

I’m not sure what Essences are available for Spellweavers, but I’ll use the Dragonknights as an example:

  • Essence of Rage makes our basic attack generate more rage per hit.
  • Essence of Might makes our arc/swing attack do a lot more damage.
  • Essence of Violence adds a damage over time effect to our AOE swimg attack.
  • Essence of Paralysis stuns enemies that are hit by our charge attack.
  • Essence of Battle – not sure yet how this affects the Battle Cry yet, need to reach L30 to find out – possibly a fear effect.

Essences can be either be gathered from killing mobs, or by purchasing it through the Shop tab or from town vendors.

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