Dragonica Information Compilation

Dragonica Information Compilation by Kroova

User Interface (UI)
System Requirements
OS: Windows 2000
CPU: 1.0 GHz
Memory: 512 MB
Graphic Card: GeForce 2 MX 400

OS: Windows XP or later
CPU: 2.4 GHz or higher
Memory: 512 MB or bigger
Graphic Card: GeForce 4 or higher

Dragonica is compatible with Vista.


1. Moving Around: Use directional keys to move up, down, left, and right.
2. Charge Attack: Use Z to strike a power attack. Uses the Portal.
3. Attack: Press X to attack enemies.
4. Jump: Use C to jump.
5. Pick-up/Action: Press Spacebar to do special actions such as pick up items, pull levers, or Hang on to objects.
6. Quick Slot: Use quick slots with Q, W, E, R, A, S, D, or F key.
7. Pop-Ups: Open Community (Y), My Info (U), Inventory (I), Skill (K), Quest (L), Mini Map (N), and World Map (M).
8. Emotions: Register emotion such as Cry, Laugh, or Greeting in number keys (1-8) to use them.
9. Chatting: Register chat messages such as Normal, Friend, Party, and Guild chats in F1-F5 keys to use them.
10. Others: Press ESC to recall System Menu, Enter to open Chat Prompt, and PrtScn to take a Screenshot.

All controls are customizable.
From http://kaye.blogs.iahgames.com/2008/…marketing.html, one can read that Dragonica DOES offer support for gamepads.

As of 5/21/09, SEA Dragonica doesn’t support multiple resolutions. It’s only possible to switch between fullscreen and windowed mode.

You can open Dragonica in a “windows” mode. You can run programs in the background (e.g. IM). From http://forum.iahgames.com/dragonica/…3048#post23048, Kaye said: “It’s more convenient to use in-game private, buddy, guild, and public chatting but you do tend to accidentally use up potions when you forget to or miss hitting the [enter] key to activate the message box; hence our using IMs.”

When in windows mode, there will be a text box that can pop out into a chat window. The text will be in different colors so you can see what type of text it is (guild, system, loot, etc.). This’ll allow you to take screenies without having a text-box in the picture.
For more info, go to: http://forum.iahgames.com/dragonica/…0606#post30606

Emotes (animated woodies) will be available for use for in-game chatting (http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_n2MmKJluyi…iew+Emotes.jpg).

There are a number of servers, each of which contains a number of channels. (http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_n2MmKJluyi…erver+page.jpg)
Character’s are not channel bound, meaning they can switch between channels at will. They are, however, bound to one server.

Minimaps take a “3D” view of your surroundings from above and marks your position and NPCs with icons which can mouse-overed for more information. You can also see which NPCs have quests for you to obtain, as well as turn in (http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_n2MmKJluyi…ew+minimap.jpg).

Lore Book
Not much info is released, but you’ll be able to read your statistics (items obtained, battles won, quests undertaken, etc.) via a lore book. (http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_n2MmKJluyi…/lore+book.jpg)
You can view achievements you’ve gotten, recommended gear and where to obtain them, available and completed quests, as well as various other informational guides. It’s essentially a “mini-guide” to the game.

Achievements are small little tasks you can complete to earn titles, which are equipable and appear under your character’s name. Some titles give small stat bonuses.
When you unlock an achievement, you can drag a medal from the lore book into a “medal” slot on your character.

World: Rakyria
-El Grego (The Continent of Wind)
–On the Continent of Wind, El Grego, there exists the first town you will encounter, Bell Village. The continent is formed from rich planes, sprawling forests, rugged mountains, and sandy, windswept beaches. To the east is the mansion of Dr. Farrell. To the north is the mountain of the Magma Drake, Lavalon.

There will be at least 5 continents.

The great war between gods and demons separated all living creatures into two opposing camps; one on the side of Light and one on that of Darkness. During the Great Dragon War that took place 50 years prior to the beginning of the game, the dragons themselves were also separated into two sides; one led by the Lord of all Dragons, the other by the Dark Lord, Elga, whose heart and mind had been twisted by the evil Enchantress, Paris.
As the ruler of all Dark Dragons, Elga believed in the divine right of the Stronger to hold dominion over the Weaker. Guided by his cruel cause to wrest power from the hands of “foolish” humans, he is intent on controlling all through the use of sheer power.
According to a Treaty created after the War of the Divinities (between the gods and demons), the Dark Forces will be handed dominion over half the world if Elga’s forces manage a successful invasion. With the dragons unwilling to allow Elga such control over their world, they’ve finally devoted their forces and combined them with the force of Light, preparing for the inevitable battle against the Dark Lord’s minions.
Our story begins now as the Dark Forces have taken just over a full third of the world. Your task, by agreement with the Dragon Lord himself, is to train and develop your skills as one of the foremost warriors in the lands, in hopes of defeating Elga and the Dragonoids.
As a member of the Dragonian Fellowship, you will be forging alliances with other adventurers, helping with quests and tasks as you explore the various lands, and shaping the future of Dragonica itself.


The world map allows you to get a general overview of various areas. You’ll be able to see what kind of monsters are in the area, as well as which NPCs (even what they do!). For more detail, go to http://kaye.blogs.iahgames.com/2008/…-features.html.
From http://forum.iahgames.com/dragonica/…4387#post24387, by Kaye:
“…It[Dragonica] is an open, persistent world, but there are instances where you port into “rooms” or dungeons for timed missions, mildly similar to the WoW system. These instances are tied to a particular area; if you want to go against Dr. Farrel, you have to go to Farrel’s Mansion.

There are multiple types of fields and dungeons. They include cities, normal field maps, and dungeon instances, called mission maps.
-Cities are fully 3D, meaning you aren’t limited to facing side to side. They behave as quest hubs, as well as a place where you can rest, socialize safely, as well as buy and sell goods. Some, like the Port of Winds, may contain instanced dungeons (Farrell’s Mansion), where as others might have various versions of the same city depending on class.
-Normal field maps are the bread and butter of Dragonica, housing the monsters and targets you’ll need for quests. Sprinkled around here and there are quest givers, shine stones (described more under Items), and dungeon entrances. They connect cities and towns and are “2.5D” (there’s depth, but you can only face left and right).
-Dungeons come in a variety of forms (http://kaye.blogs.iahgames.com/2008/…e-content.html). Some are labyrinth-like whereas others are simple stages where you face off immediately against the boss. Normal dungeons have a variety of levels, ranging from 1 to 4 stars. (http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_n2MmKJluyi…w+instance.jpg). Each star symbolizes the number of “fields” in the dungeon. Within each field are a number of monsters you must kill before you can progress. After all the fields are complete, you encounter the boss.
–After the 4th star is complete, you unlock a 5th version of the map that contains a cutscene and is usually relevant a hero quest, described below.
–After you clear all the difficulties for a particular dungeon, you will unlock the “Hidden Field Dungeon.” The boss is no longer tied to the final stage, but now roams free in the fields before. The monsters are also buff up. Defeating the boss in this version grants you a special key which is used to unlock the following.
–Chaos-Field Dungeons are even stronger versions. They drop special “chaos-grade” weapons and armor sets, as well as other high-level items. They key used to unlock this version, however, is timed, and the countdown begins as soon as you enter the dungeon; so you’ll have to move fast to get as many drops as possible.

There are multiple types of quests.

-One is the Scenario Quest. They’re available to all classes and are the main methods of furthering the in-game plots.

-Another is the Hero Quest (http://kaye.blogs.iahgames.com/2008/…e-content.html). Available to all classes; undertaking one will unlock specific scenario mission instances that have unique missions and scenes.

– Mission Quest, usually just called “quests,” are also available to all classes and are used to better your character in terms of experience, money, and gear.

– Class Quests are special quests with special, unique versions for each class. They advance the character through the job tree, as well as reward them with unique gear rewards and stat bonuses.

– Yet another is the Guild Quests. These can only be done with others in the same guild and will result in guild experience, needed to level up the guild. (More details under Social)

Obtainable quests appear as “!” (red for scenario, yellow for normal) above NPCs’ heads.
Unobtainable quests due to level appear as a “!” (gray). Repeatable quests appears as “!” (blue).
Incomplete quests appear as a “?” (gray). Complete quests appear as a “?” (yellow).

Whenever you die, you will lose a % of your XP. The amount you lose will be based on your level. You will not drop below your current level.
You are level 20, at about 85% XP to level 21, you will drop to level 20 at 65% (just an example figure).
You are level 20, at about 15% XP to level 21, you will drop to level 20 at 0%, instead of Level 19.

New info:
You lose 3% per death. This loss is 0% if you’re resurrected. You will not drop below your current level as described above.

Combos are multiple attacks under a certain amount of time. They are not required to be chained or inescapable, nor are they limited to single enemies; combos will continue to grow even if you switch what you’re attacking.

There are “ranks” for combos. These are nothing more than little things to boost your excitement. They follow the following pattern:


The more hits you do in a combo, the more XP you will obtain when the monster(s) is killed. Each hit increases your XP gained by .5%. By getting 20 hits, you’ll get +10% XP, 40 hits = +20% XP, etc. This pattern continues until it maxes out at 100 hits, or +50%XP, giving you 150% of what you would have gotten with no bonus.
Since XP is only gained upon killing a monster, as opposed to just hitting it, the only +XP values that is applied is the one on your killing blow.

If you get a 1.5x XP on an enemy with a 100+ combo and you go onto another enemy and kill it, the 2nd enemy will also give you 1.5x XP.

Monsters have different “weights,” and thus, you may need to adjust your combos accordingly. For example, some monsters fall faster others than others, while others are hard to “pop up” into the air.

All equipment, with the possible exception of misc. items (rings, cloaks, etc.), can be refined. Only weapons, however, can glow; this starts at +4.

+3 and +4 = green glow
+5 and +6 = yellow glow
+7 and +8 = white glow
+9 and +10 = no info

Refining increases 1 of the stats: STR, AGI, INT, or VIT
The stat that’s increased is random. If you continue refining, only that stat will be increased. You won’t get an addition to damage or armour.
Safety zone and effects from failing during refining has had mixed report. According to our current experiment and reading, it seems as if it’s based on weapon grades (A, B, C, masterful, magical, rare, etc.).
After +6, there have been reports of another stat being increased. Whether or not this is a bug is unknown.

Refining is done with stardust, which can be gained from monsters and as dungeon awards.

+4= yellow glow
+8 = azure glow
+12 = light red glow

Refined weapons increases MATK and ATK. They do not increase VIT, INT, STR, or AGI. Those stats can only be increased by soul crafting, described below.

Refined armors increases MDEF and DEF.

Refining is done with weapon or armor enchant powders. These are gained as drops from monsters or as dungeon and quest rewards.

+0 > +1 until +2 > +3
Failure doesn’t destroy item
Failure doesn’t downgrade item back to +0

+3 > +4
Failure has low chance of destroying item
Failure doesn’t downgrade item back to +0 (?)

+4 > +5 until +13 > +14
Failure has chance of destroying item
Failure has chance of downgrading item back to +0
Insurance Scrolls prevent BOTH item breakage and downgrading

+14 > +15
Failure has chance of destroying item
Failure has chance of downgrading item back to +0
Insurance Scrolls DOES NOT prevent item breakage OR downgrading

You can disassemble gear and weapons in order to extract their “soul particles.”
The soul particles can be used in soul-crafting, which can be used to enchant existing gear, with a risk, of course.
For pics, go to http://kaye.blogs.iahgames.com/2008_11_01_archive.html

Cooking requires “Recipe Scrolls.” They’re available on vendors but can drop from mobs.
Cooking does not require an NPC. Simply right-click the scroll and a new window displaying the ingredients will appear. If you have the items, usually vendor junk, you can cook them up into the consumable.
For more detail and pics, go to http://kaye.blogs.iahgames.com/2008_11_01_archive.html

You can raise and train your own pets. They will support you in and out of battle both directly and indirectly. You will be able to ride your pet as a mount. Some basic pets will be available for in-game currency, while more special ones will be in the cash shop and quests. Some pets may require a certain lv. to have. The pets will grow and feature various expressions.
You will be able to own more than one pet. Some pets may have flight capabilities, but this is entirely unknown.

There is no PK. That means that in “monster maps (AKA field maps),” you cannot kill other players. PvP can only take place in special PvP arenas which are joined via button on the UI at any time. Each player-made room will differ from each other with customizable variables such as the arena, time limit, game mode (survival, points, etc.), and available slots. At max, there can be 10 players in one room. Once you’re done with the battle, you will immediately return to the spot you were originally at.

In PvP, a number of settings can be set by the room creator. Some settings include allowing consumables (potions, etc.), among other things. There are no restrictions on what kinds of weapons can be used. There is, however, an balancing option, as well as a manual one, that can be turned on so that, for example, a lv. 5 could be evenly matched with a lv. 20 in terms of stats. No skills would be removed from the lv. 20. Healing will not be disabled in PvP.

The minimal level for entry into PvP is currently 20. There are a number of modes, including death match, ground-capture, elimination, and FFA. More information and pictures can be found at http://kaye.blogs.iahgames.com/2008_10_01_archive.html.

To create a guild you need to be at least lv. 20. You can then go to the Port of Winds and locate a guild NPC. He’ll give you a quest in which you must get at least a combo of 200. After completing the quest, returning to him, and giving him 20g, you can choose your guild name and it’ll be made.
For a screeny and Kaye’s own words: http://forum.iahgames.com/dragonica/…3548#post23548

Guilds have levels of which experience for is earned by having multiple guild members in one map at the same time, among other things such as guild quests. At lv. 1, a guild can only have 50 members. Each successive level up will increase the max, as well as more skills.

Guild Wars
Named “Guild Emporia War,” groups of 30 from guilds will duke it out in order to obtain and hold the Emporia. Doing so will gain buffs and privileges for the rest of the guild members until the next challenge. More detail can be found at http://kaye.blogs.iahgames.com/2008_10_01_archive.html.

The guild war has been updated and now is conducted in a different format.

Parties are made up of at least 2 members. They are a collection of Player characters that can communicate amongst each other privately, share XP, and manage the distribution of loot from any mobs party members kill. A party can have only up to 4 characters.

Loot Distribution
You can choose to either make it “share loot” or “free grab.” For a bit more detail, go to: http://forum.iahgames.com/dragonica/…3150#post23150

XP Distribution
In a party, XP is divided evenly though the members, but the better you perform, the more XP you get.

Buddy points are an incentive to group up with others. The longer you work together, the more buddy points you’ll get. They can be turned in to special NPCs in towns and cities for exp!

Rolling System
The “Roll” system, used to allocate/distribute drops, only occurs after a successful boss raid. The better you do, the more loot you’ll get, perhaps even multiple rare items per player). For more detail, go to http://kaye.blogs.iahgames.com/2008/…g-rolling.html. From http://forum.iahgames.com/dragonica/…3163#post23163, Kaye says everyone in the party will get to click 1 out of 4 “mystery boxes” for the special items/equips after a successful raid. If none are clicked, one will be auto-assigned to you.

Named Matchmaking, this system starts upon log in where a box will pop up and lists all those in your vicinity who’re of the opposite sex and is a good level for you to party with. You can select their name and send them an invitation, which, if accepted, will put the two of you in a special party with access to skills such as warp and bonus attack speed. The party lasts up to one day.
For pictures and more details, go to http://kaye.blogs.iahgames.com/2008_11_01_archive.html

There is an interface that shows various statistics about others in the server in a ranking format under categories such as PvP rank, leveling speed, cooking skill, success rate, failure rate, and more!
For more detail and pics, go to http://kaye.blogs.iahgames.com/2008_11_01_archive.html

In the world of Dragonica, there are 3 main currencies: gold, silver, and copper. They can drop from mobs, but you can also sell stuff to NPCs or other players for more money. The exchange rate is as follows:
1 silver = 100 coppers
1 gold = 100 silvers = 10,000 coppers

Drops from monsters appear on the ground, visible to all players. Only the killer can pick up the items. The killer is the one who deals the most damage. Items will be able to be picked up by other players after a set time has passed.

In normal field maps, pots have a small cooldown. Pots cannot be used in PvP.
A [Phoenix Feather] is a single-use item that can resurrect you after you’ve fallen in combat. They also can’t be used in PvP. As of currently, there’s no cool down. For an incomplete list of potions, go to: http://forum.iahgames.com/dragonica/…4691#post24691

Backpacks are little equips that show up on your back. They range from UFOs to Dragon Wings. They do give a stat bonus, but don’t hold any items. Some are class specific. For more detail, go to http://kaye.blogs.iahgames.com/2008/…ks-galore.html.

Shine Stones
Shine Stones can be found at fixed locations on field maps. They can be gathered by anyone, so you need to be quick to get them. There are 5 kinds of Shine Stones, from low-grade to high-grade. They can be used at “vending machines” located at certain areas on field maps to get random items. The higher the grade of the Shine Stone is, the higher the chance is to get better items. You can also trade in a number of low-grade Shine Stones for 1 high-grade one. You’ll be able to see the number of Shine Stones you’ve collected in the upper-right corner of your screen, right under your Mini-map.

Shine Stones have been removed.

Gada Coins
The second of these ways is via an item called a [Gada Coin]. They’re similar to Shine Stones, but their trading works differently; a certain number of Gada Coins are exchanged for a set number of one item. In the future, Gada Coins might be used in in-game mini games.

User Shop
There is a party shop interface. That means no cluttering of cities with AFKers.
For more details and pics, go to http://kaye.blogs.iahgames.com/2008_11_01_archive.html

Cash Shop
Cash shop is confirmed for Dragonica, as this is a F2P game. As taken from Kaye’s blog…
“Yup! Dragonica is based on a cash shop system, but we’ll try to keep power balanced for those who can’t pay that much as well. The cash-shop won’t be in place until OBT though. Everything you see now, you can find for free during Alpha!”
Fashion items are confirmed. It will be equipped onto a separate “body,” meaning that it’ll just change the art of whatever you’d be normally wearing.

Cash Items have been confirmed to be temporary. That means items will eventually expired and become unusable after set times (30, 60 days).

You’ll be able to buy “Cash” via game-cards, online transactions, and for those in SEA, mobile top-ups.

Player Character Customization
From http://kaye.blogs.iahgames.com/2008/…s-classes.html, you can see that the following options are customizable:
Name, Class, Hair, Hair Color, Face Expression

Vitality = Max Health (hp), hp regeneration
Intelligence = Mana (mp), mp regeneration, MATK, MDEF
Agility = Attack rate (AR), DEF, critical rate, accuracy, MDEF
Strength = ATK, max health, MDEF

From http://kaye.blogs.iahgames.com/2008/…-promised.html, by Kaye:
“…depending on which skill you level up, your rates will differ, and there isn’t an “accurate” number to give you because 3 gladiators could all end up having different attack and defense rates.

You get 20 skill points per level. You also gain STR, AGI, INT, and VIT. How much “+” you gain in each stat depends on which job you are when you lv. up.


Class Progression Chart

For skills, please refer to OpelxFrost’s Dragonica Data Guide

Starting stats: 14 STR, 8 INT, 12 AGI, 16 VIT
Details: 23 ATK, 14 MATK, 20 DEF, 18 MDEF
As trained combatants, Warriors are similar to the Thieves in damage rate, but sacrifice a little speed in place of sheer physical hardiness.

Starting stats: 12 STR, 18 INT, 12 AGI, 8 VIT
Details: 19 ATK, 44 MATK, 15 DEF, 42 MDEF
The scholarly Magician is the lowest in Vitality but high in Intelligence (spell points) and has quite balanced damage-power and speed despite their physical fragility.

Starting stats: 14 STR, 8 INT, 18 AGI, 10 HP
Details: 22 ATK, 14 MATK, 18 DEF, 16 MDF
Thieves have the power necessary for street brawls but lower Intelligence (ouch) because they don’t require that much mana.
-Have “mufflers” (scarves used by all thieves)
Can become an Assassin: specializes in sneak, poison-laced slash attacks.
-Wields katar blades
Can become a Jester: specializes in melee attacks via AOE attacks

Starting stats: 12 STR, 10 INT, 16 AGI, 12 HP
Details: 20 ATK, 20 MATK, 17 DEF, 24 MDEF
The Archer is quite well-rounded in terms of stats-distribution; not the strongest, but doesn’t have any noticeable weak spots.
-Arrows are auto-use (you don’t need to buy them)
-You enhance your attack mainly via the bow that you use. That means you won’t need to keep spending for special types of arrows
-Good at combos due to low damage per hit and high attack rate.

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