Dragon Saga Mage Guide

Dragon Saga Mage Guide by Miname


Mages are Dragon Saga’s primary magic-using class. This class starts off with basic magic attacks such as lightning and meteor, and also have the ability to heal. Upon reaching level 20, the Mage class branches off into two distinct subclasses: Monk and Wizard.

Monks employ a wide range of healing and buff skills as a means to support themselves and assist party members. While the Monk class does not have a wide variety of attacking skills, they are able to deal a high amount of consecutive damage. Monks have not only studied books, they have also discovered that more knowledge can be acquired through their experiences in the battlefield. From their battles, they have been able to develop their supportive magical abilities. They are able to restore health for themselves and others as well as bringing those others back to life if necessary. Having a monk in a party will greatly benefit any adventure out in the world.

Wizards are magicians that have strengthened their magic from specialized training to produce large damaging spells. Their magic attacks, usually known as Area-of-Effect skills, are able to encompass a large area. This enables them to provide damage support over a wide radius.

Part 1: Mage Skills

1.1 Recommend Mage Skill Tree

Point buster 1/5
Air Combo 3/3
Meteor Fall 5/5
MP Potion Maximization (Only as a prequisite)
Magic Enhancement 5/5
Focus 5/5
Slow heal 5/5
Blink is optional at lower levels; Skill points will be tight during first job, so buy it once your core skills are taken care of.

1.2 Magician’s Skills

Point Buster

Point buster’s main focus is to attack and launch enemies into the air, but due to it’s low damage output and long cast time it will be replaced by Meteor Fall quite soon.
All: 1/5

Air Combo

Air combo allows you to attack midair enemies with a lightning spell up to three times at skill level three.
For now use this skill in conjunction with point buster until you level Meteor Fall to level three, when that skill is able to launch enemies. Air combo can be activated by pressing the x key in midair. After the first jobchange, you have the option of removing this skill, but it can come in handy during pvp. I recommend keeping it at 0/3 after the job change and buying the skill again if you decide to to spend some extra skill points.
Max this attack as soon as possible.
Magician: 3/3
Monk: 0/3
Wizard: 0/3

Meteor Fall

Summons a Meteor from the sky that has the ability to launch enemies at skill level three. Get skill to level 5 as soon as possible. After the first job change, this skill is optional. Meteor Combo can be activated with a hotkey or by pressing down+x together while in midair.
Some higher level mages (level 60+) decide to rebuy this skill later on because it’s useful for completing missions in Emporia Wars, so just a heads up on that.
Magician: 3/5, 5/5 if you have extra points
Monk/Wizard: 0/5

MP Potion Maximization

This skill is only necessary as a prequisite for Focus.
All: 1/5

Magic Enhancement

This skill is great for low level magicians because its adds +100matk for 10 skill points at each level. It’s very useful until you start getting more MATK from equipment and weapons. You may or may not decide to get this skill later on depending on how many points you have to spare.
Magician: 5/5
Monk/Wizard: 5/5


Increases INT by 20 and Magic Attack by 24% at skill level 5/5.
All: 5/5
Guide on removing cat head: Meow

Slow Heal

At level 5 Slow Heal is able to heal both you and your teammates for 5% of the caster’t total HP every second for 30 seconds, or 50% HP recovery in half a minute. This is the only skill that can heal other people (starting at level 4) until the second job. Since it heals over time and scales with total your total HP, its a good idea for Monks to keep this skill. For Wizards, Slow Heal is a must.
This skill has been known to make grown men cry.
All: 5/5

Self heal

Self heal is like Slow Heal’s bastard cousin twice removed. Self Heal consumes a percent of max MP, which does not scale well at later levels. It’s also not very effective.
Slow heal is optional for the first job after getting the other necessary skills, but it is utterly useless after becoming a Monk due to having healing better spells at your disposal. As a Wizard, Slow Heal is more than enough.
Magician: 0/5 (1/5 optional)
Monk/Wizard: 0/5


Re-Launch is useless. Use Point Buster or Meteor Fall instead.
All: 0/5


Very useful skill, but I recommend getting the necessary skills before spending points on this. Afterward, this skill is useful in spacing yourself from mobs, and escaping hairy situations. Blink can be used later with spacing yourself and setting up other attacks in PvP.
All: 1/1, once you purchase all the necessary job skills and have points left over.


This skill could be useful, but in order for that to happen you would need to max both of it’s passive skills. You are better off spending the Skill Points on something else.
All: 0/5
Special note: At higher levels (60+) during Emporia Wars, Fortress is useful for special missions. Until then, do not buy.

Cannon Upgrade

See: Fortress.
All: 0/5

Bullet Acceleration

See: Fortress.
All: 0/5

Magician’s Wisdom

Useless, MP Regeneration stat is a fail.
All: 0/1

1.3 General Skills
Guild skills:

Adrenaline Booster
Once you promote to Priest at level 40 and get Double Shot, spam this skill like a Nigerian prince.

Part 2: Second Job (Monk, Wizard)

1.1 What Skills to keep from Mage class?
1/5 MP Potion
5/5 Slow heal
5/5 Focus
5/5 Magic Enhancement*
*optional, depends on amount of extra skill points you have and want to spend

1.2 Monk’s Skills
Sample Monk Skill Tree:


Monk: 0/5

Casting Acceleration

This is a very useful skill in both PVP and PVE. It will buff up everyone in a radius so that their cast time is decreased, allowing for skills to be used quicker.
Max for best results.
Monk: 5/5

Diffusion Cannon

This is your main attack until level 40 (in which you will get double shot). You can max this skill and reskill it to 2/5 after you job advance. Double shot has a higher damage output
than diffusion cannon and thus, double shot becomes the main attack later on in the game. Until then, diffusion is a must.
Monk: 5/5 until lvl 40 then 2/5

Lightning Strike

Needed as a pre-requisite for Rain of Fire
Monk: 1/5

Rain of Fire

Another great attack for both PVP and PVE. This should be maxed for maximum damage output and a Lvl 5 Burn effect on targets as an added plus.
Monk: 5/5

Meteor Rush

Uses 3 meteors instead of 1 for Meteor Fall. Worthless and waste of skill points. At this point, your highest damage output will be from x-spamming.
Monk: 0/5


Pre-requisite for Barbarian and Witch’s Curse. This skill CAN be useful to un-hide targets in PVP and lower magic defense. However, if you’re low on skill points, it is not a priority.
Monk: 1/5


This is a very useful skill in both PVP and PVE that freezes multiple targets. This should be maxed.
Monk: 5/5

Witch’s Curse

This is skill turns monsters or players (depending whether it’s PVP or PVE) into frogs for a long duration. It should be maxed if you’re a PVP build but for PVE, it isn’t a must. It’s still a fun skill.
0/5 or 5/5

HP Recovery Increase

Pre-requisite for many skills. Worthless to max when you have so many healing skills.


This skill is all about preference. Although it isn’t the main healing skill, it is useful when you are waiting for the cool down on Instant Heal (which will be your main), so it is great for emergencies. Some have this maxed, but this skill should be at LEAST 1/5 for instant heal.
1/5 or higher

Instant Heal

This skill is your main healing skill for yourself and your party. It goes without saying that it’s a must.


Currently the only healing skill that works for other people in Battlesquare. However, due to its slow healing ability (when you have instant heal and slow heal), shouldn’t be a priority. This skill should be at least 1/5 if you want Resurrection.


This skill is very useful in PVE when your party members die in the middle of a boss fight or mission run. However, it should be kept on 1 since you shouldn’t be using the skill enough to need it at a higher level. Obviously, this isn’t really a skill you would need if you are a PVP build.

1.3 Wizard’s Skills
“You’re a Wizard, Harry!” –Some dude from that movie
Sample Wizard Skill Tree:

Battle Hit

Terrible, weak attack. Too slow, and does not hit back until level 3. Use this skill in PvP and you will get killed. Would only be used as a prerequisite for Staff Mastery.
Wizard: 0/5

Staff Mastery

I’m not sure what the deal with this passive is, last I heard it is totally borked and doesn’t even work.
Wizard: 0/5

Mana Shield

Great defensive skill for Wizards. At skill level 5 it absorbs 30% of damage taken- 5 points of damage absorbed reduce your MP by 1.
Wizard: 5/5

Fire Emblem

Formerly Fire Symbol. Great offensive attack that you will be using until end-game. Hits enemies a lot and causes them to flinch. In PvP you can pin enemies against walls with this skill.
Wizard: 5/5

Energy Condensation

Excellent passive skill that causes Fire Emblem to hit every .25 seconds.
Wizard: 5/5

Magic Missile

Massive damage output. At skill level 5 it shoots 5 homing rockets at standing or falling enemies.
Wizard: 5/5


Launches 6 standing enemies. As a Wizard you will be primarily ground-locking, so knocking enemies into the air is not in your best interest. Can be used against a frozen enemy for a little extra damage if other skills are on cool-down.
Wizard: 2/5 – Only as a perquisite to Blizzard


One of the best skills of the Wizard class. This attack not only does a ton of damage, but it also freezes the enemy. It has a large AoE that can hit up to 10 mobs. This skill will be a main part of your arsenal until end-game.
Wizard: 5/5

Cloud kill

Only get this spell as a gag.
Wizard: 0/5

Deadly Poison

Quit wasting my time.
Wizard: 0/5

Part 3: Skill Usage and Combos
3.1: x-spam
The easiest of all the combos, just rapidly press the x key to attack, while dashing and dodging enemy attacks.

3.2 Meteor Fall to Air Combo

3.3 Meteor fall to down+x

3.4 Point buster to air combo.

3.5 Point buster, meteor fall and air combo.

3.6 Combination of the above.

3.7 x-Spam Diffusion Cannon.
Diffusion cannon is a skill that increases the range of x-attacks by a lot and makes it an AoE attack. Diffusion can be used in one of two ways:
a. Stand slightly above or below the enemy to avoid getting hit while spraying your target with diagonal shots or
b. Standing next to enemy at point-blank range and unloading all three shots into one target.

3.8 Lightning strike

3.9 Combination of everything.

3.10 – Skills / Combo-ing with a Wizard

Tips and Tricks:
Rapidly pressing x makes you attack faster (~4 times a second, prior to Double Shot skill).
Skill cancelling [Updating soon]
Pressing Escape at boss fight.

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