DDTank Free Vouchers Guide

DDTank Free Vouchers Guide by AndoSky

A lot of new DDTank players always ask how they can get Vouchers in DDTank. A while back one of our helpful Game Sages provided some great tips. So here they are for those that missed them:

ErinYee wrote:
Here are some tips that might help you with your voucher-management, so please read them thoroughly:
  • Grab the free surprise box every day!
    When you login, find this button (it’s now grey because I already accepted it for today) and have a chance to receive 100 vouchers, a colour palette or something else.
    Press “Daily Guide” if you want to get this screen up again.
  • Every day, you can claim rewards from the so-called treasure chests. They look like *this*
    You can open the first treasure chest after 15 minutes.
    You can open the second treasure chest after 30 minutes.
    You can open the third treasure chest after 50 minutes. And this is where it gets interesting.The third treasure chest gives you four (!) lvl 3 Synthetic stones.
    You can sell each of them for 40 vouchers. That’s a total of 160 vouchers per day just for being online. If you want, you can even take a break after opening the second treasure chest or after your first. Just let your browser open when you go to dinner or something. Don’t forget that in order to play this game, you only need a computer/laptop with internet.
    To sell an item, go to your backpack and drag the item to the “Sell Item” button.
  • Participate in the many GM hosted events that’s going on in the forums.
    Bookmark the Events/Promotion page and skim through the threads at least once a day to see if there’s any new events going on. Most of the time, you receive a small prize just for participating. And who knows, maybe you might even win the event!
  • Suggestion: Do not aim for a full set of 30 days outfit immediately.
    If you want to have a complete outfit for a whole month, of course it will cost you a lot of vouchers and you might get demotivated by this fact. I won’t deny it, it IS indeed costly.However, you need to do things slowly. Set your priorities first.
    The weapon is a must-have (when your 15-days weapons are expired and you refuse to use the AK-47) and some clothes too. Ignore the jewelry when you’re low on vouchers.
    Buy a 3 or 15-days item first and then slowly work your way up.
  • Join a friendly league so you can help each other (but refrain from begging).
  • Keep doing tasks to earn vouchers.

Thanks ErinYee for the great tips!

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